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Note that the edit function to edit previous cards tries to lay card data into the existing creator structure, which means that if your card was created some time ago and we've updated the card creator since then, you will be asking the editor to put a square peg in a round hole and may find you need to edit the card substantially to get it back into shape.

Also older cards may not have their images preview on the new manage cards page.

Terrier: We can't condone using just any art even on private cards. Paizo does allow art from its blogs to be used on cards.

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Frencois wrote:

OK now I need to write my own AP and drivethru it! I hate you all.

Just kidding. Best game ever.

Well creating your own Adventure Path cards (and Adventure, Scenario, and Location) cards just went live on DriveThru....

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Villain and Henchman cards both now support up to 4 skills per check.

We also made other small layout updates on them to better match Wrath cards.

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>As for the additional checks, instead of making the boxes bigger, can the font be smaller if there are more than two? I think three per would be fine (if possible) but not if it meant if you had to expand the size of the boxes.

We don't have an option coded to accommodate that sort of scaling of font size.

>dynamically composite the card template based on amount of data

We don't have that coded and, as you say, it would be a lot of work. I'd rather our designer not end up convicted for murder once she finds you!

Is the need for more check attributes mostly confined to certain card types? e.g. Villains and Barriers or some-such?
I could see us doing the work to change out the templates for card types particularly impacted by this.

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Then thou may count to eight.
Eight shall be the new number of the maximum traits per card and the number of the traits shall be eight.

And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree-sloths and fruit-bats and orangutans and breakfast cereals and Friday afternoon beverages...

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Blessings of Abadar the patient on you good forum friends.

We think we have slain the demons of the image server and thwarted the machinations of the Vermin Lord's code bugs.

For the 3rd time? 4th time? we think the Blessing cards are now ready for you to create.
It would not hurt to empty out your browser's cache before starting the creation of a new card.

Please report back any problems.

On other topics:
1) Hottest Selling cards is a formula of #cards sold/days the new card has been on the marketplace. When a card is freshly created, even with a single sale it will rank highly because the denominator is also just 1.

2) Allowing more than 2 check stats per check value box area on the card is a more involved solution involving our designer changing the one or both versions (one check value version and two check value version) of each card's template. We'd have to expand the check value boxes to add more room for more ability names. Making these boxes larger would then be a permanent thing so they'd be larger on all cards, even those that only call for a single check ability.
Thus all cards would have large box(es) obscuring more art space.
Is that what is nevertheless desired?

3) Being able to add more than 5 traits should be more easily adjusted. I'll look into that on Weapons cards as a test case and report back.


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Our tech team is back on it.

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Ok, sorry for the on again off again here folks, but we believe Blessings is working now. Please give it another go.

I regret there has been little apparent progress on more card types released. We've spent many months re-doing some foundational code for the card creator. Included with that work was the implementation of a new admin toolset that lets us author new card types rather than make every card type's release a sort of unique coding exercise.
The Blessings card is the first new card type to release with the authoring tool and we are working out the kinks in the system with it.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
But to answer you question, I don't think it is noted and it would perhaps be a good idea to do so.

I will add a note to the product descriptions for the 1st printing errata decks.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:

if I purchase one of the microlicenses for $0.40, I can then use it on as many cards as I want, correct? So each use doesn't cost me 40 cents, just getting the image to use for the cards in general cost me 40 cents. Do I understand correctly?

That's correct. Only buy the art piece license once.

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Day 1 of the Card Creator being live has been great.
We had over 1,000 cards start creation!

However, only 90 of those new cards made it past the Art stage and only about 10 of those cards got finalized, with just a few of those 10 being made public.

That 90% dropoff at the art stage indicates there's a lot of folks stymied at the art resources end of this, so if you're among those struggling for art to use, then I'd suggest:

1. We've licensed 4 art pieces from artist Nicholas Avallone that you can use in the card creator for free:




and dream up a new Villain/Henchman/Monster/Ally card with that art.

2. There's over 1,500 pieces of art in the Card Art Collection that you can use for the card creator for a microlicense payment to the artist of 40 cents.
Easiest to navigate the collection using the subcategories for each card type in the left column.

We're glad folks are enjoying it and hope to see more finished cards.

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Flat the Impaler wrote:
Are we allowed to use the artwork found on the blog/serials in our custom cards? I would assume that making the cards public would definitely be off limits, but what if the cards are kept private (assuming also you're also printing them for resale)?

Early testers used some art from Paizo blogs. Per Community Use policy.

You may use any of the text or artwork published in the Paizo Blog at, with the exception of excerpts of Planet Stories publications, Pathfinder Comics, and any logos and icons that aren't also in the Community Use Package.

And such cards can be public. For example I believe this Demilich card uses art from a Paizo blog (but I could be wrong).

I suggest reading up on the Community Use policy for details.

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JT Jones wrote:
Any idea when the custom character cards will be available?

I don't have a reliable enough date on that yet to offer one.

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Myfly wrote:

USPS first class international envelope is usually 6.50 USD...

Why is the shipping here so expensive?

You cannot fit over 200 cards into an envelope. Each such rate class has many restrictions which you can find in the fine print on the USPS website.

The rates we charge for postage are the rates the USPS charges us plus about $1.25 for packaging and handling that our card print facility charges us per order.

I regret the postage is so high, but I cannot change the post office's rates.


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Epic Meepo wrote:
If I purchase a community-created card, does the community member who designed that card earn a percentage of that sale?

No, at least not at this time.

One of our future feature sets will be to allow for that to happen, but this wasn't part of our initial release scope coding.

Also we (Paizo and DriveThru) want to keep the pricing of these cards as low as possible to keep them accessible to the community, so even when we develop that "royalty" capability/feature, it's unknown if we'd implement it here or not.