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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Heya, we just restored our historic colors back into the site. We made some adjustments to sizing as well. Note that we have some kinks to work out, but temporarily, this should ease some of the legibility issues folks were having.

Much, much appreciated. Thank you :)

Dean Ludwig wrote:

Howdy JD... We are in the process of making some changes today to address font size and color. Should be in place soon. Thanks for the feedback


Please address font style in addition to size/colour. Nigh unreadable and headache inducing.

Overall impression of new site - poor
Forum design - waiting to see, currently not favourable, page loading very slow.

Edit: Ok, vast improvement to forum readability since I composed my original impression. Thank you. Ninja'd by site tweaking :)

another Aussie here - South Australia (the state, not a generalisation)

Covert Operator:
Yep, you're right. It probably is best as a separate FAQ topic.
The FAQ was duly clicked :)
Hope there will be an answer.

Covert Operator wrote:

I don't really understand your query, Stormhunter.

1. Is it Cavalier 10 / [other animal companion class] 10
2. or is it Cavalier 10 / [no animal companion class] 10?
I'll answer assuming option one.

The Horse Master feat says "the abilities of your mount are calculated based off of your character level, not your class level" (paraphrased).
So any class levels (in any class, not just cavalier) would not apply to your Cavalier mount, which is calculated based off of Character Level.
You would get a second (lower level) Animal Companion, based off of your second class, and a fully-leveled animal companion, based off of your character level.

:) How about I just withdraw my hypothetical which related to any combination of the above for a single AC (providing numbers totalled more than 20)and was meant to be focussed entirely on the progression chart for Animal Companions (which stops at 20).

I am well aware of what is RAW, how animal companion stacking works and how Horse Master works. What I don't know is whether the developers intended for the Animal Progression chart to continue past 20 levels of progression so it would match any of the 20+ Character (not Class) Level Animal Companions that later rule books have enabled.

Apologies for hijacking your original queries and apparently muddying the issue. Intent was to single out one instant only of your multiple query.

Covert Operator wrote:
Stormhunter: Animal Companion effective level is not actually capped at your level. A PF worker (I forget who) was presented the whole 'Oracle can get a lvl*1.5 animal companion while everyone else gets lvl*1!' dilemma, and decided that your AC cannot have more HD than your HD+1.

Thank you - I am aware of the Character Level (HD) limit - my question still stands, but perhaps a specific random example will make it clearer just what I was asking.

eg. Cav 10 (with Horsemaster feat) and (for whatever reason) 10+ levels in another class/es (leaving aside combinations of stackable animal companion classes) will result in a Character Level of 20+
Question is: What level progression is the Cavalier's Mount AC? Capped at 20 (highest the Animal Companion progression table goes to) or 20+ (extrapolating further progression on this table to match the Character Level, as per Horse Master feat, of 20+)?

Clarifying question - If multiple classes with stackable animal companion levels result in an animal companion with greater than 20 levels, is the animal companion capped at the 20th level of progression or will it progress further by extrapolating the Animal Companion table of progression?

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Flaw #4 - You left off Australia - really?? We're 'Other' without a box to specify which 'Other' even ???

/feeling unloved :(

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Neadenil Edam wrote:

Good news!

That is 5.00 am new years day here in Eastern Australia.

And half an hour earlier here - who needs sleep?? See in the New Year ... hover impatiently by the PC ... see in EE ... go to work 24 hours later ... crash on the weekend. Easy plan :)

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Merry Christmas, GW! Down tools and enjoy a well earned break.

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TEO Cheatle wrote:
So, its been like 2 hours, and I just realized that Decius made a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference....

So .. to remove the cause, but not necessarily the symptoms (of your slowness) .. let's prescribe more caffeine :P

btw Blog's up.

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Jeff Morse wrote:
Asked ^ for one. now a newbie question, what does an invite get me? is it for a day or 2? Do I stay up all night playing so can get most out of it?

Hi Jeff, once you've redeemed the invite and installed the client you have access until paid subscription starts (as I understand it). Unless the server is offline for some reason like patching etc. Please remember it's Alpha and we're there to help the devs find the bits that need fine tuning/fixed etc. Enjoy and have fun.

Welcome to Alpha.


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DM Artemis wrote:
Thank you so very much hunterofstorms, looking forward to playing with you!

You're very welcome. See you in game sometime.

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Still have one - PM me.

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I've been trying to build up a wizard role primarily, this time round, but have ended with some significant fighter abilities because it took hours before I got any wizard drops (staff and wand) - plenty of starter weapons though (good thing there is no encumbrance yet) - and still have no basic robes or spellbook. Can't find what I need to craft a spellbook - no Blue for ink mostly. I haven't yet tried the trading thing.

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Wow, that's a lot of work. Thanks :)

ps sorry sspitfire, was not intentionally ignoring you in game - just haven't mastered monitoring chat/trade notices while trying to gather next to hostiles. My ability to run into tree trunks, however, is now finely honed.

