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I merely read the first few posts and already started facepalming. Going into pvp first thing straight would be enough for a paladin to fall from grace in my game even if it was for killing a helpless opponent. Giving the culprit a vocal flogging of a lifetime about how wrong it is and how the evil pc should repent should definitely come first before comming to blows. A paladin certainly shouldn't go " you did something I dont agree with - I kill you".

A good use of rope should make fingerbreaking needless too.

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DiceBagChick wrote:

Though one option I am toying with the idea of giving him his full wish and tying it to his backstory that we will eventually get to fulfilling. Perhaps if he completes his family quest, that will result in an item that lets him do his SLA Permanency. That way he doesnt have it NOW, but he will get it eventually. Perhaps his quest results in his enlightenment allowing that ability.

If my player reads this, let me know what you think about this alternative since we may head to completing your side quest sooner than later.

That there is actually a very god idea and even one in line with the wishcraft written up in Legacy of Fire - don't just hand it over with a fingersnap, but let reality slowly work its way into delivering the wished effect.

Or agree with said player to have a good laugh and give him a free familiar named Will (the refer to my previous post here) to see what comes out of it. If things go haywire the familiar can always choose freedom..or die.

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Admittedly I haven't been watching this to the very end, but my main thought about the Vigilante was not about its practical rules, but about alignment. It seems to me like a whole lot of our cultures iconic vigilantes would simply not be doable with the 1 step alignment difference limit between alter egos. Most I can think of require two - CG Zorro playing vs a lawful noble, LE Sith Lord Palpatine vs "ooh i care so much for your wellbeing" LG senator Palpatine..
The zorro example hurts me most though. The class seems just made about Zorro and at the same time - it bars him out.

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DiceBagChick wrote:

Drew from the deck of many things, player drew the card with a wish. He cashed in his wish request tonight with the following wish, how can I mess with it?

I wish to have a spell-like ability to cast the spell "permanency" at
will, and without any cost, and without any unintended consequences,
and without the chance of failure, And have no limit to the number of
times I can cast it, and have no limit on how often i can cast it.and
without level requirement.

hmm so..

DiceBagChick wrote:

I wish to have a spell-like ability to cast the spell "permanency" at


you can't really spell capital letters in speech can you now? so what he actually said was..

DiceBagChick wrote:



Does your party include someone named William? *wink wink*

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Home AND travel with an addition of chaos.. sounds like a cat coincidentally I got a deeply built race that would fit, but that would mean it'd give more of a hero than a real deity, similarly to what goblins worship..and I should present the whole race first to give the whole picture. Should I or will it just be a waste of space?

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Comming back onto the antipaladins not necessarily getting int Callistras realm is actually pretty sensible. Just think - a soul used to vengeance gets turned down ny its goddess, probably sent to the abyss with what its used to and from there..it's out for REVENGE..coincidentally that's just in line with said goddess anyway. A gimmick truly worthy of a deity with trickery in her portfolio - tricking a faithful soul i to pursuing vengeance in both life and death, being that's what the thing knows and does best. Might even be seen as a true reward by the soul itself..in far retrospex ;)

"hello, I see you like vengeance so faithfully that I'll give you a reason to seek what you love so much for all eternity - to the abyss with you!" doesn't matter much if thats said by Calli or Pharasma

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I actually did barge into a bar and started asking the bartender for rumours and a party to join.
Granted that was an RPG/board game/wargaming bar, but still. Could've cast a daze spell for the same effect..

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Animate object and you've got one that pretty much uses the original crocs bite attack instead of the standard construct slam, just without its BAB from the hit dice? If you can animate it as a beheaded it'd be just as deadly.
Unfortunately the hat ideas wouldn't work believably. After all, isn't it like, a meter long?

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My that's a silly question. Babies aren't undecided, they're as evil as it gets! Selfish, greedy little monsters thinking nothing of harming others for the sheer amusement and and caring only for their own gain and safety.
Then they get proper upbringing..or not..and patient teaching that this way no society can function..or not and they become a cancer on said society.

