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Moff Rimmer wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Moff Rimmer wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
Because you are a masochist? ~grins~
Must be it. Please someone shoot me now.

<salutes smartly>

Your wish is my command, sir.
Uhh, that was the thread you were thinking about, sir?

<pops into thread in a *poof* of fairy dust>
<shoots Moff Rimmer with a repeating hand-crossbow tipped with sleepy poison>
<poofs out of thread again, chuckling things to self>

He asked for this on another thread...

(With apologies to Stephen Sheahan for the gentle humour... )
<skips lightly through the thread sprinkling sparkly fairy-dust over everyone>
<tries not to think too much about what the 2010 RPGSuperstar contest did to pixie dust, or the wars now raging to establish control of supplies of it>