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(Alderan the Brilliant)

Dear Diary,

Leilani finally came to her senses. She wrote (albeit her handwriting is atrocious), a very nice note saying that she had misjudged me. She was being coy, but I understood what she was trying to say -- that she has realized, finally, my true brilliance and how indispensable I am to the team.

She is very bright, really. The week prior Vorne correctly mentioned me in an otherwise mediocre (very good for him, actually) talk.

I believe I misjudged these two -- they are actually very bright and thoughtful people. Arbor agrees (picking at seeds seemingly randomly but I knew what he meant)that they are definitely a cut above the truly mediocre company one could otherwise hope to keep in this cesspool of a town.

Cypher Mage guild is still too haughty to recognize my natural brilliance. I'll admit there are some mages there who truly understand inner mysteries that are still opaque to me.

Small note -- agreed with the summary execution of three were-rats today. We fought them. They lost. The pathetic pleading of the tied up one purchased no sympathy from me. We were under no obligation whatsoever to offer quarter to ambushing assassins. I expect to be treated similarly -- when we broke into the loan shark because we thought he had a hand in kidnapping our compatriot and realized our mistake, I immediately apologize and offered to pay for the various broken doors and damaged furnishings. If he had one the fight and killed us or sold us into slavery, that is what we would have deserved.

The laws of civilization are clear enough. And justice is the pillar of civilization -- not silly, subjective concepts like good or evil.