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Male N Orc Barbarian 8 w/ Sorcerer Dedication|HP: 132/132|AC: 26|Perception: +15m|Fort: +17m|Reflex: +12t|Will: +14e|Speed: 25ft/Raging 35ft|Darkvision 60'|Icons: ◆◇↺

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Harrow Cards: The Bear, The Dance

Male Hold-Scarred Orc Barbarian 8
Sorcerer Dedication & Mauler Dedication
N Humanoid (Orc)
Background: Lost & Alone
Size: Medium
Senses: Perception +15m (Darkvision)
Deity: Ragathiel
Languages: Common and Orcish
Speed: 25ft / 35ft when Raging
HP: 132 AC: 26 Class DC: 24
Fort: +17m Reflex: +12t Will: +14e
Melee: [one-action] +1 Striking Bastard Sword (Two-Hand 1d12) +17 2d12+6
Melee: [one-action] +1 Striking Raging Bastard Sword (Two-Hand 1d12) +17 2d12+12
Melee: [one-action] +1 Striking Wounding Scythe (Deadly D10, Trip) +17 2d10+6
Melee: [one-action] +1 Striking Raging Wounding Scythe (Deadly D10, Trip, Necromancy) +17 2d10+12
Melee: [one-action] +1 Maul (Shove) +17 1d12+6
Ranged: [one-action] Shortbow (Deadly D10) +13 1d6+2
Acrobatics(T) +11
Arcana(T) +10
Athletics(T) +14
Crafting(U) +0
Deception(T) +14
Diplomacy(T) +14
Intimidation(M) +18
Warfare Lore (T) +10
Medicine(T) +11
Nature(U) +1
Occultism(U) +0
Performance(U) +4
Religion(U) +1
Society(U) +0
Stealth(U) +1
Survival(E) +13e
Thievery(U) +1
Str19 Dex12 Con14 Int10 Wis12 Cha18
+1 Striking Bastard Sword, +1 Maul, Shortbow, +1 Breastplate

