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Hi AlastarOG, I'm just now getting into both PF2E and also Foundry and Iron Gods is the adventure path that I am working on converting into PF2E and then building it into Foundry...can you point to me where these conversion can be found online already?

Also I wanted to check out your work but it looks like it uses the Adventure Importer/Exporter module and for some reason I can't locate that module now, I'm assuming this means it's not working and was removed but if you know of another way to open the file you posted I'd love to be able to check it out.

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I'm starting Iron Gods Wednesday of next week, very excited! I love coming in late and having all the thoughts and resources that everyone else has already created--so a big thank you to everyone who shares on here!

I'll post up everything eventually, but for now, I wanted to share the two gambling games I've made for Silverdisk Hall. I have a player who goes to the casino regularly so I know he'll enjoy this so I'm really looking forward to it.

These are just luck based games, "6 Light Blitz" and "Ride of the Black Sovereign"

6 Light Blitz! (essentially slots)

Read-aloud text
"In one corner of Silverdisk Hall you spot a strange contraption resting upon a circular table. The device is a dark grey octagonal cylinder roughly 4 feet in length and 1 foot high. Strange angular piping pokes out at each end, giving you the impression that the device used to be connected to a larger complex machine. At the midpoint on one side of the device a series of blinking lights holds the attention of the crowd gathered around it. You see the man who appears to be running this particular game hand a slender metallic stick to the current player. The player taps the 3 panels of lights in quick succession. The lights flash, the crowd cheers quickly followed by an intense quiet as the lights begin turning off one at a time."

Description: There are 3 panels with roughly 20 LED indicator lights on each panel. Once an electrical charge is applied to the one of the 3 panels, all lights on that panel light up brightly. This is generally done with a zip stick but any electrical source, including spells, activate the device. Once the third panel is activated random lights begin turning off until, for whatever unknown reason now, only 1 and 6 lights remaining on each panel. The lights blink twice once the pattern is completed. If anyone looks at the back side of the device read the following:

"On the back of the device a series of strange markings, perhaps letters in a foreign script, stand out starkly against the dull grey sheen of the material."

Written in Androffan "WARNING: DO NOT DISCONNECT"

Cost to Play: 10 gp for a set of 3 rolls
Mechanics: Roll 3d6, if you roll a set of three of a kind, win 10 times that amount. After a roll, if the player rolled a pair of numbers, they can make a DC 15 Intelligence or Dexterity check and if successful can reroll the third die. This represents the player being either quick or smart enough to follow the pattern of dice and tap the device at the correct time.

Notes: Slots are terrible odds, so I could have kept it at 10 gp for one chance, however, I wanted my players to feel like they had a better chance plus everyone likes rolling dice!

Ride of the Black Sovereign (Card Game)

(Sorry no read aloud for this one)

This game is a variation of blackjack.
The players are playing the role of the tribes of Numeria.
Dealer is playing the role of the Technic League. This game is not legal in Starfall and in other areas where the League has a strong presence.
Game uses cards 9 through King.
The King of Spades represents the Black Sovereign.
Jacks are "Officers"
Queens are "Lieutenants"
Kings (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs) are "Captains"
9's are called "The tribes"
10's are called "The people"
Game is players vs dealer, whoever has the highest hand wins, can play up to 4 players at once.

Players and dealer are dealt 2 cards each. No face up cards.
Values of the card depends on who's hand:

Player Card Values
9 = 9
10 = 10
Jacks, Queens = 0
King of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs = 0
King of Spades is an automatic win for the player. Player flips over the Black Sovereign card and shouts "He Rides!". All other players get their bets back (no payouts even if they would have beat the dealer).

Dealer Card Values
9 = 0
10 = 0
Jacks = 10
Queens = 10
Kings (all but Spade) = 10
If Dealer has the King of Spade, dealer shouts "Captured" and all players lose their bets.

Cost 10 gp to play. After looking at cards, player can bet an extra 10 gp. Winnings payout 1 for 1.

If Black Sovereign card is not in play, then compare the values. If players win, double their bet. If dealer wins, house takes bet. If tie, player gets their bet back.

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Obviously with any campaign some people are going to like it and some won't, it's all about how each group likes to play. My players and myself are enjoying this AP greatly though. I've run 1 AP before and one of my players DMs for a large group and he's done 2 APs as well (he normally runs his own campaign).

My players are 4 veteran players and 1 new player.

