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Full Name

Tal Bernard Mainz




Ftr 7 HP:86 AC*:29,13,26 Saves:7/5*/6 CMB: +15 CMD: 31 Init: +3 Perc: +12 Link to the spreadsheet














Common, Chelaxian, infernal


Bodyguard turned smith

Strength 21
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Tal Bernard Mainz

Tal Bernard Mainz
Male Human Tower Shield Specialist 7
N Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +3, Perception +12

Current effects:

AC: 29, touch 13, flat-foot 26 (+10 fullplate, +5 tower shield, +2 dex, +1 shield focus); +2 combat expertise -2 cleave -2 lunge
HP: 86, (7d10+ 7* 2con + 2 favored class) current: 0 damage, 0 subdual
Fort +9, Ref +7/ +9 burst, Will: +8
CMD 31

Speed: 30 ft
Melee: +1 keen longsword: to hit +14/+9, dam 1d8 +6~17-20/x2
Power Attack: to hit +12/+7, dam 1d8+10~17-20/x2; or
Combat Expertise: to hit +12/+7, dam 1d8+6~17-20/x2; or
CE and PA: to hit +10/+5 dam 1d8+10~17-20/x2;

warhammer: to hit +12/+7, dam 1d8+6~20/3
power attack: to hit +10/+5, dam 1d8+10~20/3

Range: Javelin: to hit +10, dam 1d6+5~20/x2 range 30ft

Space: 5 ft; Reach 5 ft

Combat other:
Base Atk: +7, CMB +15, CMD 31 (+2 expertise)

Feats and Traits and fighter abilities:

Starred feats are fighter bonus feats for purposes of retraining
Armor Prof all (lt, med, hvy)
Shield Prof all
Simple Weapons all
Martial Weapons all
Power Attack
Combat Expertise*
Shield Focus
Weapon focus: longsword
Iron Will
Missile Shield
Combat Reflexes*
Shield Specialization
Indomitable faith: +1 will saves
Conspiracy Hunter: +1 perception and counts as a class skill

Burst Barrier: Tower shield grants +2 to saves vs burst effects
Armor training 2
Tower Shield Training 1

Ranks: lvl 7 ftr*(2base +2int +1human +2 bonus) +5 FC =54
Acrobatics: +0/+6 (+3 dex, +7 rank -13 armor/shield) +6 if no tower shield
Bluff: -1
Climb: +6 (+5 str, +3 class, +1 ranks, -3 armor)
Craft (armor): +14 (+2 int, +7 ranks, +3 class, +2 MW tools)
Diplomacy: +6 (-1 cha, +7 ranks)
Heal: +1
Intimidate: +3 (-1 cha +1 rank +3 class)
Knowledge (Dungeon): +8 (+3 rank, +3 class, +2 int)
Knowledge (Engineer): +8 (+3 rank, +3 class, +2 int)
Knowledge (local): +9 (+7 rank, +2 int)
Perception: +12 (+7 rank, +3 class, +1 trait, + 1 wis)
Ride w/o shield: +0 (+3 dex, -3 armor)
Sense Motive: +1
Stealth w/o shield: +7 (+7 rank, +3 dex, -3 armor)
Survival: +8 (+1 wis, +3 class, +4 rank)
Swim: +5 (5 str, +3 class, +1 ranks, -4 armor)

Common, Chelaxian, infernal


Chain shirt
+1 fullplate
+1 Tower shield (22.5 lbs) w/ shield sconce (.5 lbs) and everburning torch
Cloak of resistance +2
Hat of Disguise
+1 keen longsword w/ weapon cord
Javelin (2 lbs) x10
explorer's outfit ( - lbs)
MW backpack (4 lbs):
acid flask (1 lb) x2
alchemist fire (1 lbS) x2
sack (.5 lbs)
100 ft silk rope (5 lbs)
MW thieve tools
waterskin (4 lbs)
whetstone (1 lbs)
MW artisans tools (armor smithing)
bedroll (not carried)
grappling hook
miner's pick
piton x5 -1
potion cure light x3
Potion Mage armor x0
potion cure moderate x2
potion of gaseous form
Potion lesser restoration x2
Potion of enlarge x2
Potion of touch of the sea x0
potion of protection from evil x2
potion of shield of faith x2
potion magic weapon x2
potion bless weapon x2
Potion fly
Potion darkvision
Potion barkskin

wand of cure light wounds x24
trail rations (1 lbs) x5 (not carried)

Money left: on spreadsheet

total weight carried: 146 lbs light load

Height 6'3"
Weight 230 lbs
Carrying Capacity: 0-119 light, 120-239 med, 240-360 heavy

Tal is one of the many people employed in the city of Westcrown for guard duty by its many ‘noble’ families. Most of the time, his job is boring and tedious, with only the occasional excuse to break the monotony. The pay is good for the lack of hard work, and only twice has he even been in jeopardy of being injured, once on duty and once off. The first time Tal was minding his own business buying ale at the local pub when a little miscreant tried to rob him of his hard earned wages. Catching the little thief easily Tal was unprepared for the shiv that was inserted in his side by the rogue. Needless to say, by the time the Tal removed the shiv the cutpurse no longer needed it.

Usually one to follow a live a let live lifestyle, that life came to an abrupt halt when he overheard his employer talking to his associates late one night. The talk revolved around some rumors that not all was right by the ‘higher ups’. Who these higher up were Tal never found out, for at that time it was discovered that he was in listening range and the conversation moved further in the mansion. What he heard was enough to peak his curiosity and from then on Tal was always trying to catch a fragmented sentence of what was transpiring around him.

Lily is Tal's wife of 2 years and the sole joy that he has. Surrounded by the gloom, depression and oppression that infests Westcrown, Lily is a rare being that makes Tal feel the sun shines just for him. A daughter of a local merchant, Tal first spotted Lily when on business escorting his employer to Lily's father's shop. The instant that Tal saw Lily he vowed to himself that he would win her heart and be the one to marry her. For the most part it was easy to talk and approach Lily. It was her father who was the one that Tal needed to persuade to let his daughter marry him. It took a long time but eventually her father did concede and the 2 were married.

If Lily so much as asks for something from Tal, he strives to accomplish the task that she sets before him. She knows this and Tal knows she knows. This only builds the trust that each has for the other more as both realize that neither one would force the other into doing or promising something that is unrealistic. They live in a small apartment within their means. They have no children but would like them someday. Lily isn't too fond of the job Tal has but understands that is pays the bills with a small amount left over. Lily takes care of the house and when time allows works for a seamstress down the road adding lace and beads to custom outfits.

Future notes:

Level 7 feat lunge

Level 8 retrain saving shield for combat reflexes

Item wish list...
Holy weapon
Quick runner shirt


1 blacksmith with 3 craftspeople for 800gp

Assistants (eventually level 4 once Tal becomes level 4): +4 to gp, Goods or Labor
Ermolos: apprentice
???: Master Smith
???: journeyman

1 Forge: MW tools for crafting for up to 3 people, +10 gp or Goods
1 Office: No in game benefit but private area with simple lock
2 Storages: total of +4 gp, each has an average lock

Total is +18 to gp. Taking 10 results in 28 which equals 2.8gp per day for Tal. If Tal stops by for the day then the result is 38 or 3.8 gp per day.