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Sriracha Hell

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Sriracha Hell was always definitively gnomish. This frequently got her into trouble, as with most gnomish gnomes. She worshiped Arshea from the moment she learned of them, and when the words "Screw you guys, I'm a girl" slipped from her lips, nobody was surprised. When she began to experiment with writing as a form of tribute to the Spirit of Abandon, everyone thought it was cute.

Then they realized she was producing the sauciest romance novels they'd ever read, and her monetary situation boomed. That is, until she wrote a book that - coincidentally, she insists - had a character with the same name as an Aspis silver agent, as well as a flirtatious quicksilver golem and a surprisingly limber wereboar.

But that's neither here nor now. What is here and now is that the Aspis has a hit on Sriracha Hell, and the Society is sheltering her because she's actually an improbably good cleric. No, really.