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Full Name

Soro Summerwing


820-708 | Female Summerborn Ryphorian Biotechnician Geneturge Mystic

About Soro Summerwing

SFS # 820-08
Experience 0
Slotted Faction Second Seekers
Wealth 0 Credits

Reputation 0 Fame, 0 Global Reputation
Reputation with Acquisitives:
Reputation with Dataphiles:
Reputation with Exoguardians:
Reputation with Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo):
Reputation with Wayfinders:

Biotechnician Geneturge Mystic 1
NG Summerborn Ryphorian Medium humanoid ( )
Init +1; Senses Perc +0, SM +0,

EAC 13, KAC14
SP 7 HP 10 RP 4
Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +5

Second Skin Armor
Speed 30 ft.
Survival Knife +4 (1d4)

Boomer Rifle +4 (1d8 sonic) 40 feet

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities
At will:[/b] Detect Affliction, Detect Magic, Message, Psychokinetic Hand, Stabilize
[i]1st Level:
Detect Augmentation, Mind Thrust, Mystic Cure (1d8+3), Share Language

Str 8, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10

Culture* 5 = 1 int + 1 rank + 3 class
Diplomacy 4 = 0 cha + 1 rank + 3 class
Life Science* 5 = 1 int + 1 rank + 3 class
Medicine* 6 = 1 int + 1 rank + 3 class + 1 theme
Mysticism 7 = 3 wis +1 rank + 3 class
Perception 9 = 3 wis +1 rank + 3 class + 2 race
Profession Biotechnician 7 + 5 = 3 wis +1 rank +3 class + 4 toolkit + 1 clothes

Starship-Combat Version of Skills
Omitting Class features and items that do not affect Crew Actions

Mystic Gunnery +4

Divine Blessing: Yaraesa, Long Arm Proficiency

Languages Common, Draconic, Triaxian

Other Abilities

Combat Gear
Other Gear

Special Abilities
Bonus Feat: Ryphorians gain a bonus feat at 1st level.
Keen Senses: Ryphorians' distinctive ears help them hear precisely, granting a +2 bonus to Perception checks.
Low-Light Vision: Ryphorians can see in dim light as if it were normal light.
Summerborn: Summerborn ryphorians gain fire resistance 5. A ryphorian can stack this natural resistance with one other form of resistance.
Brain Augmentation: Add one Intelligence-based skill to your list of associated skills for your connection. You can take 10 when using that skill, even if you are threatened or distracted.
Divine Blessing (Yaraesa): You can roll a skill check to recall knowledge twice and take the better of the two results. Once you have used this ability, you can't use it again until you spend 1 Resolve Point during a 10-minute rest to regain Stamina Points.
Theme Knowledge: You have a sharp mind for the intricacies of biotech augmentations and keep up-to-date on current research in the field, whether because you work to develop such technology or because you are the beneficiary of biotech augmentations— or, most likely, both. Reduce the DC of Life Science checks to identify biotech augmentations and to recall knowledge about famous biotech corporations and researchers by 5. Medicine is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to your Medicine checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Intelligence at character creation.
Partner Bond (Ex) (from Krinek Summerwing) A dragonkin can form a permanent bond with one willing non-dragonkin creature. Once this bond is made, a dragonkin cannot form another partner bond unless its current partner dies. A dragonkin and its partner can communicate with each other as if they both had telepathy with a range of 100 feet. In combat, when a dragonkin is within 30 feet of its partner, both creatures roll initiative checks separately and treat the higher result as the result for both of them.

Boons Slotted this Adventure
Faction: Dataphiles
Personal: Alien Archive Ryphorian Boon
Promotional: Campaign Service Coin
Starship: Mystical Systems Boon

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