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Full Name

Spencer Reeves





About Spencer Reeves

SIZ 13
DEX 10
CON 11
APP 12
POW 15
EDU 15
INT 16

Idea: 80 Know: 75
Luck: 75 San: 75
HP: 12 MP: 15
Damage Mod 0

Mental Disorders - None

Income 7
[Career - EDUx20=300]
Accounting (10)[20]30
Bargain (05)[45]50
Credit rating (15)[45]60
Handgun (20)[45]65
Law (05)[20]25
Navigate (10)[20]30
Persuade (15)[55]65
Psychology (05)[50]55

{Interest - INTx10=160}
Dodge (20){20}40
Fast Talk (05){40}45*
Foils/Rapiers (20){15}35
Library Use (25){25}50
Psychoanalysis (01){30}31
Spot Hidden (25){30}55

Worn -
Tailored Suit
Fob watch
Bowler hat
.38 Automatic, 1 spare clip (in coat)
Sword Cane
$50 cash
Pack of Sobranie "Black Russians"
Box of matches.

'The Law is on to me!/Things are getting too hot in town' bag
3 wool suits
3 sets smart casual clothes
5 clips for a .38
Box of 20 12g Shotgun shells
12g double barrel sawn-off shotgun
$250 cash in small bills

Spencer is a man around 40, though his smooth and polished manerisms, along with immaculate grooming, lend him a slightly timeless air.

Despite growing up dirt poor, Spencer was reasonably well educated by way of a scholarship to the Roman Catholic 'Marist Brothers' school, granted to him mostly due to his service to the local church as an altar boy, and his naturally articulate demeanour.

Amongst the more simple East End urchins he counted as his friends, Spencer was always seen as a bit of a 'mastermind'; however despite his slender frame, he was not a 'soft touch', for what he lacked in brawn he made up for in cold hard tactics and brutal efficiency. A familiarity with violence by way of a harsh environment coupled with a calculating mind lent him a 'nasty reputation as one best not trifled with' as he grew to adulthood.

Noting that he was falling in with a bad crowd (and seeing that he was seen as a bit of a leader) his mother went in desperate tears to the Marists and pleaded with them for a solution, she did not want Spencer to end up with a lengthy stretch in Wandsworth like his father.

The solution was to send him off in service of the Crown, and into his Majesty's Army. His early education and capable mind, along with excellent references from his Marist mentors saw him eligible enough to secure him a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.

After 'galavanting around' for some time in the Service, war broke out and Spencer shipped out on ‘the greatest adventure’, the Great War of 1914-1918, where he served with honour and was elevated to Captain.

His experience at the Western Front only served to make him a little cooler and remote inside, to those who could see past his immaculatley polished fascade, and he discharged from the services, by 1920 to look after his mother, who passed away in 1922.

Spencer attempted to go into legitimate business, however the rough economic climate bore him scarce fruit, and he soon found himself back into his old social network, and before long - the odd 'good little earner' shady dealing, providing no-questions leverage to those with the pennies to pay. Spencer was able to recruit enough trustworthy muscle from the old neighbourhood to ensure his operations went smoothly, and with his good understanding of ‘diplomacy’ and his old boys’ network of military friends, he managed to stay just outside the grasp of the Law.

The other lasting interest Spencer developed was a keen curiosity into the nature and psychology of fear, his exposure to victims of combat induced psychological injuries, such as shell shock, left him very fascinated with the human mind. His flexible occupation has left him much time to pursue his ‘hobby’, being able to attend lectures at universities around the country, and spend time steeped in academia.

At present, Spencer is the Chairman of the 'Bethnal Green Benevolent Society', representing a modest collective of small 'investors' donating and lending money towards a variety of legitimate purposes.

Very little of this actually goes on, of course, as the real money is in direct loan sharking, but the nature of the business can be used to explain wads of ready cash (with little to no means of production in evidence) and launder funds coming in. Off this sit the ancillary business of hiring and supplying thugs for the odd spot of dirty work. All on the payroll as 'Loans officers', a means by which they can be paid shady money in an above board manner.

Spencer isn't totally heartless, and indeed some funds are channeled through for the actual purpose of bettering the lot of the downtrodden in his East End manor - he is 'The Guv'nor' after all. Several businesses have got their start thanks to Spencer, and several people have managed to hold onto their homes in otherwise dire circumstances through his intervention; 'A regular Robin Hood he is' - according to some.

Given some of his business is done with colourfull characters in the West End (involved in the entertainment business) he has bought a couple of tickets to see a play by Talbot Estus, a writer Spencer came across whilst looking into the macabre as part of his studies. The opportunity to mix business and pleasure too much to resist - perhaps accompanying one of the other players?

Edit. Yeah hes not big and strong, so noted on the damage - thats what hired thugs are for. And when all else fails, theres always Mr Colt.
Speaking of which, whats the story with having access to sly firearms?
I'd suspect he'd have some available - maybe a few ex-service from the great war, a souvenired Luger? or a shotguns nicked from country farms. A sword cane would be carried day to day in line with his normal sharp and dapper dress. Either way, hes not one for getting his own hands too dirty.