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Full Name

Sowde Da'aro


human (kinda)


Rogue 3/ Fighter 12/Invisible Blade 5






1000 +, made a wish... heh heh...

Special Abilities

too many to count


whatever works


whatever works


usually my Arena


common, + whatever


pit fighter - city-state ruler (from the shadows)

Strength 22
Dexterity 23
Constitution 22
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 17
Charisma 30

About Sowde Da'aro

"whatever works" (Sowde's fav saying)
Sowde was born the third son to a wealthy and prominent weapon/armorsmith. When he was born his father was already old, (48) and by the time Sowde turned 13 he was dead. From then on his older brothers raised him, or tried to.
In father's Will he left the family business to his older brothers, leaving only a little money and advice for the grieving kid, "Do something good with your life. "
For the next couple of years he ran in the city with some of the local street toughs, fell into trouble with the law and was given a choice (because of his name): work in the mines like his buddies, or fight in the Arenea for five years. He chose the Fighting Pits.

(This city's Areana is unlike most movie Arenas; nobody dies, well some do but if you can afford a Resurrection spell you live agaIn. Most of the fighters in The Pits are there willingly, fighting for fame and gold. And the roar of the croud. Some are adventuers in town and want to win some cash and most are regulars like Sowde who call it home.
In the years sence then he has continually bet on himself (and he now wins far more then he loses) using his brothers as a standin, he has amassed a small fortune. He used that money to buy out some of; then almost all his brothers compediters, thus making his brothers more money. All the time using surrigets. He then branched out to buy the coal and iron mineing companeies.
By the time he was 25 he was worth more then a million in gold.
Sowde's only wish was to make his father proud.
Now he runs the city from the shadows...

He is currently using two oridginal weapons, a pair of klars. They were made by sowde's father before he died.
+3 Adamantine wounding spellstoring (vampirc touch) klar/+3 bashing Spell resisiant (15) klar(in his right hand).
(in his left) +3 Mithral Guardian defending klar/+3 Invulnerabale (DR 5/magic) Moderate Fortification (50%) klar.