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I'm playing

Curse of the Lady's Light
with my group, and we're running PFS characters through it. We're about to reach
the trap that will put you into the clone of Sorshen.
Knowing my party, it is likely that one of them will end up as pure-blooded Azlanti very soon.

My question is, what happens when the player of that character tries to bring him back to regular PFS? Everything I've been able to find has said that you cannot START as an Azlanti character, but in this case the race would be forced upon them. Should I just not record the (effective) reincarnation on the character sheet? In that case, I wouldn't want to put the two negative levels on there either, for fairness' sake.

What do you all think?

Just got this, running it with my party on Thursday. I'm going to sneak in Aerosmith song lyrics whenever I talk about Sharrowsmith...