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Fighter (Tactician) 4

HP 39/49; Initiative +4; AC/Touch/FF 21/13/18; Fort/Ref/Will 7/5/2; CMD 17; Perception 0








True Neutral


Common, Infernal, Draconic, Elven, Strix, Celestial

Strength 17
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Tarnagius Vashnarstill

Ancient History:

Tarnagius was the third-oldest of the Vashnarstill family. His older brother stood to inherit the family estate, and the next successor was established to be his much more scholarly and charismatic younger brother, so Tarnagius was never truly in a position of power among his siblings unless it was in fighting or some more devious aspects of statecraft. Seeking to capitalize on those talents, his father sent Tarnagius to Egorian to build the Vashnarstill name in the capital by hitching the family wagon to whichever greater noble there would take it. He got into a fight with one Tyrus Windham from a small country estate in eastern Cheliax, who was in service of Barzillai Thrune, This ended up serving as an audition of sorts and Barzillai immediately brought him into service.

Barzillai was not an abusive patron, like many are in Egorian, but he was quite harsh to those who failed him. More than once Tarnagius was sent to give beatings to those lieutenants who failed in some way or another. More often, however, he was in personal attendance of Barzillai Thrune at many of the political meetings that he attended and even at many private consultations with the various devils and other such extraplanar beings he consulted. If pressed about his most horrific personal experience in Egorian, Tarnagius gets stone-faced and says it was undoubtedly the time he had to physically restrain a halfling woman while a temporary ally of Barzillai's - a cleric of Asmodeus - slowly bled her to death not to fuel some horrible magic ritual, but purely for religious reasons. The sacrifice of slaves was not irregular, but the utter lack of magical compensation received by the priest in question was just so jarring to Tarnagius. The perceived pointlessness of such cruelty confounded and traumatized him, much more so than any of the nastiness he was involved in in those three years. Only adding to the pointlessness was the fact that due to shifting political alliances, that cleric was assassinated by according to rumor one of Barzillai's associates.

Eventually Barzillai got enough information out of Tarnagius about the nature of Kintargo that he decided that whatever his mysterious goals are, they would be best served by taking the office in Kintargo. He purged his old supporters from his staff and marched to Kintargo, leaving many minor nobles without a patron. While many of them immediately sought new patronage, Tarnagius left to return home almost scandalously quickly.

Recent History:

As had happened all too often lately, Tarnagius Vashnarstill was arguing with the man who was supposed to help him get in touch with the Silver Ravens.

Oh? I need to get some perspective on this? What’s a stuffy nobleman got to do with the Silver Ravens? Everything.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. I’m a noble, a Vashnarstill, what do I have to oppose the government for. You’re thinking I’m about ‘oh no, they took my opera and funny pamphlets away’ or ‘I can’t go to church anymore’ when people are really dying in the streets out there.

It’s certainly true that I have not been part of the Kintargan scene in a long time, and it’s true that I have not been in the position where I service the pleasures of a man I don’t know for a bowl of soup, but nobles don’t kill you any less dead just because they use jeweled daggers. Trust me, I was part of Barzillai’s entourage in Egorian. I’ve watched it happen.

Thrune taking over the city doesn’t mean just stingy grain rules and no more arts for people. It means summoning devils in the halls of government. It means human sacrifice before criminal tribunals. It means that our ruling body has a direct line to General Gorthoklek, devilish advisor to the queen. Have you ever met a Pit Fiend? I have, and I never want to again. It means acts of torture so horrendous that no mortal language even has the vocabulary for it. I am not exaggerating when I say that there are entire tenses in Infernal that deal with torture in ways that mortal languages don’t. That’s what’s coming to Kintargo, and that’s what I’m looking for the Silver Ravens for. Kintargo is in greater danger than any of you can imagine; I’ve seen what Kintargo can become in the future, and it terrifies me. If it truly enters the city and permeates then we have no chance of freeing it. We need to get this out. That’s what I have to do with the Silver Ravens.

All of this was true, Tarnagius had been sent to Egorian to curry favor with the Thrunes and had arguably set his closest acquaintance, Barzillai, on the path of taking over Kintargo.

Tarnagius' best strategies and techniques had failed him. He thought he had divined Barzillai's intentions when the Thrune had been swapping stories about their hometowns with him, but Barzillai had surprised everyone by volunteering to go to Kintargo and then dropping such harsh martial law. Tarnagius had scurried back home as quickly as propriety and self-preservation allowed and had immediately set out to hunt down the Silver Ravens, supposedly to assist and curry favor with the new head of Kintargo, but that disguise had been slipping. The search was not going well, and Tarnagius was getting desperate. The Vashnarstills were not under Tarnagius' rule, and even his own personal resources would dwindle utterly in the face of fighting the approaching reach of Egorian's diabolic policies. He needed the Ravens to save his hometown.

