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ScoutmasterChip wrote:

I'm open to discussion, but my opinion on the most enjoyable and satisfying crafting system I've ever played was from Star Wars Galaxies.

Say what you want about the game, but crafting was a blast.

Materials and their stats were varied.
Material stats played into item's power.
Players could label their items as a marketing device.
Non-craft players formed repeat business with crafters they knew took care to do things right.

I literally played the game for 4 years and raised my blaster in anger maybe three times. That's what made it cool. I could become a master crafter without having to be a combat god.


Yes, and yes! I especially loved the resource system.

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Benoc wrote:

Are you in favor of a standard Ah or a more player based wandering merchant type of system? The hiring of players to protect your shipment and the flip side, playing a group of highwaymen.

I'm not in favor of a standard auction house. I am in favor of localized markets, shops, and trade caravans and posts. Now, if they want to implement a system where you can see all items globally, but have to pick the item locally, I am fine with this. There is nothing better than having the satisfaction of owning my own storefront in a city. Or, owning a series of traveling caravans. On the topic of crafted goods, I pray they allow us to sign or claim ownership of the item (Crafted by, Smelted by, Skinned by, etc.).

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I like the idea. I think it would be a great feature.

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Goblinworks Blog: LFG! (Looking For Group!) wrote:
Snippet#1 "There won't be automatic systems to enforce the law—you'll need to do that yourselves. There won't be a mass of random characters just itching to put down an invading horde; if you're not monitoring the lands you control, things can rapidly get out of hand."

I absolutely love this. I cannot wait for this form of challenge. I do wonder how in-depth they plan on going with it. For instance, how often random events will occur? Will the AI system be smart enough to strategize? For instance, a roaming group of barbarians encamp near a settlement only to watch the activity of the guards. As they stalk their victims, they notice the guards are missing between the third hour of daylight and the ninth hour of night. Ambush!

Goblinworks Blog: LFG! (Looking For Group!) wrote:
Snippet#2 "The economic structures of kingdoms will be varied as well. The kingdom may tax its members on their earnings to fund its operations, and that tax rate could vary from nil to 100%. Ayn Rand to Karl Marx and everything in between."

Love it! I can't wait to unleash my Utopian system on the masses! Ha ha. :-)

Goblinworks Blog: LFG! (Looking For Group!) wrote:
Snippet#3 "We also want to avoid some of the missteps that have happened in other games. We want to ensure that there's always enough space so that new settlements and kingdoms can form. We want to avoid the problem of choke points that restrict access to key resources, making whomever got to those points first the de facto "winners" in the economy. We also want to retain the sense that the land is wild and untamed. You'll be able to leave civilization behind and go out in the dark areas of the map where nothing rules except monsters, robbers, and cults."

Guess, what? I love this too! I hope they are alluding to a resource system that generates per X day to create varying quality resources that will never be seen again until the generator produces new resources with similar quality standards (a la SWG's resource system. ;-)). Love the phrase, "...the land is wild and untamed." Let's see how wild it will be!

Goblinworks Blog: LFG! (Looking For Group!) wrote:
Snippet#4 "We're sure that these ideas have already sparked your imagination. We want to encourage folks to begin self-organizing even before the game is ready for testing. We'll do our best to recognize those organizations that get created early, especially if they announce their existence on our messageboards."

I would like to announce my intentions to establish a trading company that will utilize the talents of both merchants and mercenaries. I started another thread discussing the idea. If you are interested, please post a reply here.

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Nihimon wrote:
Tagion wrote:
I think they should keep craftable items and drops on the same level. Craftable items will always be better because you can choose what they are and what they do.
I agree with this in principle, but care must be taken to ensure you don't destroy the market for crafted items because it's too easy to get the same quality item as a drop.

If crafted goods are on the same level as common drops, crafting will useless. I am an avid supporter of highly customizable craft items that maintain unique stats due to the resources used (a la SWG style resources) versus common drops. Now, if my craftsman only uses common wood to make my furniture instead of exotic pines, then the common drop chair should be near the same. I digress...

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Several things that I would like to see . . . realism is key.

