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Forums eat your soul!


Good timing. I'm hungry.

*chases after Mad Brahmin with fork and steak knife*

Me hungry!

Joe Biden wrote:
Joe Sixpack wrote:
Joe Biden wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
*sigh* Vice presidents - will they never learn?
Yesterday I learned how to call from inside the Whitehouse!
They let you in?
Well, I did have to show 5 different forms of ID. And the body cavity search wasn't very fun at all.....

Let us know when they teach you to bathe yourself.

Dear Jack,

I have all this ginger beer and Black Seal rum. What should I do?

- Lonely and Trapped

I just love Gary. He's so...


"STRIKE!, she commanded, putting her power behind her voice

"DO IT", she commanded.

"Do it", she purred.

"Then let me help you take the first step."

Placing both hands upon her belly she grimaces, and pulls forth a newborn babe. Her belly flattens as she lays the babe upon the altar.

"Here is the Destroyer. He will nurse upon the souls of the living, and grow in power with each one. As a man he will consume whole nations. The sweetest souls will be those closest to you. Even that of your daughter's. Her power shall make him invincible."

"Kill him."

Ch'ack Hammer wrote:

"I would destroy you both if I have to."

"Holding spirits from their rest is a mockery to the gods!"

She chuckles again, smiling at me with sweet lips, "The gods haven't cared so far. They care little for you mortals."

Ch'ack Hammer wrote:

"No, I will not serve. I come to set my people free, or to die in the attempt."

A foolish choice of words on my part, but they helped shed the muck my will was becoming.

"Fool", she chuckles.

"Only by entering my home could you hope to do so, and only the dead or my servants can enter there."

"Would you destroy me?"

"Placing her hand upon her swollen belly, "Would you destroy my offspring?"

"Even if I were to tell you that he shall bring darkness to all you love?"

Seeing through my false bravado she smiles.

"That is not a choice. You can either serve me willingly, or I will take your soul for my collection."

Even these harsh words sound like a sweet melody.

"To enter my realm you must perform a service. Would you like to know what?"

Welcome, Jorgen Hammerstryke, son of Bjorn.

Are you ready to join your family in service to me?

Her voice is like music, but unlike Lyn's songs it is haunting, both dulling the senses and seducing with unreachable dreams.

Where is he? Where is my prize?

So close. Soon I will have his soul.

Well, this one bested a guardian that has served me faithfully for centuries. I chose well. His seed will bring forth a new plague upon the living world. I can feel it grow even now. Darkness will come to his world and to many others. Together we three shall harvest millions of souls. They will sing to us for eternity.

"Why bother seducing when I can take what I want?"

"Still there are many forms of fun. Corrupter. Yes, I remember that fun. Planting the seed for the future."

"Hmmm...maybe I can have it both ways."

Her presence has long since driven off the spirits. Even those of her former servants. Her traget is helpless before her.

"This one is strong. He would make a good high priest."

She settled back to watch, thinking of a hundred ways to seduce him to her service.

Soul Eater. Hearing that name always brings a smile to her lips. Through the centuries no other has managed to do so. Shadow...Death...Warden...Executioner...Corrupter...that one comes close..and so many more. So many names. Soul Eater is the one that strikes fear into the hearts of lesser beings. They don't even need to know her history to know their own future should they cross paths. Yes, Soul Eater.

Not exactly accurate, but still it is a name of power.

The ranks of her followers have thinned over the...centuries? Perhaps it is time to recruit more? The trapped souls under her dominion still give her pleasure, but more is always better.

Yes, it is time. Time to make her presence known in the world. Time to taste fear once again.

Gathering a cloak of darkness she slips out of her realm.

New thread posted, though so many aren't seeing much use. Where Spirits Dream

Or, shall we call it the creepy dude's lawn? ;)

Hidden behind wards of lifeless stone and empty ice, beyond a swamp devoid of living things, a realm of death holds spirits captive. Forced into death at the hands of cultists worshipping the one named Soul Eater, these souls are held at the cusp of death in a place locked away from the larger worlds. Neither dead nor alive, and tormented for all time, these souls rail against the walls of their prison. Their cries please the Soul Eater. It is a timeless pleasure.

Unable to move on to the planes of their gods these souls still have one escape.

They dream.

In a secluded section of the Realm of Dreams, a fetid swamp guards the entry to the Spirit Realm. Dreamers are loathe to travel this way, but the cries of the unwary still pierce the air on occasion. Only seasoned travellers can ignore the poisonous fumes that block the way, and only the strongest can survive the denizens that call this place home. There are other entries to the Spirit Realm, but few are known to the living. There is but one that touches both the lands of the living and dead. Both locations are meant to keep their secrets safe.