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I work at a job providing services for the hard of hearing. While I can't sign, seeing rules for sign language in Golarion meant a lot and sold me on second edition.

I also really appreciate the paragraph

"You can use role-playing to challenge not only the norms of Pathfinder's fictional world, but also real-life societal norms. Your character might challenge binary gender notions, explore cultural identity, have a disability, have any sexual orientation, or any combination of these suggestions. Your character can live any life you see fit."

Thank you for explicit inclusion in 2nd e.

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Iammars wrote:
Wait, Lamashtu will let you heal? Really?

I mean, there's a strong maternal tie with Lamashtu. Somebody's gotta care for the lady that just birthed a were-mammoth.

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A bow, in the vacuum of space, could deliver an INCREDIBLE amount of force. With zero wind resistance, and no gravity to counter act, it'd be a fairly simple to wield weapon as well. Plus, grappling hook bolts.

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Tacticslion wrote:

An iconic Flumph.

*mic drop*


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Snorter wrote:
All the existing iconics, but as uplifted animals, in a Doctor-Moreau styled prison planet, run by a Chief Warder Aroden, and his staff, who have ceased answering calls, and let the infrastructure fall into ruin.

That needs to be an adventure path!

Odraude wrote:
Arturius Fischer wrote:

It's pretty much the same issue focused when characters are on a sailing ship. Each character can fulfill a different role, or each player can be given something else to do or dice to roll for a specific task. The "Ship as one giant PC, with players working as a team" is generally how ships WORK.

If you want it to be 'smoother' or 'faster' or whatever, you have to give a specific goal. What do those terms mean to you?

You'll find in most SciFi / Space Opera shows, most of the crew isn't directly contributing to the fight. Oh, sure, Ensign Snuffy is making sure the hyperspace capacitors are properly charged and not damaged, and Sgt Shootem has a marine crew ready to repel boarders, but we don't see that very much. Even the main characters often aren't all directly contributing. What are Princess Leia and C-3PO doing on the Millenium Falcon in a fight? Not much, that's for sure.

So if you're running the game or wanting one that meets your requirements, you'll have to be a bit more specific.

Personally, I'd talk with the players and find out how they would be interested in working together for it.

If everyone wants a specific role, such as engineer and pilot and gunner and whatnot, then the "Giant Team PC" that is the default works fine (though you MIGHT want to add more options. Personally I take the D20 Future AND Star Wars D20 character spaceship roles options and smush them together, so all the side roles have plenty ways to help).

On the other hand, if EVERYONE wants to fight and shoot guns, the DM should consider them getting some type of Drone Ship (small party) or Carrier (large party) and the players planning out their characters accordingly. This way, each person gets to control a ship, even though it isn't THE ship, and everyone gets to fight as normal on the battlemap. Of course, this will slow things down, just as more PC's cause combats to take longer.

This Starfinder reminds me a LOT of the old Dragonstar. I hope


Drone ships are a fantastic idea.

TheAlicornSage wrote:
How about starship design rules? Star wars the first d20 version had an awesome book for designing and modifying starships. I even used it as a base for one of my earlier starship minis games.

Okay, yeah - going off of that idea - what if you could build a starship sort of like you'd build a character. You pick out a base ship, and it has a small stat-block to replace the standards STR,DEX,CON,INT,WIS,CHA - with stats like POWER, REACTION, HULL, PROCESSING - etc - as well as a number of open 'slots' based on its shape and size.

Modules can then be installed into these slots. Four or five open slots, with only ten - fifteen module options would still leave thousands and thousands of combinations available for how you equip your ship, while keeping the rulebook somewhat light.

If you made each module unique and 'operable' by PCs, then you can have a party that purchases and controls elements of their own ship.

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Fiendish Warlord wrote:


Who needs spaceships when you can survive in the vacuum of space and greater teleport at will. Like on to the bridge of the mentioned star destroyer en masse to rip the puny mortals to pieces without needing to breach the hull, first.

SwampRatKing wrote:
OR starships that ARE devils/demons.
Not really our thing. You have to wonder about the kytons, though...

I am not going to lie. I would poop myself to death if I encountered a ZK ship full of Kytons and 'Joyful Things'.

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JoelF847 wrote:
Christopher Anthony wrote:
Who hasn't thought about gateing a Super Star Destroyer to Hell and kicking Asmodeus's butt?
Makes you wonder though what kinds of hell and abyssal powered fleets of ships exist to defend against puny mortals with delusions of grandeur because they have spaceships.

OR starships that ARE devils/demons.

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I'm really excited to see how the planes work out in this game. I've got questions and ideas about some of the planes below, but I'd also like to hear what everyone else is thinking / excited about for planar travel.

Astral Plane:
I understand that the Teleport and Dimension Door spells make brief use of the Astral Plane to make their quick travels. Are we going to have spaceships that jump great distances through the Astral plane? Is a jump through the Astral Plane going to replace a FTL drive? That'd be cool and kinda crazy.

Ethereal Plane:
Will there be any ships with ether drives, that allow them to enter the ethereal plane? This would be way cooler than any cloaking technology the Romulans ever had.
How sick is this: The adventurers spot a wavy, smoke like form of a ship, roughly the size of an escape pod, floating its way towards them. The pod merges with the ship, slips into the cargo hold - and suddenly there are two or three small creatures, pilfering supplies from the hold.

The Shadow Plane:
The Shadow Plane is terrifying enough when connected to the material world. While I'm uncertain whether the plane of Shadow is weaker where there is hope and sunlight, in the vast emptiness of space there lurks the possibility for enormous monsters to hunt that plane.

Planar Anomalies:
Are we going to have any planar anomalies, where one of the transitive / outer planes is somehow transposed onto the material out in the vastness of space? Traveling along, could a ship accidentally pass through an invisible gateway to the plane of Shadow - and find their next excursion to port haunted by strange and unsettling occurrences?