1) NPCs do not automatically drop items or currency. Instead, if you are skilled in skinning, pick pocketing, or similar skills, NPCs will drop equivalent resources. Furthermore, creature NPCs won't drop currency. For example, a ranger kills a bear in the woods. Ranger has skinning and cleaning skills. Ranger skins the bear and cleans the carcass. The drop yields the ranger hide, meat, and bone. The amount and quality would vary on skill level. The type could also be random (tarnished meat). Another example, a soldier kills an Orc who is harassing a farmer. The soldier utilizes his pick pocketing skill. The drop yields the soldier currency and stolen items the Orc acquired.

2) Any item looted can be disassembled or broken down to be used for crafting.

3) Crafting is king. Crafting items should be superior to all items with the exception of rare or epic pieces. Unique items from treasure chests or applicable drops from NPCs should further increase the unique weapon creation and unique weapon stats.

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Nihimon wrote:
He has also stated, if I recall correctly, that they won't be policing any RP standards. However, I would imagine they will have a naming policy, and that players who get reported for violating it will be forced to change their name.

Oh, but I hope they reconsider. I much rather play on a server where GMs maintain an active role in roleplay encouragement; notice I didn't say enforcement.

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I wanted to establish a guild emphasizing a trading company or expedition into the River Kingdoms. I am also reading and compiling what I would like my character to exist as. For instance, a son of a wealthy merchant from Qadira is seeking to profit and exploit the lands surrounding the West Sellen river.

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KitNyx wrote:
Skwiziks wrote:

It would be an interesting model to go off of, if instead of random drops, crafters could make incredibly specific weapons via a modular system of materials and parts.

Thus, similar to the "Scope, barrel, trigger, stock, etc." system in Borderlands, players in PFO could make the right sword for the right person by picking out the blade, hilt, guard, pommel, handle, etc.

It would be a lot of work for the devs and the players, but I like the idea.


I second this. Please consider this form of crafting with emphasis on unique resources.

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Thanks for the information, KitNyx. I'll post there with relevant guild information when I have all my iotas dotted. Were you interested in a roleplayer guild? What types of elements would you like to see? Anyone else have an opinion?

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Is anyone interested in a merchant and mercenary guild that emphasizes strong roleplay elements? Please post a reply! Let me know what you are looking for in a roleplayer's guild.

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While rare weapon drops would be great, I rather have a unique and competitive crafting system that would allow crafters to create weapons with unique stats a la SWG. This would place an emphasis on gatherers collecting those rare resources from the deep. Said resource drops would have random stats. and once those resources have been depleted, you can never get it again. (Again, a la SWG's resource system).

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I have a similar situation, but I want to play. :-) I have gobs of general roleplay and MMORPG experience. I am a graduate student, so my time is precious, but I still want to be one of the first in--I'll make time.

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Nihimon wrote:

1. Please don't require unique first names. Nihimon is an utterly original name, and I've never seen anyone else use it for anything, and if they do I have no doubt whatsoever that they stole it from me. However, Khimber is apparently from some book I never read, so I occasionally see it used by others. I work within 20 feet of 3 people named Mike. The universe doesn't shatter when I try to message one of them. Please break the cycle and get away from the silliness of requiring unique first names in PFO.
2. Please allow me to use a few non-alpha characters in my name, such as hyphens and apostrophes. Nihimon's name is "Nihimon Vhane'Sylvan". If I can't name him that in PFO, I will be disappointed.
3. Please allow us to assign nicknames to players we meet, so that I can "/tell nik" as a short-hand of saying "/tell Niklaus SomeLongLastName".
4. Please allow us to re-sort the characters in our group. I assume (and sincerely hope) you'll be using the standard F1, F2, F3, etc. for targeting group members. I'd really like to be able to drag different party members around in the party list so that I can choose who's going to be F2.
5. Please hurry, the anticipation feels like it's going to kill me :)
6. Please don't rush.
7. Never take me too seriously :)

I also agree with your wishlist on naming parameters, Nihimon. Please no unique first names. Instead, I prefer unique surnames with the ability to emphasis non-alpha characters. I disagree with wishlist item number seven! :-P

DeathMetal4tw wrote:

A model I'd like would go something like this:

1) Standard Server: Hardcore rules, role playing heavily encouraged.

2) Non RP Server: Hardcore rules

3) Softcore Server: This is where I'd put friendly fire off if I were forced to. I don't think a server like this should even exist, but it would be something of a compromise for the non friendly fire cowards. You can think of this server as World of PathfinderCraft.

I also agree with your recommendation for server type. I would prefer to be apart of a server that emphasizes roleplay as heavily as possible; which would include naming convention of character, and general out of character or lack of immersion.