Been there, done that, heard my exploits, not very proud of them in the long run.

So yeah - either get them a proper home at a good temple or have mercy on the world and slay them all if you can't do any better.

All - no halves.

And lose your paladin status because you didn't even try the first option.

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Well it's largely up to you and your interpretation of soul and character. As the Dissociation is a mental disorder rather than posession Id say both personalities land in the jar and the best solution now would be to somehow enter it so that there's two real people inside..and then run an adventure inside someones twisted and divided mind-soul reality with a quest to fully cleave that single soul realm in two..and then there's the problem of which half makes it back..or the classical way - imprison the evil twin deep within the soul realm. That second option is quite a classic, but a little unstable one, as theres always a chance the prisoner will escape.

A lazier option is to just treat the disorder as being caused by a meld of two souls..and flip a coin to see which one you catch..not as much fun id say.
Go for the "im in your head and what do I see?" adventure. Much fun with a bigger sidequest :)
And make sure the disorderly gnome player is content with possible outcomes.

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Frankly a monk makes it easier for an evil race to become nonevil, even good. Drow society is a wicked and cruel one, it's just natural that some might want to get away from it at some point. Not necessarily because of weakness, but because it's tiresome and everyone likes a bit of rest sometimes. Then comes the discovery of an alternative world, where one can achieve inner strength, unity with the cosmos and whatnot through a totally opposite behaviour - aiding others instead of fighting and scheming against them.

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Could use more information regarding what's going to be the style of the campaign and what are others going to play.

If the campaign won't let you sneak around a lot you're going to be missing out a lot.
On the other hand if someone else in the party would like to play a heavy melee hitter with a high crit multiplier weapon like a scythe you could bite down some pride of dealing big damage yourself..and instead be a huge asset in teamwork later on, when you can take enhanced criticals and butterfly's sting. Having a 15-20 crit range with all those extra attacks from ki and two-weapon fighting is bound to land a crit or two, which is going to mean a x4 crit if that scther can land at least a single hit right after you

besides that ask yourself if you'd rather spread out to more stats or spend a few feats more to go with weapon finesse, focus and slashing grace to depend solely on dex for your melee. Wakizashi is just conveniently light, slashing AND piercing
Personally I dumped a level in swashbuckler instead of waiting for finesse and that parry and riposte trick is working wonders

those 3 extra class skills won't be doing much for you unfortunately, you'd be better off with extra 3 skillpoints (despite already having a ton) unless you're very keen on getting weird knowledges and spellcraft for some reason

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Te'Shen wrote:
After this thread, I don't know if I can imagine a succubus not being into BDSM, even one that's been tricked into a helm of opposite alignment followed with levels in paladin...

Makes me recall the Arch Oradin of Arshea concept..yep, Arshie would totally be the angel a succubus paladin would turn to.

On a side note and following the original OP post - if you don't restrain her enough, she'll plant that kiss on you, if you do..that'll be a BDSM act for her..yep, that level drain will work.

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Read mirror image thoroughly, as far as I remember it doesn't function with invisibility - the mirrored images also turn invisible..which renders them useless

edit: there we go, exact wording:

An attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled. If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect

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It may not appear clear enough, but the hit point from the "dying" entry is exactly referring to the hit point lost as a consequence of failing the stabilisation check. You could argue that a dying character failing his checks takes 2 points of damage (I guess some people like going by "if it's not explicitly stated then it doesn't exist" and the authors just thought that part was too obvious to bother), but once the stabilisation check succeeds the character is no longer in the dying state - thus not losing any more hitpoints.

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If he wanted a low magic campaign then he probably prepared himself for it..that said - he might have overlooked some details and it appears that PCs crafting magic items was one of them.

It all comes down to mutual understanding - it appears he's simply afraid of letting you craft magic items because it would damage the balance and overall feel of the campaign.