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1 left.

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Still have 2. PM me.

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2 invites to first PMs with GW email addresses.

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StormHunter wrote:

2 available. PM me. Wave if you are in Oceanic region.


Both gone.

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2 available. PM me. Wave if you are in Oceanic region.


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Had the opportunity to spend several hours in Alpha. Being a complete new-comer to MMOs, I have nothing to compare this with and I'm learning everything from scratch.

First off - Had fun. :)
Secondly - building characters is slow and somewhat frustrating and confusing without much of an idea of what relates to what in-game. Resulting in many inappropriate feat choices as I experimented with what feat might go with something. But most of that is part of the learning curve, once I'd more of less worked out some of the role/feat/ability relationships were the second char basic creation was much smoother.

I think it would be helpful to have mouse over information or a more comprehensive help reference in game to give some idea of what a feat choice is and relates to before training it. Scanning the unavailable feats and looking at achievement progress is fiddly and doesn't always give useful info. I think this is another request for TOOLTIPS :P
Like AET-Areks I spent a fair amount of time flipping back and forth through some excellent guides GW and the community have compiled.

I did get the chance to test out some combat against wolves and bandits and despite being unfamiliar with MMO steering and combat controls managed ok.

Did not get around to trying out gathering or crafting.

Had a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to playing with Alpha more.
So a big thank you to GW and the folks who have been compiling guides.


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Forget the emus. What about War Cassowaries? :P

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Very informative. Thanks.

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Hi all. Just discovered this thread and really like the feel of The Seventh Veil as a company from what I've read here and on the Khaiognos site. I've been a very silent Kickstarter supporter, but with EE now so close, I've decided its time to start thinking about actually playing - especially since my background is with tabletop rather than mmorpg.


DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Is there a chart or something somewhere that gives benchmarks or even approximations of just how large a creature is based on its size? For instance, how tall would a Huge Gnoll be? Or how long a Gargantuan Cobra might be?

d20pfsrd.com has something that might help.

Size comparison


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Ryan Dancey wrote:
Watching everyone try out their icons is AWESOME! So much fun for us to see!

Thank you!

So much fun to be seen and I'm really looking forward to Thornhold and seeing the Online demos.

Ravingdork wrote:

The simulacrum would lose its powers.

Developers have already weighed in on this here.

Yes, thanks for the reminder RD - I had read James Jacobs' replies on that thread a while ago. It does pretty much answer the questions. Just treat the simula as ex-paladin and eg. ex-cleric, thus losing all spell casting and special abilities - simplest solution.

Wraithstrike, simulcra are essentially half-power duplicates of the original creature (per the spell description), but they are also quasi-real illusions - The idea of being granted any divinely granted spells in the first place is kind of odd but, hey - magical fantasy :) - so that's cool.

And I AM looking at it from a GM perspective.
An evil, evil perspective ... mwahahahaha >:P

Suppose an evil wizard successfully creates a simulcrum of a good, divine caster and then proceeds to compel the simulcrum to act in an evil manner until it should be thoroughly corrupted:
Does the divine caster simulcrum gain spells? If so, from what deity or source?

Second scenario. Substitute paladin as the simulcrum source, similarly treated:
Presumeably the simulcrum, compelled to act in a manner that should forfeit paladinhood, becomes a fallen paladin. Since simulcra cannot learn, gain abilities/levels etc. does this mean the fallen paladin simulcrum is simply now a contruct without any paladin benefit. Or can a case be made to turn them into an anti-paladin?

Sorry, I don't need a Beginner's box. I may resubscribe later, though.

Thanks for the great products so far. Service has been great too.


Vic Wertz wrote:
Chris Ballard wrote:
Yay! Finally, better download organization. Good going Vic.
Organizationally, nothing changed... but Gary finally removed the "personalize" step, and cleaned things up a bit. Organization changes are still on the to-do list, at the same priority as before...

Much better. Thank you!


LazarX wrote:

You don't go by miles per hour in combat you go by tactical move speed. At those descriptions, speeds of 90 and 100 are nothing to sneeze at. And circumstances can take much into account. Casting Fly and jumping off a third story window still gives you plenty of advantage over someone who's limited to ground movement and the only way to get fast access to a horse is by taking a gravity express. If you're escaping someone in an urban environment you only need a few short moments of speed advantage to get enough cover for an invisibility spell. (Fly is the obvious advantage spell here) Checking on it by the way Overland Flight specifically allows for hustling which means you can cover 64(roughly 72 for Phantom Steed) miles in an 8 hour flight period, a very respectable speed compared to foot or mounted traffic.

Also note that Phantom Steed isn't that suitable as a getaway spell unless you already have it on hand... the casting time is 10 minutes. Having it on hand may very well mean that someone chasing you might opt to blast the steed itself as it's rather obvious in that situation.