Ancestry Abilities - Hold-Scarred Orc, Orc Warmask, Warmask Magic Type, Orc Ferocity
Class Feats - Sudden Charge, Raging Intimidation, Moment of Clarity, Fast Movement, Attack of Opportunity, Wounded Rage
Skill Feats - Dubious Knowledge, Intimidating Glare, Experienced Tracker, Terrifying Resistance, Intimidating Prowess, Titan Wrestler
Archetype Feats - Sorcerer Dedication, Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting, Basic Blood Potency (Cantrip Expansion), Mauler Dedication
General Feats - Toughness, Battle Cry, Diehard
Class Features - Rage, Fury Instinct, Darkvision, Deny Advantage, Critical Brutality, Juggernaut, Weapon Specialization
Feats and Abilities
Hold Scarred Orc: You are part of an orc community that participates in ritual scarification or tattooing. The marks on your skin show your exceptional hardiness and vitality. You gain 12 Hit Points from your ancestry instead of 10. You also gain the Diehard feat.
Orc Warmask: You paint your face to create a warmask, an invested magic item of negligible Bulk with an item level equal to your level and a usage of worn (mask). It has the divination trait and a magical tradition trait depending on its type. Donning or removing your warmask requires 1 minute of work, though you don't need to Invest the mask each time. The warmask is unique to you and might signify your hold, your accomplishments, or your faith. While creating your mask, you must choose the source of your warmask's power from the options below. This source determines the mask's associated skill as well as magical tradition. Once you select this source, it can't be changed. You become trained in the associated skill, and you gain the Dubious Knowledge skill feat as a bonus feat. You can spend 1 hour performing a ceremony that costs 50 gp to attune yourself more deeply with your warmask. If you do, you gain a +1 item bonus to the associated skill whenever you wear the warmask.
Warmask Magic Type: Magic, Arcana skill, Arcane tradition
Orc Ferocity: Fierceness in battle runs through your blood, and you refuse to fall from your injuries. You avoid being knocked out and remain at 1 Hit Point, and your wounded condition increases by 1.
Sudden Charge: With a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing. Stride twice. If you end your movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, you can make a melee Strike against that enemy. You can use Sudden Charge while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.
Raging Intimidation: Your fury fills your foes with fear. While you are raging, your Demoralize and Scare to Death actions (from the Intimidation skill and an Intimidation skill feat, respectively) gain the rage trait, allowing you to use them while raging. As soon as you meet the prerequisites for the skill feats Intimidating Glare and Scare to Death, you gain these feats.
Moment of Clarity: You push back your rage for a moment in order to think clearly. Until the end of this turn, you can use actions with the concentrate trait even if those actions don’t have the rage trait.
Fast Movement: Your rage is a frenzy of rapid movements. While you are raging, you gain a +10-foot status bonus to your Speed.
Attack of Opportunity: You lash out at a foe that leaves an opening. Make a melee Strike against the triggering creature. If your attack is a critical hit and the trigger was a manipulate action, you disrupt that action. This Strike doesn’t count toward your multiple attack penalty, and your multiple attack penalty doesn’t apply to this Strike.
Dubious Knowledge: You're a treasure trove of information, but not all of it comes from reputable sources. When you fail (but don't critically fail) a Recall Knowledge check using any skill, you learn a bit of true knowledge and a bit of erroneous knowledge, but you don't have any way to differentiate which is which.
Intimidating Glare: You can Demoralize with a mere glare. When you do, Demoralize loses the auditory trait and gains the visual trait, and you don’t take a penalty if the creature doesn’t understand your language.
Experienced Tracker: Tracking is second nature to you, and when necessary you can follow a trail without pause. You can Track while moving at full Speed by taking a –5 penalty to your Survival check. If you’re a master in Survival, you don’t take the –5 penalty. If you’re legendary in Survival, you no longer need to roll a new Survival check every hour when tracking, though you still need to roll whenever there are significant changes in the trail.
Terrifying Resistance: The spells of those you have Demoralized are less effective on you. If you succeed in Demoralizing a creature, for the next 24 hours you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against that creature's spells.
Intimidating Prowess: In situations where you can physically menace the target when you Coerce or Demoralize, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your Intimidation check and you ignore the penalty for not sharing a language. If your Strength score is 20 or higher and you are a master in Intimidation, this bonus increases to +2.
Sorcerer Dedication (Draconic): Choose a bloodline. You become trained in the bloodline's two skills; for each of these skills in which you were already trained, you become trained in a skill of your choice. You cast spells like a sorcerer. You gain access to the Cast a Spell activity. You gain a spell repertoire with two common cantrips from the spell list associated with your bloodline, from the spells granted by your bloodline, or any other cantrips of that tradition you learn or discover. You're trained in spell attack rolls and spell DCs for your tradition's spells. Your key spellcasting ability for sorcerer archetype spells is Charisma, and they are sorcerer spells of your bloodline's tradition. You don't gain any other abilities from your choice of bloodline.
Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting: You gain the basic spellcasting benefits. Each time you gain a spell slot of a new level from the sorcerer archetype, add a spell of the appropriate spell level to your repertoire: a common spell of your bloodline’s tradition, one of your bloodline’s granted spells, or another spell you have learned or discovered.
Basic Blood Potency (Cantrip Expansion): A greater understanding of your magic broadens your range of simple spells. Add two additional cantrips from your spell list to your repertoire.
Toughness: You can withstand more punishment than most before succumbing. Increase your maximum Hit Points by your level. The DC of recovery checks is equal to 9 + your dying condition value.
Battle Cry: When you roll initiative, you can yell a mighty battle cry and Demoralize an observed foe as a free action. If you’re legendary in Intimidation, you can use a reaction to Demoralize your foe when you critically succeed at an attack roll.
Diehard: It takes more to kill you than most. You die from the dying condition at dying 5, rather than dying 4.
Rage: You tap into your inner fury and begin raging. You gain a number of temporary Hit Points equal to your level plus your Constitution modifier. This frenzy lasts for 1 minute, until there are no enemies you can perceive, or until you fall unconscious, whichever comes first. You can't voluntarily stop raging. While you are raging: You deal 2 additional damage with melee Strikes. This additional damage is halved if your weapon or unarmed attack is agile. You take a –1 penalty to AC. You can't use actions with the concentrate trait unless they also have the rage trait. You can Seek while raging. After you stop raging, you lose any remaining temporary Hit Points from Rage, and you can't Rage again for 1 minute.
Fury Instinct: Increase the additional damage from Rage from 2 to 6. If you have greater weapon specialization, instead increase the additional damage from Rage to 12.
Deny Advantage: Your foes struggle to pass your defenses. You aren’t flat-footed to hidden, undetected, or flanking creatures of your level or lower, or creatures of your level or lower using surprise attack. However, they can still help their allies flank.
Critical Brutality: Your foes struggle to pass your defenses. You aren’t flat-footed to hidden, undetected, or flanking creatures of your level or lower, or creatures of your level or lower using surprise attack. However, they can still help their allies flank.
Juggernaut: Your body is accustomed to physical hardship and resistant to ailments. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to master. When you roll a success on a Fortitude save, you get a critical success instead.
Weapon Specialization: Your rage helps you hit harder. You deal an additional 2 damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you have expert proficiency. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and 4 if you’re legendary. You gain your instinct’s specialization ability.
Titan Wrestler: You can attempt to Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip creatures up to two sizes larger than you, or up to three sizes larger than you if you’re legendary in Athletics.
Wounded Rage: Trigger You take damage and are capable of entering a rage. You roar in pain, awakening the rage within you. You Rage.
Mauler Dedication: You specialize in weapons that require two hands. You become trained in all simple and martial melee weapons that require two hands to wield or have the two-hand trait. Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in weapons, you also gain that proficiency rank in these weapons. If you are at least an expert in such a weapon, you gain access to the critical specialization effect with that weapon.
Spells: Arcane Spellcaster
Spell Attack: +14
Cantrips Known: Detect Magic, Shield, Bullhorn, Electric Arc
1st Level Spell Known: Shocking Grasp
2nd Level Spell Known: Sudden Bolt
3rd Level Spell Known: Moonlight Ray