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Are there any prerequisite feats that would open up some nicechains for martial flexibility? Which ones would be best to take?

I really like the build but i dont think im gonna use the mutagenic archtype because i think martial flexibility is to good to give up. And thepoint buy got changed to 20 now.I was thinking somthing like 16 12 16 10 8 8 before racial mods so i would wind up with 16 12 18 10 10 6. not sure if i really want the low of a cha, and im wondering if i should put the con at 14 and str at 17 and boost that.

As far as being thrown a character alreadymentioned buying a catapult with a chair at the end for me to sit in, so when they shoot arrowsat us they shoot me at their archers lol

The Stats are somthing im having a hard time with, im used to rogues and wizards, its hard for me to lose the high dex, but thats why i was thinking dwarven defender to get my con bonus instead. We are starting at 3rd, but the last campaign made it to 19th level.There is a ton of manuever feats that would go good for him but im not sure for which ones to take the feat and which ones to use martial flexibility.What about unarmed fighter for a style feat and heavy armor prof? I was looking at dragon and grabbing styles. I wish cha wasnt a bad stat for dwarves or id look into some of the intimidate stuff.

Thats the issue im running into, he would be a blast to role play its just getting the mechanics down to make him useful in combat, on the same levelas other characters.

Hey dont worry about the long post i couldnt have described him any better, if someone hasnt read the books they know exactly what im looking for now.

Should i takea 1 level dip for heavy armor???Or should i just take light armor and go with the ac bonus? And im goin for the im gonna grab you and thrash till you stop moving build is what im looking for. I really like the brawler class but i have to do more reading on the paladin.

Looking at it, I really like the brawler path, the only thing i give up is the ac bonus but with spiked full plate that wont be to bad. Dunno if i want to use cestus with my unarmed damage bonus though. and martial flexibility frees up a lot of maneuver feats so i dont have to take all of them.

Ok guys so were starting a campaign and the dm wants to try something new. Everyone in our group have all read the forgotten realms books, and our dm wanted to base the campaign off of them. He took a bunch of characters out of the books and wrote them on paper and put them in a hat. We each drew one and i got thibbledwarf pwent. Im pretty lost on how to actually make a dwarven battlerager optimized. any help would be great as i am completely lost. were starting at 3rd level, 25 point buy and pathfinder only no 3rd party. i was thinking maybe the brawler or maybea fighter subtype but im i havent even decided on that yet. i was thinking of mixing in dwarven defender and maybe some lion totem barbarian.
ive played a lot of 3.5 this is my second campaign with PF material.

Im really still jealous i didnt get elminster, I love wizards.

Yeah thats what im goin with, does anyone have any ideas on feats and stuff?

Ok so i think im goin to go with a ranged paladin. question is should i go with the archery type or what i really want to try. A halfling paladin that uses a sling to smite the demons from his homeland

I might look into the druid or synthesist summoner, but the paladin sounds interesting ive never played one and im gonna have to read a little on it

Is it viable to have a character based on crafting magic items and constructs to do his bidding.Im talking just pathfinder with no 3.5 or 3rd party material

Id prefer a class that still focuses on spell casting, as well as being able to bring some pain either through an animal companion eidolon or some other means. but i still would like to gear it towards demon slaying. thats what the campaign is gonna be. another thing is ican actually have some fun with concepts because the rest of the group is relatively new, while they know how to play and make characters they cant optimize them. I would like a powerful character that letsthe group kind of take the forefront of the glory after battle, but if it gets to sticky i can turn beastmode on before the party dies

Ok im having issues coming up with a good character concept for a campaign that im about to join. The 2 ideas im looking at are summoner and a witch/magus build using prehensile hair for combat maneuvers and to deliver touch spells. The only issue is ive been playing a wizard for along time now and everytime i go to make the character i find an issue and start thinking " maybe i should just make another wizard." its 20 point buy with all non 3rd party material. if anyone else has any ideas that would be fun let me know. I thought about cleric but ive just never liked the class.

Is there any way to make a caster cleric be as effective as a wizard? As well as still making him a demon hunter

Getting ready to Start a campaign in mendev. After reading the description, it seems like there is going to bean unusually large amount of demons and evil outsiders. Was just looking for some different types of charachter ideas. Ive been playing for a while and i usually stick with wizard, rogue, or summoner. I was thinking of trying cleric for the first time or maybe a paladin type gish but im not quite sure yet. Its goin to be 20 PB, all material on paizo thats not 3rdparty is allowed. If i go cleric i want to be a primary caster for the group. I was also thinking some type of ranger, but im not usually a melee type fighter. im always down for new ideas though.