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In a potential TPK situation, would feel better if the rule was correct. Made the call on PC's behalf already but thanks for the clarification!

The 3.5 manual lists it as SU, and Pathfinder seems to be untyped. Back of book says EX or SU. Paralysis description says it can be SU or spellike. So book seems to be all over the place.

Big question that decides a TPK here. Ghouls attack in an anti-magic area. Is the paralysis an ex ability or a su ability? Taking a dinner break - opinions desperately requested!

So, big spoilers here, but thought people might be interested in seeing how this turned out.

Gelick did wander off and get captured by the cannibals. He did level up on the way, and while imprisoned learned their language and took skill focus diplomacy. Over a period of three weeks, he used a combination of diplomacy and prestidigitation to talk his way out of jail and into a position of honor in the tribe. Natives really liked it when he could make their food taste better.

During this time, the PC's were wandering around the northern end of the island off the rails and fighting off various jungle diseases. Ishirou was caught about two and a half weeks into Gelick's stay, and Gelick persuaded the islanders to infect Ishirou with the glow fungus instead of eating him right away.

PC's finally made it closer to the trails and ran into a cannibal patrol. They killed two of the three, but one got away to report back. Meanwhile, the PC's set up their campsite on one of the abandoned former campsites right on the trail. They then send all three fighter types and Sasha out to investigate a wreck for a day.

During the time they're gone, the cannibals attack in force with 12 men. The Areys, and the Druid, ranger and cleric all surrender and are taken back to camp and put in the prison. Gelick gleefully comes in and helps infect some of them with the glow fungus, and the Druid gives him some back talk. Gelic gives the party druid a choice of which finger to have cut off.

The PC's do escape, but leave Aerys behind to be eaten by the cannibals, and a large portion of their equipment. It has been very entertaining, and when the PC's finally did overrun the cannibal camp, Gelick saw which way it was going to go very quickly. He hid all of their remaining gear and surrendered to the (LG) party cleric. In return for his life, he'll give them their gear back.

Going to be very fun to have the Pathfinders as the main opposition party to the group, with Gelick joyfully leading the way.

Name: Demetrius, Son of DeMarcus
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Wizard 1
Adventure: Serpent Skull
Location: Dimorphodon nest south of crash site
Catalyst: Dimorphodons
The Gory Details: Partly due to the effects of wasting disease, the party sent 3 of 6 members out to scout on the 6th day. Demetrius went with a Dwarven inquisitor and a human cleric, but the Dimorphodons surprised them. Demetrius was taken down very quickly along with the inquisitor, but the cleric managed to channel twice and bring them both to positive HP before falling himself. The Inquisitor managed to cast expeditious retreat, picked up the cleric and ran like hell as the Dimorhpodons missed the attacks of opportunity. With the extra movement, they were able to outrun the Dimorphodons, who then started to chase Demitrius through the jungle. Dimitrius, down to 3 HP was unable to shake them, and ran off the cliff, barely missing the jagged rocks below. He did take D6 subdual damage (2).

Unfortunately, he was a low strength player and was not able to make a whole series of swim checks in the water. After failing a series of checks and fortitude saves he became fatigued, then exhausted, and finally drowned in the water off the island.

The next time the PC's look in the water at night, they will see poor Dimitrius beckoning them in as his soul is trapped with the other unfortunate sailors around the island.

My PC's do not have much going in the way of diplomacy and have managed to make all NPC's except Jask unfriendly or hostile. Sasha stormed off and was encountered at the first dimorphodon nest. The flyers Dinos got three lucky hits on her and she went unconscious. She died six rounds later, as nobody really tried to reach and stabilize her.

Ishirou has been largely left alone, and Aerys has been steadily consuming the supply of alcohol the party brought with them.

Gelick went hostile as well and started using prestidigitation to make the food taste awful. PC's caught him at this and beat him to a bloody pulp. When he recovered and the PC's were away from the campsite, he took almost all of the remaining food and left.

Any suggestions on where to go from here? Not really sure what Gelick should or would do, but actually being assaulted merits leaving the group, in my opinion.

Just some small stuff in my game. To streamline the roleplay process, asked for two of the players to take on special roles to help out. One of them keeps track of initiative and who goes next and the other keeps track of the time of day and days spent on the island.

Made a poster to hang on the wall that says "Days on Island" that they add a hash mark to at the end of every day.

Could do it myself, of course but there's enough work as a GM in any case and this frees me up to keep a better eye on opponent tactics and terrain.

As a benefit, the two players each get to reroll any one D20 roll once during the first adventure. Has worked out well so far.

Would also encourage you to let your potential arcane and divine casters know you want to do this during character creation. Once had a GM decide deep into a campaign that they wanted the party wizard to keep track of all items in their spell pouch to try and restrict the number of fireballs they could throw and it did not go over well. If the player really hates the thought of having to do this, they can always take Eschew Materials.

First game in the books and things went well, but looking for some more advice.

Once the cleric figured out that dousing people in water regains hit points from heat exhaustion, he started creating water and giving everyone "showers" as necessary. By RAW it seems to work, but having a 0 level spell work around the 1st level Endure Elements seems wrong. Any suggestions?

Longtime gm and lurker here, starting up my 2nd adventure path. Have found this forum to be extremely helpful, and looking for advice that could be offered on running the game with a large group.

- With 6 PC's, is it effective to increase random encounters and treasure be increased 50%? It sounds too easy to be correct, hoping some strategies can be offered on how to modify treasure and CR on the fly.

- Party will have a druid, but type of animal companion is as yet unknown. Any suggestions on how to handle the shipwrecked animal, or is it better to roleplay the druid finding an animal companion on Smuggler's Shiv?

Have already decided on making small modifications, such as having the PC's wake up on the beach 2 at a time so that nobody has to miss 5 rounds of action at the start of an adventure.