We love the setting and we've found that it does a good job of creating the scenery. It's an AP that isn't Euro-centered which is nice but it also has a very old-school feel to it (at least myself and the other old-timers think so).

We are only about 2/3 through the first book so I can't say too much about playing through the AP.

But for reading it and being prepared, as others have said I like the I understand what's going on with the bad guys throughout the adventure so far. My only possible complaint/concern would be coming up in book 4:


I love the idea of a contested area where the PCs have to navigate through 2 different sets of bad guys who are also fighting each other. However, as far as I understand it, the main villain group is only at that site because of hubris...that seems weak. I've only skimmed that book once since I've gotten it but if there's no real reason other than "Hey I like this place and now I'm mad that someone else is there so I'm going to just keep trying to take it over until the PCs come here and defeat me..." well, um, I'll have to fix that. But, I really have only skimmed it, I'm hoping I'm missing something to that because so far I think the plot threads have been solid.

Specifically about the first book, again, loving it. All of my players are enjoying it.


We've also really enjoying the types of challenges. Most of my players have a lot of gaming experience and encounters with undead and orcs are too routine. I feel that there are some really good combat challenges mostly because of all of the saving throws. My players are all thinking of taking Iron Will and Great Fortitude because I constantly say "...and make a Will save" or "...and make a Fort save". My players have said that this campaign is really making their low level characters feel low level and they really appreciate that and it's not always easy to pull that off with players with a lot of experience.

We found it refreshing that it was a straight forward premise to start off with some dungeon crawling. Also, a nice mix of the dungeon crawl mixed with the city but still the threat of danger going between the two. The first tomb my players really enjoyed, they were expecting undead and didn't get any which was pretty funny but the liked all of the encounters and finding some special gear right away was very cool. We all thought it brought everyone into the "Egyptian" theme very well.

The second site was even better. No one felt railroaded in that place at all. They came in through the front gate, explored the outside, looked at the tomb, decided to go into the house through the side door. One person went to look at the silver goblets/plates, another went to go look at the pretty statue in the middle of the house, another went right and spotted the skeletons and then pretty much all hell broke loose because the beheaded swarmed and the statue was pissed quickly because no one spoke Terran. The Div hears the noises and is disappointed that people are smashing his toys he's made and starts messing with people mostly while invisible. It was great. And absolutely no one will ever forget the sorcerer becoming paralyzed and me describing how it starts making out with him in very graphic details.

As to the NPCs, I think there's enough information for the DM to make this work. What I did is I wrote down all of the other adventuring groups listed anywhere in either books 1 and 2 and then added a couple of more so that I had a dozen groups. Each time my party is in the regular part of the city, I randomly select a group and just tell them who they see, just so that they know other groups are working here. For the specific role-playing encounter listed I got enough miniatures to represent every NPC of each group and set them in groups around the table and asked who's talking with who, everyone got in some good moments with a couple of different groups and only one of my players spoke to the Scorched Hand group, however, it really stood out to that player. His character made a connection with Azaz but I had Velriana constantly interrupting and telling him not to speak with strangers, just being a bully. It really hit home with this particular player and though I plan on having them bump into the Scorched Hand one more time (only because I want my players to at least know about the 2 other members of that group) I already know that when they encounter the Scorched Hand later that there will be some moral decisions about fighting them. My point is that, even if a DM doesn't help out with a little bit more on the NPC part I still think it works just fine as it is. I had purchased the Serpent's Skull AP and I never got to play it but I always thought how they did the opposing NPC group(s) left a lot of work for a DM to do, I think this AP does it very well.

I, and I'm pretty sure my players will as well, like the fact that mostly the first book has nothing to do with the AP main plot thread other than some connections at the end of the book. An AP where every part is directly tied to the overarching plot thread would be way too much. And I can't recall any of the APs that I've played in, read, or ran where that was the case either. I like that this AP let's the players get established in the campaign and then bam kicks it up a notch in the second book. SO looking forward to getting to it in a couple of weeks.

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Very excited about this! I'm glad now that I held off on my Linnorm campaign!

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Charos wrote:

In page 56 it says :

'which hides a prized Azlanti weapon, a shatterspike.'

I can't find stats for that weapon (or reference where to find it if it's in on other book.)

Did i fumble my perception roll or is something missing?

page 475 of the core rule book

It's a +1 longsword that acts as a +4 longsword when the wielder has Improved Sunder and is attempting to sunder.