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Asethe wrote:
You wouldn't be able to shift the musket, as Shifting runes only affect melee weapons. In that regard, the stock isn't a weapon as much as an addition to an existing weapon.

Stock is a separate melee weapon with "attached" trait.

As I understand I can add any runes on attached weapons as long, as they don't require something special (like crushing rune only for bludgeoning weapon).

And so, I can add shifting rune on stock, bayonet, shield spikes, whatever and then shift them. Moreover, I can shift any melee weapon into reinforced stock and then attach it to musket!

How do they interact?

For example, I have a flintlock musket with reinforced stock, and stock have shifting rune.
Reinforced stock is have the same number of hands as base weapon, so I can turn it into falchion. And what will happen afterwards?
I can imagine three possible outcomes:
1) There will be musket without stock and falchion and I need to drop something on ground to properly use another weapon
2) There will be musket without stock and falchion, but I somehow can use both simultaneously
3) There will be only falchion, as musket fused with it, and I need to shift falchion back to stock to shoot my musket again.

For me most RAW is first outcome, but I'm don't sure.

Does Mobility work only with Stride as an single action, or, if you Stride as part of activity (for example Sudden charge) it will work too?

Wesrolter wrote:

Since the Adaptive strike already does full level damage, you would only get the +1 to hit, oh unless you contradict this.

Also, I am sure it is a mistake, probably means spell twisting

Well, any +1 may be crucial)

Hmm, it may be spell twisting, sounds nice to me

What about 10-th level ability of Eldritch Evo? There are mentioned some "spell bending adaptation", but there are no adaptation with such name.
I didn't see this in clarification, so come to mention this

Also, what's about robotic evo and Envoy with ability to give morale bonuses to robots? To me, RAI, Envoy should give morale bonuses to Evo with such ability, but RAW nothing happens, sounds pretty sad.

And if I take ranged strike, can I double tap with it?

Nyhme wrote:
Cordell Kintner wrote:
Nyhme wrote:
Lethallin wrote:

Ancient Elf:

"... You must still meet its other prerequisites to gain the feat."

Eldrich Trickter:


It is a bit off topic, but thief wouldn't work with shurikens because they aren't finesse

There are some feats, that triggers when you roll a success, like Magical trickster or The harder they fall.
And there are some ways to get success on this tasks witout rolling, like Improved knockdown , which gives you auto-crit-success on trip, or Eldritch archer, which gives you auto-success on spell attack roll
So, my question is: will auto-success from feats triggers other feats, or you need fairly roll dice?

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Just one more thing - reloading provokes AoO. When I understood this, Drifter lost a lot of his attractiveness. Yes, you can shoot safely with Pistol and Sword feat, but reloading still leaves you vulnerable and there are no way to prevent this