Thank you for your time and input, but I'm well aware of the distinction between tactical and overland movement rates and each of the individual points you have raised (some of which I pointed out in my original and previous posts). My query has nothing to do with how and under what circumstances each individual spell is best used. Probably I should have limited my original query to the simplest expression of whether any official ruling stated whether Phantom Steed's movement should be treated as absolute or as a movement to which hustle could be applied.

Since its not specified in the spell description, the implication is that the speed is absolute - which is how I treat it.

And I agree that in terms of tactical movement 100 is fast - but for overland movement, 10 miles per hour really isn't (okay, so its magical and doesn't tire, and if you are CL 14 the flight ability allows you to evade ground obstacles and pursuit by climbing etc.) - too bad if you meet an aerial threat ... but that's another adventure waiting for our bold heroes ...

The general point (for below CL 14) about the lack of speed above a trotting horse is that even a middle distance runner (not even a monk :p) could overtake during a road ambush (for example).

Anyway, I think delabarre's approach looks interesting. I'll check that out.

LazarX wrote:
I'm fairly sure it's an abosolute move.. the Phantom Steed isn't a true creature but more of a spell effect. I wouldn't allow the hustle because it's so damm fast as it is.

Thanks (and to Betatrack) this is pretty much the general impression I have from a GM point of view. Pity there isn't a clear statement in the PF Core somewhere.

It also means that using Fly, Overland Flight or Phantom Steed is a really bad way to try outrun short term pursuit (unless rugged terrain, cliffs or water etc. are involved) since any conventional ground locomotion can probably manage to keep a flier in sight. Max speed of Phantom Steed is 10 miles per hour at overland rates.


At CL 14 the Phantom Steed gains the ability to fly at its maximum movement of 100. The question is: Is this speed an absolute or can the Phantom Steed hustle ie treating the movement rate as a base rate? And if so, does this then translate to being able to hustle in flight?

With the exception of Overland Flight (which only mentions hustle anyway), the rules on spells that grant flying movement (excluding polymorphing/transformational spells) are not specific about whether the speeds granted are base speeds or not. If base speeds, then presumeably movement can be accelerated by hustling or running. I'd like to see a clarification on this in FAQ or errata to save time in debate at the game table.


Mortagon wrote:
TLO3 wrote:

Still, that one statement is not specific enough to make a ruling on proficiency. It doesn't say they become proficient when trained for war, just that if they're not trained for war they definitely don't have the proficiency. Even if you took that leap, what are they proficient with after training? All armor? Only light?

I'm not trying to be difficult, I just think an official ruling needs to be made. There needs to be a clear written way to train a mount to wear armor. Preferably one that doesn't require feats.

James Jacobs says here:

"War trained is actually detailed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook under the description of "Handle Animal," on page 98. Of course, there it's called "Combat Training." It's one of the "general purpose" trainings you can give an animal. As detailed on page 177 of the Bestiary, horses in particular gain a special benefit once they're combat trained—their hooves are from that point treated as primary weapons, not secondary ones.

In any case, once the Cavalier goes to print, the language in the class about "war trained" will be cleaned up"

Which should answer the question :)
And presumably there will be clarification about whether a cavalier's mount is only considered combat trained with regards to just being handled/controlled in combat and having light armour proficiency or having all Combat Trained features as per Handle Animal.

TLO3 wrote:

Um. In the core rulebook under combat training nothing is mentioned about armor proficiency.

"combat training (dc 20): An animal trained to bear a rider into combat knows the tricks attack, come, defend, guard, and heel. Training an animal for combat riding takes 6 weeks. You may also "upgrade" an animal trained for riding to one trained for combat by spending 3 weeks and making a successful dc 20 Handle Animal check. The new general purpose and tricks completely replace the animal's previous purpose and any tricks it once knew. Many horses and riding dogs are trained this way."

Nowhere does it mention armor proficiency.

This does cause problems for fighters. It's hard to believe that a non-companion mount trained for war wouldn't be proficient with barding.

Page 307 Bestiary

Second to last line of the Animal type description.
or here

Cosmo wrote:

I have retroactively applied the Pathfinder Advantage to your order, and credited you for the standard shipping rate. I have applied the credit back to your originating order.


Thanks Cosmo,

Appreciate it :) and I'm really looking forward to more Paizo products.


Just received notification that this order is shipping vis USPS Priority. Two questions please:
1) Why USPS Priority Mail when I specified Standard as the preferred shipping method? Its an international order, but I'm pretty sure Standard shipping has been used before.
2) Any reason the Pathfinder Advantage discount was not applied to elements of this order? I have the AP sub and Kingmaker #1 shipped before I placed this order. Have I misunderstood how this works?


Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

The latest release is now available on the original post link.

Alpha version 0.29

Great work.

But .. custom languages that have been entered and selected still do not display correctly on Page 1 of the character sheet. Instead, Darklands languages are displayed.
This is in both versions of the release.