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Full Name



LG Agender Conrasu (Corrector)


Champion of Soralyon (Living Monolith) 3


| HP 41/46 | AC 21; w/shield 23 | Fort +9E; Ref +5T (Bulwark +3); Will +6E | Perception: +4T | Focus Points: 0/1 | Hero Points: 0/3 |








Common, Mwangi, Rasu, Celestial, Osiriani

Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Standarii

Agender Conrasu Champion (Paladin) of Soralyon (Living Monolith Archetype)
LG Medium Corrector Conrasu (Aeon, Conrasu, Plant)
Former Aspis Agent Background

Senses Perception +4 (Wis -1 + Prof T5)

AC 21 (Dex +0 + Prof T5 + Armor 6)
HP 46
Fort +9(E), Ref +5(T)*, Will +6(E)
*Bulwark: On Reflex saves to avoid a damaging effect, such as a fireball, you add a +3 modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier.

+10 +1 Disruptive* Asp Coil 1d6+4 S (1 Hand, Reach, Versatile P)
Critical: The target is made off-balance by your attack, becoming flat-footed until the start of your next turn.
+9 Dagger 1d4+4 P (Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft, Versatile S)
+9 Shield Boss 1d6+4 B
+9 Fist 1d4+4 B (Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed)

+5 Dagger 1d4+4 P (Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10ft, Versatile S)

Divine Spell DC 17
+7 Divine Spell attack roll

Str 18, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 08, Cha 14
Speed 25 ft.

Ancestry Feats & Abilities Sunlight Healing, Rite of Light, Conrasu Lore.
General Feats Shield Block, Fleet.
Skill Feats Group Coercion, Intimidating Glare.
Class Features & Abilities Champion's Code, Deity & Cause (Paladin), Deific Weapon, Champion's Reaction (Retributive Strike), Devotion Spells, Divine Ally (Blade).
Class Feats Deity's Domain (Earth), Living Monolith Dedication.

Skills Arcana +6(T), Athletics +11(E), Crafting +6(T), Diplomacy +7(T), Intimidation +7(T), Occultism +6(T), Performance +7(T), Religion +4(T)
Lore Aspis Consortium Lore +6(T), Conrasu Lore +6(T), Pathfinder Society Lore +6(T)
Languages Common, Mwangi, Rasu, Celestial, Osiriani

Bulk (9/9/14)
Held Items +1 Asp Coil, Dagger x2, Steel Shield.
Worn Items Full Plate Armor, Ordinary Clothing, Backpack, Wayfinder, Climbing Kit, Wooden Religious Symbol.
Stowed Items Repair Kit, Adventurer's Pack, Religious Text, Rubbing Set, Writing Set, Mirror, Wax Key Blank, Musical Instrument (Handheld: Drum), Crowbar, Ordinary Clothing x1, Wooden Religious Symbol x1.
Money 10.4 gp

Special Abilities

Former Aspis Agent
You're trained in the Intimidation skill, and the Aspis Consortium Lore skill. You gain the Group Coercion skill feat. You gain access to any uncommon options as though you were a member of the Aspis Consortium.

Heritage: Rite of Light
Your exoskeleton bears small shoots that can share life. When using your Sunlight Healing, you can restore the Hit Points of an adjacent ally instead of yourself. That ally becomes temporarily immune to all uses of Sunlight Healing for 1 day.

Sunlight Healing: 2d8
A conrasu can enter a meditative, healing state as a 10-minute activity when exposed to direct sunlight, in which case they recover 1d8 Hit Points. At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, this healing increases by 1d8. Once a conrasu has recovered Hit Points in this way, they are temporarily immune to further uses of Sunlight Healing for 1 day.

Champion's Code:
- You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
- You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn't force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them.
- You must act with honor, never taking advantage of others, lying, or cheating.
- You must respect the lawful authority of legitimate leadership wherever you go, and follow its laws.
Anathema: Defile sacred buildings, knowingly unearth evil monuments, destroy historical artifacts
Edicts: Study monuments, craft golems and artwork from stone, guard ancient sites

Retributive Strike (↺)
Trigger: An enemy damages your ally, and both are within 15 feet of you.
Effect: You protect your ally and strike your foe. The ally gains resistance to all damage against the triggering damage equal to 2 + your level (5). If the foe is within reach, make a melee Strike against it.

