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My book was estimated by USPS to arrive yesterday and arrived today, which is fine by me. As mentioned just above, I'm sure all of the later orders should be taken care of soon after the older ones. Thank you Liz and Jeremy (and every hard-working commoner in-between)!

I got an email today saying the book has been shipped. Psionic beings rejoice!

I preordered the book on August 12th and the only email I have received was the original order email. The page for the specific order doesn't say anything of the sort, but my main Orders page says that it is currently Pending. However, the specific order page does say, "Should ship from our warehouse within 7 to 16 business days," plus a few more days for the actual shipping time, so you've got to figure it could take a while. It is entirely possible I might not see my book until up to December 4th.