He's shown some good will in declaring he'd think about it, now you could show the same offering some self-limitations yourselves on what you would want to make and if such an item would be within your GMs range of acceptance (or "ok, that shouldn't break too many things" range)

Also if it's a low-magic setting I'd imagine making magic items shouldn't be a simple matter of sitting down and making a craft check. Offer that you'd want to have it as a quest - to gather unique materials, perform the right rituals at the right places and so on.

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For those who don't like to read a lot the question is in the topic.
For the rest - a little fluff to have fun with.

I've been playing around with the Advanced Race Guides custom race building mechanisms and well..not really keeping with all the boundaries and wanted to make something neatly playable, but not pointwise overpowered (that is - keeping near the 10RP)
There I saw one trait I just had to see - See In Darkness - 4RP? I take it!
And then started playing around to make an actual race and not just a bunch of statistics and abilities, connected some dots..and came to the concept of the ancient egyptian deity Anubis - guardian of the underworld.
Somehow it fit nicely, but I wanted a common race, not a god..so here's what I got:

It is not that common perhaps for gods to band together and atually create something for the common good. A long time ago there was such a case however - Sarenrae and Pharasma agreed they could use a guardian to watch over the peaceful slumber of the dead. Not just one guardian in fact, but a whole kin of dedicated guards and ones that would not be dependent on their creators, but live and serve by their own will and heritage.
They based off the few gnolls that sought redemption from the destructive ways of their kin, evolving them into a more civilised form, but expanding on those traits that befit their new divine calling.
The beings in fact preferred to perform their role starting a bit from the other end - they could of course stand vigilant over a site, keeping watch that none enters a tomb or temple with evil intent, but they've noticed it's often better to take an active approach and hunt down those that already made it in - on the guardians own terms.

In fact, ac two entities were involved, they did indeed create effectively two kinds of creatures, though both being subtypes of one race, without a clear separation what causes a child to go one way or the other - both parents of one subtype could well raise a child of the other.
Both kinds are sturdy and relentless, being able to carry out their chase without need to rest, and thus also depriving rest from their victims. Some however are better suited to meeting their prey on the scene of the crime, the darkness of underground corridoors being no barrier to their senses (unlike for most perpetrators), while others excel in seeking out prey in the open, even tracking them over large distances.
Obviously following the Anubis reference they appear physically nearly as humans, but with thick short fur ranging colourwise from pitch black to sandy brown and with heads the shape of desert jackals' heads.

a slightly modified kind of flexible -> +2 Con, +2 to either Str or Wis - they're sturdy, relentless and fit for purpose, be it as warriors or clerics [2RP]
static bonus feat - two weapon fighting [2RP]
native weapons: proficient with whips + choice of one kind of swordlike bladed weapon (usually khopesh or falcata, but never proficient with scimitar except for clerics of sarenrae) [RP]
light and darkness - once a day for 1 round as immediate action positive/negative energy work reversely on them [1RP]
and of course either
See in Darkness[4RP] for the Tombwalkers subtype, or Darksight 60ft and Scent [2+4RP] for Sunwalkers

for a measly total of 10 or 12RP

and two things still bother me about it..
-how to name the race?
-isn't it still not complex enough? Maybe some things should be changed/added to better suit the role i presented for them as tomb, temple and necropoli guards?

and of course - would you allow such a race in your game?

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The first three posts above taken together basically sum it up - dice are evil and one has to be prepared to handle that. Main thing is not to let things end in a "you're dead, oh well, the end", but to wrap it all up somehow.

Two possibilities I'd expect if I were one of those players:
-the bad ending closing movie - the heroes failed and there's no going back, they're probably dead so at least it no longer affects them directly, but it still means it's the final boss that gets to make his plan come true and the tale of what that results in should be told to the players.

-the last chance - the heroes may have failed, but somehow survived it (probably captured or taken as dead and ignored as they lay in puddles of their own blood and shame of their defeat) and there may still be hope if they find a way out of what their failure brought about to them and the world around

If I'd see one of those I'd have to accept it and would cope with the loss