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It's really quite stupid the way it's set up now. In beta it made sense and worked great as it was. Now it just makes no sense at all. Ok so he throws it with his biceps and guides it with his mind, by that logic why not let him guide a crossbow bolt, a arrow, or a balista bolt with his mind? Why not let a strong summoned creature throw it next too him. It's dumb, if your mind his guiding it around telekentically it the damage should be based off your mind as well as it's accuracy. Telekenisis isn't based off your STR neither should this version of it.

Thank you, Civility is key, after all, we both share the same love of the game and that means more than disagreements over balance issues. Just to address something you mentioned. You are correct, this race is perfectly fine in all of my groups, and as you mentioned, your’s is mature enough to handle races that step outside of the official frame work of perceived power as well.

Groups like ours are the people I’m writing for. Groups where the only time a player looks over at the next player’s plate is to make sure they have enough to eat. None of this petty, “he or she has more power than I do” cry baby stuff. We have a great time, and little differences in racial power are meaningless because we all pretty much get to play the concepts we want, within reason. And for us, The UsaChan was not considered to powerful. Where would we draw the line at? Not sure, though I would say, Half-Celestial/Fiend would be out for sure. A Vampire is ok if it’s earned through play. That’s just how we roll.

I just don’t see the big deal about the power level at all. What you see as broken,such as the Assimar flying at first level, works perfectly well for many people. Hence the allure of Pathfinder, there’s something for everyone. In the same sense that there is 3 experience progression tables and 3 character creation point options, there are varying levels of racial power. Mine are high end and fun. I make fun races for groups that enjoy a high fantasy flavor in their games.

And again, as for the name, I made it originally for the Tian areas not Japan. And while Golarian is written to be some how tied to Earth, it’s not really earth, so whats the big deal if a name isn’t perfectly aligned to it’s real earth counter part? Don’t get me started talking about the the way the Jin are portrayed compared to their real world counterparts.But here in Pathfinder it works gloriously. (I Loved the Legacy of Fire AP)

I write and engaging story, and provide a build that’s fun. That’s my love, not my vocation, or my job, but my love, and if someone is generous enough to pay me for it, then I’m super grateful. But I do not owe a responsibility to make titles that will make everyone happy. I make titles that I think are great, and some folks will like them and other’s won’t. I can’t make all of the people happy all of the time, you know?

But I’m glad I made you at least a little bit happy with this one. And I hope I can count on your erudite and honest opinion on my next title.

Thanks again for the review and take care.

Endzeitgeist Thank you so much for taking the time to review our product, and not just a review, but a well thought out one. I really appreciate that. I just want to give a little feed back as to where we're coming from here, and clear up some of our thought process. Particuarly for those who may be considering picking up a super fun race that fills an empty niche, of a cute, but feral people that you can design great melee and Oracle characters with.

Thank you for showing me Usagi Yojinbo, I never saw him before until I read your review. But yeah, kinda like that but more, forest chaotic, less disciplined samurai. This class actually came out of a discussion we were having on forum about the Advanced Class guide, and what where some cool races folks had made with it. I had a idea for a feral, but gentle rabbit man barbarian, inspired by a old flash movie on newgrounds called "pysco bunny". So I made this race up and built the story around them. The one I played ended up being a Barbarian, and I ran him through the RoTRL AP. It was the most fun I had with a character in ages.

I apologize about not giving the age charts, I'll be sure to include them with future publications. But that said, I always envisioned them living for about 75% of the lifespan of humans. Their hearts just give out. UsaChan live short, exciting lives filled with danger, love, and adventure.

As for balance, Meh, I believe they have around the same point totals as Assimar and Teifling, heck Assimar can FLY, at first level, if they pick the right racial variants. But truth be told, I believe that when balance gets in the way of story, it should be run over, then backed over, than ran over again for good measure. Story, and what makes sense, should always trump some artificial sense of balance.

However I realize that every party is different, if you play in a group were the game accounting is a really big thing, then this may not be the right race for you. However, if your game is more open and flexible, then you will have a super fun time with the UsaChan. I guarantee it's worth your buck.

Oh and about the Japanese language aspect not being quite correct, sorry , I just picked the name because it sounded cute :)

Thanks again Endzeitgeist, good, thorough, honest game reviews, like you do, are great for everyone.


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That noise was sickening. If I wasn't already a Pathfinder fan and Gamer I would have just ignored it completely. It soiled a perfectly good collection of art with decent effects, with noise that sounds like crap. Can we get something a lil bit more genre appropriate? Damm sick.

I'm looking at some creative ways to utilize my summoned monster spells. So last session I summoned a Brachiosaurus (Monster summoning VII), while flying several hundred feet in the air, to land upon a building where some bad guys were hanging out in. Now the DM said it partially demolished the building, but today I intend on dropping it on some foes directly. How much damage should 32 tons of Jurassic goodness falling at terminal velocity, do too my hapless victims? Any references? Hmmm I wonder if I could sweeten the deal with a flesh to stone spell? hmmm.

Thank you Pupsocket, yup sure is on Pg 210 of the Core Rule book spells it out. Hmm Wish there was a easy way of using this as a quick buff spell. The bag of mice is technically doable, though I feel as though my GM may find this a touch too cheesy. And besides, my char is a touch to dignified to be carrying around a bunch of smelly rodents on his person. Though I could have a servant do so. Or perhaps a dog? *sigh* Paladin Cohort probably wouldn't appreciate that much. Ahh well back to the drawing board.

Just a quick question regarding Monster Summoning. Dose a summoned monster leave a corpse when it's dead? Does it return back to it's home plane upon it's destruction? My DM seems to be of the mind state that summoned monsters don't really die, when they "die". And instead they simply return back to that plane unscathed. Though I don't see any evidence for this, so with that being said I think it would make Monster Summoning spells great Death Knell fuel. A good spell but one that rarely ever gets used because of the precise nature of it's use.

Has anyone ever tried using it by knocking a summoned monster below 0 HP then casting it on them?


What ever happened to making called shots? Where are the rules for shooting someone in the hand, leg, or eye? In previous Editions there were simple, functional, realistic rules for it that included penalties to hit and side effects.