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This seems pretty basic, but I couldn't find anyone calling it out.

Are Solarians able to drop their solar weapons as a means of dismissing them as a free action (since it auto-dismisses whenever leaving your hand)?

I would think you could, except that dismissing them is called out as a move action. If you could dismiss as a free action with no conceivable downside, why bother including an option to dismiss as a move action?

My inclination is to think this was just an oversight. But I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

I'm currently running a D&D 5e game on Friday evenings that plays at a house in Nolensville.

I'm also a player in a Pathfinder campaign that plays in Spring Hill. We're wrapping up one AP and about to start another. The current plan is to play Giantslayer, but we're potentially open if someone is interested in playing another.

This might be a ways out of town, but carpooling might be an option, and we might also be open to relocating if someone else can host (especially the 5e game, where the players are scattered geographically).

Both games could use 1-2 more players.

Let me know if interested. You can also e-mail me at slurmalyst at