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AC 17, T 11, F 16 | F+6 R+3 W+4 (+2 vs enchant) | Init +1 | Perc +6 | Half-Elf Occultist 3


HP 24/24 | Foc: Abj 3/3, Div 4/4, Collection: 3/3 | Spells: 1st 4/4|

About Styrian Meathier

XP 7/9
Fame 10
Prestige 6
Championing Dark Archive

Character Sheet
Tracking Sheet



Assault on Kingdom of the Impossible Once per scenario, +1 Diplomacy vs citizen of Jalmeray
High Priestess's Patronage Sarenrae Signet Ring gives +2 Diplomacy in Qadira or vs worshippers of Sarenrae
Visions of the Void Before rolling a skill check, may X off to add 1d6-2 to your result.
Sky Key Core Recover 1 Prestige Point every time you gain a "Sky Key Component" boon
Sky Citadel Reclaimer (Shrine Savior) Cross off to reduce the cost of spellcasting service by 2 PP
Sky Citadel Reclaimer (Sight of the Unseeing) +1 insight AC when flat footed or during surprise round. Cross off to add 1d6 to attack, initiative, ability check, skill ckeck, or saving throw.

Infamy 5
Burgeouning Notoriety (Plunder & Peril (Rum Punch))
Avast Ye! (Plunder & Peril (Rum Punch))
Ply Them With Rum(Plunder & Peril (Rum Punch))
Rum Punch Champion(Plunder & Peril (Rum Punch))


Styrian is melee (reach) / support.
Usually he'll swing his +1 lucerne hammer, but will use his spiked gauntlet when enemies are too close or other situation requires it.
As long as it will leave him with 1 transmutation point after, he's very willing to hand out Legacy Weapon to allies as a standard action (usually bane to an existing magic weapon)
His speed is only 20. If he can't get where he needs, he'll buff on the way, or else use swift action Sudden Speed, so long as he is left with at least 1 transmutation point after.

[dice=Lucerne Hammer +1]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=B/P Damage (magic)]1d12+7[/dice]

[dice=Spiked Gauntlet]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=P Damage]1d4+4[/dice]