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People live and die, empires rise and fall, and mountains grow and crumble, but knowledge of the past shall remain eternal. This was a foundational understanding of the men and women known as the Jeweled Sages, and was a philosophy imparted to me when I was very young. With the assistance of Amenopheus, we have taken important steps in reviving the order of the Jeweled Sages, who sought to preserve the art, culture, and technology of Osirion's first age. However, Golarion's people have grown in the millennia since, and with them grows the scope of our mandate. With the assistance of the Pathfinder Society, we shall discover, secure, and explore historical sites across Golarion—perhaps beyond.

Even so, the Jeweled Sages relied on an extended network of agents and a diverse cast of gem-bearing scholars. In the short term, we must build up our numbers once more. That means we must focus on finding other sage jewels that contain past lore and recruiting capable inheritors to become a new generation of sages. Study what once was, understand what is, and strive to become what you will; perhaps one day I will choose you to serve at my side.

For the foreseeable future, I must labor in the sages' sanctuary deep in Osirion's desert. I have secured numerous rooms that were once sealed, but the compound is extensive and dangerous; if the Pathfinder Society honors my recent request, I may soon call upon you and your colleagues to assist me in exploring the sanctum's depths. While I busy myself with that, Amenopheus is in charge of operations further afield.

Walk with wisdom,
Tahonikepsu, the Diamond Sage

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign begins the Year of the Sky Key, its sixth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Tahonikepsu in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the new Scarab Sages faction succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, endeavor to participate in Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-04: Beacon Below.