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Hi Paizo Customer Service,

I placed an order back in mid-april and got excited when I saw that it had shipped near the end of the month. When I checked on it yesterday, wondering where it was, I found that it had been marked with a bad address and returned to the sender.

As best I can tell, for some reason your system will not put my apartment number on the address line and so the package was turned away. I don't know if this is regular practice that I should have been aware of, but it's a real bummer that my order didn't reach me.

I'm happy to pay the shipping again if it can reach me, but since the sale is over I would be truly disappointed (as would my friends who were looking forward to a digital campaign to help pass the shelter in place order) if there is no way to send this order back to me.

I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as you are able :)


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Katina Davis wrote:

Now available for preorder! Skittermanders are here to help! :D

Edit: Expected release Nov 2019.

Any update on this?

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Lisa Stevens wrote:
mutie wrote:

Is the Pathfinder Core Rulebook available in other languages?

I'm personally interested in:



We have signed license contracts for the following languages, but the rulebooks haven't come out yet:

Chinese (Gokur)
Hebrew) (Monkey Time)

These have had their core rulebooks released in that language:
German (Ulisses Spiel)
French (Black Book Edition)
Spanish (Devir)
Portugese (Devir)
Italian (Giochi Uniti)

There is at least one other langue license in the works that will hopefully be announced soon.


Any update on the Chinese version of the rulebooks from Gokur? I've recently started writing for a company (non-gaming related materials) and they love my stories of Pathfinder, but for most of the Mandarin would be the preferred language for learning the game. I did a quick googling, but I couldn't find anything.