Focus Spells (1/1)
Lay on Hands (◆)
Willing living target: Restore 12 Hit Points (if ally, they gain +2 status bonus to AC for 1 round).
Undead target: 2d6 Positive damage and Basic Fortitude save (-2 status penalty to AC for 1 round on failure).
Hurtling Stone (◆)
(+7 Spell Attack, 2d6+4 B, 60ft, Somatic)
Success The stone deals full damage. / Critical Success The stone deals double damage.

Living Monolith Dedication
If you fail a recovery check while dying, your dying condition does not increase; if you critically fail, your dying condition increases by only 1. You become trained in Ancient Osirion Lore, or expert if you were already trained.

Divine Ally* (Blade)
A spirit of battle dwells within your armaments. Select one weapon when you make your daily preparations. In your hands, the item gains the effect of a property rune and you also gain the weapon's critical specialization effect. For a champion following the tenets of good, choose disrupting, ghost touch, returning, or shifting.

Wayfinder Activate (◆) command, Effect: The wayfinder is targeted by a 1st-level light spell.

Organized Play Notes: 801-2015
Faction: Vigilant Seal
Level: 3
XP: 2
Reputation: All 28 (1), VS 26 (1), EA 2 (0)
School: Swords
- Default Item: 2x minor healing potions (alt: potency crystal or silversheen)

Conrasu Ancestry: 801-2015
Living Monolith Access
Promotional: Campaign Service Award (+1 Hero Point, can give 1 HP reroll to another player during the adventure), Vestments (+1 on Hero Point rerolls), Rules Reference (Once per session, when you use Treat Wounds or another character uses Treat Wounds on you, the result of the check is one degree of success better than the result that was rolled), Worn Accessory (Once per session, when rolling a check as a part of a victory points system, if you roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead)
General: Wayfinder, Vigilant Seal Gear, Combat Mentor, Fane's Friend
GM Glyphs: 4

0.1 - Conrasu Ancestry
1 - GM #B17: 1xp, 4gp
2 - GM #3-09: 4xp, 4VS, 14gp (access - wand stone shape L9 670gp discount)
3 - GM #3-10: 4xp, 4VS, 14gp
4 - PL #EC-4: 12xp, 12VS, 58gp (AP 154: access - ankylostar, jawbreaker shield, spore sap, stoneraiser javelin, noxious jerkin)
5 - GM #3-12: 4xp, 4VS 2EA, 22gp (cantrip deck full L1 18gp discount)
5.1 - Wayfinder Boon (AcP)
5.2 - Vigilant Seal Gear Boon (AcP)
5.3 - Combat Mentor Boon (AcP)
6 - PL #Q4: 1xp, 9.5gp (Fane's Friend boon, access - archaic wayfinder L2 25gp discount)
7 - PL #B19: 1xp, 10gp

Purchase Log:

127.00 Available
-45.00 +1 Asp Coil (1B)
-30.00 Full Plate Armor (L1) (4B)
-02.00 Steel Shield (Hardness 5, HP 20 / BT 10) (1B)
-00.40 Dagger x2 (LL)

-25.00 Repair Kit (Superb) (+1 Item Bonus) (1B)
-01.50 Adventurer's Pack (1B)
(The pack contains the following items: backpack (containing the other goods), bedroll, 10 pieces of chalk, flint and steel, 50 feet of rope, 2 weeks' rations, soap, 5 torches, and a waterskin) Backpack: First 2 Bulk don't count against Bulk limits
-01.00 Religious Text (L)
-01.00 Rubbing Set (1B)
-01.00 Writing Set (L)
-01.00 Mirror
-01.00 Wax Key Blank
-00.80 Musical Instrument (Handheld: Drum) (1B)
-00.50 Climbing Kit (1B)
-00.50 Crowbar (L)
-00.20 Ordinary Clothing x2
-00.20 Religious Symbol (Wooden) x2 (LL)
Spent: 111.1
Remaining: 15.9

CS #6 +9.5
Remaining: 25.4

CS #7 +10
Remaining: 35.4

All Information Current As Of: 4 Sept 2022