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Deathbrand Armor doesn't exist in my current game for some reason (because i can't have nice things!).

I went to all the places, but nothing's doing.

F~~! it.

So, I'm rampaging through this Not Pathfinder Goblins cave and find this skull, so I pick it up, but it turns out it weighs like 3 pounds and I can't drop it.

Great, now I have a big f@&&ing skull I'm lugging around.

So I find this other Not Pathfinder Goblin cave, this one very tall and annoyingly circuitous, and at the top is a mess of Not Pathfinder Goblins in a big courtyard or something. After getting mauled by dude riding his f@#%ing pig (that will NOT do pig!) I was able to climb up the wall a bit and rain down hell with my bow (which I named A Dark And Stormy Bow).

After my rampage I notice a throne while I was pillaging that matched my skull, so I put it where it's supposed to go.

Turns out it resurrects some icy megazord or something, luckily megazord guy helpfully kicked me across the courtyard against the door.

So I left.

Dragonbait is happily living up to his name, as there isn't a dragon in Skyrim that won't attack him while wandering down the road, chatting with some fellow travelers or clinging to the side of a cliff.

However, with a dwarven greataxe of consuming and taken to wearing a dragon priest mask I can't help but think it might've taken a darker turn then where Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak would've gone with it.

So, someone's been breaking into my house and baking s@@& in my kitchen.

Everyone is a suspect...

So apparently, because I'm Dragonbait all these g+!*&~n religions want me to crusade or something for them.

Already helped the Dawnbreaker lady now some dude by a huge f~##ing statue of Sorshen (or whatever they called it so Paizo wouldn't sue) wants to track down some dick elf enchanter in Winterhole.

Fine! I'll do it! But only because I was going there anyway to trick the mage's guild into letting me pillage Saarthal.

Wow! The tomb with the necromancer and the dude and his dead sister is way easier with Dawnbreaker.

And despite my name I haven't been attacked by hardly any random dragons yet.

Also, apparently trolls can't swim.

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After having spent nearly all my money and expendable treasure on buying and upgrading Lakeview Manor, I have allied with Lord Beckett and the East Indian Trading Company... Or whatever they called it so Bruckheimer wouldn't sue them.

Alas, now my kids have taken over Skyrim for the night.

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With a big f+#+ing sword. :-)

I'm going for more of a sneaky person, or at least trying to, I'm still finding mostly enchanted two handed weapons and heavy armor, but so far with the armor at least i've been more disciplined.

I still love my big f#!&ing swords though.

Looking for some dead a@$~%&%'s s!+$ for the old guys on the mountain.

Surely, someone else hasn't gotten there first.

"I don't usually believe what strangers tell me, but you have the look of someone who has seen a dragon, so I'll believe you"

Seen a dragon!?! Yeah, i've seen a f#!!ing dragon, it tried to eat me on multiple occasions!

Wait! You've seen this look before?