The young man finally agreed to help. He mentioned a man wearing a black glove on one hand and no glove on the other at the upcoming protest. That's where Tarnagius would have to be.

The man before you seems to be in his mid-twenties, though he's younger than that, with a trim beard and a short, wide frame. His eyes are cold and dark, as if trying to gather in everything from the environment while refusing to give anything of himself to it.

He wears Egorian fashions, though he seems to be a couple of weeks behind, for those savvy to such things.

Those who see him bare-chested will note his many scars along his arms and torso. Mementos from Egorian. he says if asked You don't run in elite circles in the City of Devils without some... declarations of loyalty. Thankfully I was never important enough to be involved in any that were magically binding, these were just marks of who I was alligned with to those in the know. Others were outright geased into doing their master's bidding. This one is a mark of House Thrune he points to a complex brand along his forearm The rune for "hellhound" here in Infernal means Barzillai. This rune for "music" on my palm means I'm from Kintargo. This one he points to a large brand on his left shoulder blade is a sign of my rank. There's a loose ranking system for folks like I was back there, see, if you were going to kill a marked man, it wasn't the same as killing a real elite, but it was the same as breaking one of their toys. The ranks broadcast exactly how valuable a toy you are. The better to determine if the thing they're killing you over is worth it, see? I was a middling soldier, a sergeant if you will. Me and a few boys were Barzillai's personal honor guard, so to speak. Only people of certain noble blood are even allowed in the places where real politics happen, something about Infernal Contracts and bloodlines - I stayed away from it as much as I could, Thrunes have been known to kill guards who are too nakedly ambitious - so normal guards won't be there to protect the elites when a summoning goes awry or assassins attack or a paladin shows up - don't laugh it happened once - so lesser nobles are more or less brought into tribes run by the greater nobles of Egorian to advance their own careers by advancing the careers of their immediate superiors. It's an exciting life, but an utterly terrifying one. He pauses Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but it's important that people really understand just what is coming to Kintargo. It's not opera and drunken duels like it used to be. If Egorian-style politics come here, well, we really need to make sure they don't.

Tarnagius is serious and taciturn. He doesn't reveal much about himself unless asked, but hides little. He thinks learning of his experiences with Egorian and Barzillai will convince others of the seriousness of the situation in Kintargo. He gives little thought to the future, something that prevented him from truly climbing the ranks in Egorian despite his cleverness and surprising intellect, and thus doesn't really have any idea what will happen after the Thrunes are kicked out of Kintargo, just that they have to go.

Vigilant Battler (+1 Sense Motive, +2 vs feint)

Child of Kintargo (+1 K. Nobility)

Class Abilities:

Tactical Awareness

At 2nd level, a tactician gains a +1 bonus on initiative checks. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels after 2nd level (to a maximum of +5 at 18th level).

Strategic Training (Ex)

A tactician gains 4 skill ranks + a number of skill ranks equal to his Intelligence modifier at each level, instead of the normal 2 skill ranks + Intelligence modifier at each level. Furthermore, Diplomacy (Cha), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nobility) (Int), Linguistics (Int), and Sense Motive (Wis) are all class skills for the tactician.

Armor Training (1)

Starting at 3rd level, a fighter learns to be more maneuverable while wearing armor. Whenever he is wearing armor, he reduces the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by his armor by 1. Every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and 15th), these bonuses increase by +1 each time, to a maximum –4 reduction of the armor check penalty and a +4 increase of the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed.

In addition, a fighter can also move at his normal speed while wearing medium armor. At 7th level, a fighter can move at his normal speed while wearing heavy

Bonded Mind

Combat Reflexes


Noble Scion - Vashnarstill

In Harm's Way


trained skills:
Craft (Int) (Alchemy), 4+1+3=8
Craft (Int) (Bows) 4+1+3=8
Diplomacy (Cha) 3+3-1+2=7
Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), 4+1+1+3=9
Knowledge (nobility) (Int) 4+1+3+1+1+2=12
Linguistics (Int) 4+1+3=8
Sense Motive (Wis) 4+3+1=8

Noble’s Outfit, Signet Ring, Masterwork Scale Mail, Chain Mail, Light Steel Shield, Longsword, Kukri, Longbow, 20 common arrows, 20 blunt arrows, +1 heavy mace, +1 chainmail, +1 glaive


8 silver

5 copper


HP: 49/49
10+3+7+1=21 AC/18 FF/13 touch
CMD: 10+1+3+3=17
Fort/Ref/Will: 5(6)/4(5)/1(2)
Cloak of Resistance +1
ACP: -3


Initiative +3
Longsword +6 1d8+3 19-20x2
+1 Heavy Mace +7 1d8+4 *2
Kukri +6 1d4+3 18-20x2
Longbow +6 100 ft, 1d8 x3