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Angry, Insecure


Potential 1/5

About Tectonic


Hero Name: Tectonic
Real Name (if different): Nora Wild
Abilities: The ability to control, summon, and transform rock and metal, as well as transforming into rock and iron when the battle starts.
Look: Nora has wild, neon pink hair and a mouth that seems to be in a constant smirk beneath a nose studded with piercings. She wears a shiny, new leather jacket-it's always shiny and new, with each previous one getting destroyed in battle-over faded tees, often with snarky comments. She's made a point of reinforcing her ripped bluejeans, at the very least, so that the rest of the team won't ogle her as she's busy kicking ass. She's tall-around six foot-and, while her muscles aren't bulging, somebody could probably break a skyscraper against them.


Danger : +3
Freak : +0
Savior : -1
Superior : +1
Mundane : -1


-North Star
-Ghost Dragon

Team Moves

When Tectonic shares a triumphant celebration with someone, make them her love or rival immediately to mark potential. If they are already Tectonic's love or rival, take Influence over them and
mark potential.

When Tectonic shares a vulnerability or weakness with someone, give them Influence and hold 2. Spend that hold to help them as if it were Team in the pool.


None as of yet.


Who changed you? Tectonic's parents, Jill and Barney Tatum, used Nora as a prototype for supersoldiers that they were planning on selling to the highest bidder. Tectonic managed to escape their grasp with the help of her older sister, River Wild, and her team of top government operatives. All of the operatives died helping get River out. Thankfully, since River was wheelchair-bound (the reason why their parents, not yet succumbed to their greed in totality, merely abandoned River rather than kill her), she survived as she was not on the ground team, but as the last one fell, Tectonic felt something change in her. She vowed that she would try to uphold the righteous operatives' legacy. Unfortunately, the army was already completed by the time Tectonic got out. She stumbled into the team's home base, battered, bruised, and bloody, and asked for help taking on a problem that she, for once, couldn't handle alone.

During the battle, Tectonic, still overconfident, nearly got herself killed when she took on the general of the geokinetic army, simply designated "Prime." Yet, rather than abandon her while they desperately tried to activate the kill switch for the entire army, the team, without a word, banded together to help Tectonic, and in that moment, Tectonic knew that she had found real, actual friends.

Now, whenever she's not aggressively training or taking down bad guys, Tectonic lives with River in a high-end suite, making ample use of the snack bar.


We'll answer these questions in discussion.

Any Other Abilites Unique to your Playbook

Punch Everyone: When Tectonic enters a fight without hedging her bets, she can shift her Danger up and any other label down.

In a China Shop: When Tectonic directly engages a threat, she can cause additional damage to the environment to cause an additional effect, even on a miss.

Defender: When Tectonic leaps to defend her love or rival in battle, she rolls +Danger instead of +Savior.