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I have a few questions about the witch's familar. Im about to start up a character. It was going to be a changling witch that , in early levels , takes the improved familiar feat for a imp.

Fluff wise I wanted her to start learning magic from the new imp and have her alignment start to suffer for it ( not going to L/E like imp but getting close to it ).

Anyway , question time.

1. Can I even take improved familiar as a witch?
2. If I can , Would I lose all on my spells when I change over?
3. Does the witch familairs follow the wizards table?
4. how does improved familiar interact with it?

Thank you in advance.

Edit - 5. Would I choose a new patron with a new familiar?

limp lash
School necromancy; Level sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a dead wasp)
Range 20 ft.
Target 1 creature
Duration special (see below)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

You create a dark whip-shaped field of energy that wraps around
an enemy’s neck, leaving everything except his head paralyzed until
you let go of the whip or it is destroyed. You must make a ranged
touch attack with this spell. If you strike your target, he takes a 1d6
penalty to his Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution each round.
This penalty cannot reduce any attribute to less than 1, and once
any of these attributes reaches 1 the target collapses and his body,
except his head, becomes paralyzed. While paralyzed in this way,
the target retains full use of his senses, including the ability to
feel pain, and can speak (including casting spells with only verbal
components). The whip has a maximum length of 20 feet, 15 hit
points, and a hardness of 5. The spell ends immediately if you let
go of the whip or it is destroyed. When the spell ends, all penalties
the target took from this spell also end.

Does the target get paralysed as soon as the spell hits or after the stats are reduced to 1. To me it reads kinda wierd. The first line says they are paralysed then it goes on to say that the fall down paralysed after stats are 1.

Anyway , need some clarification.

First off , hello all and thank you for clicking my thread. Down to business. We are about half way in to the trail of the beast and my players absolutley hate it. They are bored to tears and just want to skip to the next book. I dont think its my DMing style or methods that they hate because they loved the haunting of horrowstone (gave one of my players a nightmare about it , LOL horror ftw). Anyway , They keep saying things like " why should I care if the flesh golem burns or not" or " I wouldnt even be here if I wasnt getting paided". After the beast gets off I think they are planning to "farm its xp".

So anyway they killed the phase spider and got to town. Got hired to investigate for the defence ( although the general aditude at this time was "Why the cash!" ). So they killed the manicore and quickly traced stuff to vorstag and grine and killed them. They are in the process of killing brother swarm. The problem isnt that they cant reason out the clues , in fact one guy can take all the fractured bits and pieces and hit whats going on on the head everytime. They are just super bored doing it.

Have your players had a very negitive reaction to playting detective for a studdering lawyer and a flesh golem? Is it just that my players hate playing CSI:Ustalav? Does it pick up after the trial? Please tell me the next book is going to be more like the first one.

My players dont read:
My PCs are 8th level now and since we normally have 5 or 6 people I was going to throw a CR 10 or 11 at them as the next villian. I was thinking of doing an Ettin gunslinger around level 5 or 4. I was wondering , because each head is independant and has there own personality , if I should give each of them a grit pool to use sepreatly. Either way should make for a preaty good fight. I was also thinking about giving them both vital strike.

This should be happening on saturday. dont know if they will get up to this guy or not but ill update my post with the fight data. Im also expecting to have a ninja and a gunslinger PC , so it should be play test galore.