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Summer is here. Any groups looking for players?

LackofFocus wrote:

I am sorry about a delayed response, if you are looking for Pathfinder games and do not mind Pathfinder Society we have a lot of places in your area available that are running Pfs scenarios, sanctioned modules and APs.

Thanks for writing! I'm not as interested in Pathfinder Society, primarily because I don't like to play in gaming stores that much (too noisy for me to concentrate) but I may check this out, if only to meet other players.

I appreciate the links!

Player still looking for a Pathfinder campaign in Manchester NH area. Concord or Nashua are also options. Hell, I'll even go down to Salem NH or the greater Methuen, Lawrence, or Haverhill Ma area if that's what it takes!

Anything? Anybody? - Tap tap tap - Am I all alone here? :(


I'm a long time gamer who has been living deep in the woods for the last several years and as a consequence haven't had anyone to play with. I've recently relocated to Manchester, NH and have hopes of finding a group to finally play some Pathfinder APs with.

I'm a fairly hardcore role-player but I do enjoy rolling the dice as well and I've played all of the core classes at one time or other. I can drive a little further afield if necessary, such as Nashua or Concord or even some places in Mass.

Are there any groups out there? If so, please send me a message! I'd love to get back into the game again!

Thanks in advance,


Well, congratulations to those of you who have been hoping for this AP for such a long time. I'm sure they'll do a fabulous job with it.

For myself, however, this is the second AP in the last five years that I'll not be subscribing to. I guess I might end up checking out D&D Next next year after all! I've got enough Paizo APs to last me several years anyway, so it all works out for everyone.

I continued my character from BG 1 in BG II as well. Then I loved BG II so much that I played it all over again with a Kensai. Good times. I still have my original copies of both games...I ought to boot them up again sometime.

James Jacobs wrote:

A campaign is more fun, I've found, if the player not only designs a cool backstory for their character, but sees that backstory actually come up in play and MEAN something in play. These traits are an attempt to incorporate that directly into the adventures.

That said... this is the first time we've done something like this, and I'll absolutely be paying attention and taking notes on...

Absolutely. That's what I like about them. I would prefer that the experiment were done with an ordinary AP rather than a Mythic one but I still applaud the effort. I hope it works out well enough to encourage more in the future, though going off the initial reaction that might be hoping for too much.

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Funny. I'm one of those who has no interest in the Mythic rules and consequently have no intention of buying or playing in this AP. I was still curious about the PG, though, as I've always enjoyed reading those and seeing what news things are added to the game, especially traits.

Aside from the Mythic path part of the traits these look pretty good to me. I don't have a problem at all with limiting character build options to those that best suit a particular campaign or AP; that makes sense to me. The way the traits have been tied to the backgrounds and the potential for making them matter more to the AP further down the road are things I especially appreciate and I'm curious to see how they work out as the AP develops.

All in all, for someone who didn't expect to like the Player's Guide and was at first amused to see so many people complaining about it, the PG actually made me kind of wish I were likely to play in it. So for me, at least, the PG did exactly what it's supposed to do. Good job, Paizo.