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"I do indeed, my friend.", as I take it out and begin to unravle it to show everyone. "I was to to head south for this fortress," drawing a line with his finger both south and east, "along here, around these, and it should be right in here".

"I would venture that it is about <insert number> from here. Anyone care for a break before we head any further? I am a bit hungry, myself, and I am not sure if we can find cover from the rain further down the road?"

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Soth-Loren is wearing a strange mixture of armor and ceremonial garb. It bears the Holy symbol of Iomdae on a typical deep red tabard, but the rest seems like ceremonial plate (not real Full Plate) in the fashion of the Eagle Knight's of Andoran, except it is a green color rather than blue, and the grey is a little darker than normal, with a black falcon rather than the customary white. He wields a Longsword covered in strange glyphs (prayers in Celestial) and stands with a notable Taldan nobility.

In a slightly overly formal bow, "I am Soth-Loren, a crusader-priest taking some time away from "the war", and am honored to meet you, good sirs. . ." , offering his hand to shake in a warming and honest manner. "I am new to this part of the world, I thought that the Fallen Fortress seemed interesting".

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I'm sorry, I was/am having some sudden medical issues. I want t stay in, and will try to tonight definetly, I just wanted to let people know why I hadn't posted yet.

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Unless someone wants to have an association (I have no problem with that), Soth-Loren will likely be fairly be to town. I am thinking a character similar to Sturm Brightblade (near his death), an ex-Mendavan crusader who needed a break from the constant war to "clear his soul". I am an Assimar, but I don't concider that anything special, though I do feel I have some great destiny.

Being an ex-Taldan, now faithful Andoran, my goal is to create an new faction within the Eagle Knights based around the higher concepts of Taldor prior to it's fall and the less chaotic or nuetral ideals of Andoran. The Raen Knights, a group dedicaed to watching out for Andoran's moral and morale, curbing corruption, and acting as wise councilors to kep the nation strong and it's ideals pure.

I plan on the character being patient and caring, political, and good-hearted, probably reactionary, and possibly councilor to the group. Let me know thoughts/suggestions, and if there are any roles I need to fill, or if someone wants to fill one I have.

I might also have to be the "tank"?