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HP:44|BaB:4|AC:23(25) T:10 FF:23(25)|Fort:6 Ref:1 Will:4(5 vs chaotic outsiders/spells)(+1 vs fear)

About Targis of House Fal

Sigrat LN Level 4 Human Fighter (Mutation Warrior) Favored Class HPx3
HP:44|BaB:4|AC:23(25) T:10 FF:23(25)|Fort:6 Ref:1 Will:4(5 vs chaotic outsiders/spells)(+1 vs fear)
Str: 18+2+1
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 8

Human stuff:
-1 feat
-+2 str

Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Acrobatics 3 0 N -5 -2
Ride 1 0 Y -5 -1
Climb 1 5 Y -5 4
Swim 1 5 Y -5 4
Survival 4 2 Y 0 9
Perception 2 2 Y 0 7
Profession Soldier 4 2 Y 0 9
Profession Butler 4 2 Y 0 9

Class Features:
Bonus Combat feat at even levels, and at 1st
Bravery: +1 to will saves vs fear
Mutagen: 30 minutes, +4 to a physical stat, -2 to corosponding mental stat, +2 natural armor
VMC Order of the Staff:
Must help spellcasters if they ask, unless they are going against my goals, or would go against existing duties
1/day Challenge: Swift action, +2 to damage against target, -1 to saves vs spells vs target when self damages it, -2 to self AC vs everything else

Human: Bodyguard
Fighter: Combat Reflexes
1st: Shield Focus Heavy Shield
2nd: Shield Brace

4th: Weapon Focus?
5th: Cut from the Air
6th: Stunning Irruption
9th: Smash From the Air
10th: Spellcut

Adopted --> Halfling ---> Helpful: Aid another gives +4 instead of +2
Defender of the Society: +1 AC when in Heavy or Medium Armor
Hells Reject: +1 to will saves, 2 vs chaotic
Overprotective or Attatched: TBD

Mithral Heavy Shield (1020)
Masterwork Fullplate (1650)
Masterwork Cold Iron Halberd (320)
10 gp

Murder Table:
Any attack may be increased by +2(+3) when mutagen is consumed
Regular Halberd: Bab+str+masterwork+weapon focus(d10+1.5str)=+10(d10+7)
Power Halberd: +8(d20+14)

Future Stuff:
(Ever ready, Impossible Speed, Always a Chance, Wallbreaker)
(Mythic Combat Reflexes)
Benevolent Armor, Ring of Tactical Percision, Defiant armor? Demon bane Gloves of Dueling?


Sigrat was deeply devoted to his Lordship, Arret Fal. It was the most honorable moment of his life when he was selected from all the men at arms in the Fal household to serve as the young lord's bodyguard. He was content to do his job, and do it well. He was a simple man, and took simple pleasure in a job well done.
Arret Fal was not a simple man. As he grew up, he lashed out at the world for his sickly disposition. Sigrat, spending all his time living at the young lord's side endured the worst of it. He tried to raise him like he was his own child, to reassure him, train him if he ased, but nothing that he did satisfied the younger Fal. As the child grew into a teen, he started experimenting with diabolic practises to stimulate his growth.
Sigrat was the only one that Arret confided in. He often sent Sigrat out to collect materials, and Sigrat gladly complied, happy to provide any satisfaction to his ward. He personally didn't really know all that much about that whole devil thing, but he didn't really care much either. He was a good worker, and that satisfied him.
Lord Fal was not subtle about his practices. It was inevitable that he would be discovered. He was a cruel and cowardly man, but he had a fondness for his patient manservant. Sigrat had an idea to save his charge from the inquisition; he would sacrifice himself by claiming to be the devil worshipper.
He allowed himself to be caught during one of his missions for his lord. Under torture, he refused to implicate his charge, and claimed the whole time that he was acting under his own volition. He fully expected to be executed. But Sigrat's ward still had fondness for his faithful manservant, and managed to convince the magistrate to exile him to the Worldwound again. Sigrat was touched; the little boy he had cared for had cared for him after all, despite his dreary disposition. He resolved he would survive the Worldwound to return to his ward. After all, Arret was the closest thing Sigrat had to a son, and Sigrat was the closest thing Arret had to a father. Twisted as it might be, Sigrat would do anything to return to the young lord's side.

Consider furious focus and vital strike