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Character’s Name: Fletcher Christian
Physical Form: (33) Breed Mutant
Origin of Power: (95) Energy Exposure
Primary Abilities
Fighting: Excellent (16)
Agility: Incredible (36)
Strength: Poor (3)
Endurance: Typical (5)
Reason: Remarkable (26)
Intuition: Excellent (16)
Psyche: Remarkable (26)
Secondary Abilities
Health: 60
Karma: 68
Resources: Typical
Popularity: -5/0
Weakness: When his magnetism power is fully discharged activating his body transformation power it only allows him to assume that form for a limited time equal to the ranks in his Magnetism power which if exceeded leaves him temporarily incapacitated shortly after which he reverts back to normal and can’t use any of his powers until he has fully rested.
1) Magnetic Energy Emission: Remarkable
Naturally generates a potent magnetic field which he can imbue to anything he touches which allows him to manipulate them as long as he’s within 8 areas range this includes being able to attract or repel them afterwards such as standing on a skateboard and not falling off it or literally dragging an automobile across the other side of the road to act as a shield. Can disrupt electrical devices and even deflect bullets if not surprised.
2) Body Transformation* (80) Incredible
When struck his magnetism power is discharged granting him temporary resistance to the damage he has just sustained this also causes his body to transform into a similar state as to what hit him which in the case of a physical attack grants him Strength, Endurance and Body Armour equal to the rank (if it exceeds his current ranking in those abilities) of the material that hit him to a maximum of this power’s rank. If an energy attack then he gains what qualities that attack form possesses.
1) Thrown Weapons: due to his power he has become adept with throwing weapons especially as he can make them stick to a target rather than puncture them.
1) Scientific: Essentially his mother is a Biologist
2) Tribe: Essentially his family whom he has only recently learned are mutants
Fletcher had a normal upbringing his parents both came from large extended families and he had no idea what secrets they kept until the day he was visiting his mother at work and whilst waiting while she was finishing an experiment she was helping with.
The lab was raided by federal agents whom inadvertedly caused an explosion that caught Fletcher as he ran in to find his mother during the commotion, the blast turned him into an immobile statue and spent a number of hours before he recovered.
Taken to hospital for a check up the doctors discovered he was now a living magnetic generator imbuing everything he touched with a magnetic field, he was subsequently taken into protective custody and received a battery of tests which eventually discovered he could move anything he had imbued with his magnetic energy up to a limited range, but during an argument because they refused to tell him when he could go home he punched a brick wall and his entire body transformed granting him some measure of strength and resilience!
However there was a time limit involved and when he exceeded it he was left paralysed exactly like he was after the laboratory explosion, but the periods of paralysis were far shorter but left him powerless until he fully rested which revealed his magnetic field was the fuel source of his transformation power, which dictated how long he could remain in his transformed state.
He was eventually released into his mother’s care who immediately took steps to keep him out of government hands which is when Fletcher discovered the family’s secret.
Back at the turn of the century Fletcher’s great grandparents had worked for Nikolai Tesla during his many experiments and these resulted in their children developing supernatural abilities which they kept hidden however the subsequent wars resulted in a number of the family fighting on either side though most preferred careers in scientific or academic interests, but as with most things the family had both superheroes and supervillains in their number but there were never many in number.
Fletcher however came to the attention of a local hero who recruited him whilst he was visiting one of Fletcher’s uncles whom had retired from his superhero career back when said hero was only starting.
Fletcher’s family don’t like the idea of Fletcher’s new hobby but what Fletcher hasn’t told them is that he was threatened by a member of the family connected to the local criminal syndicate after he turned down his offer to join him.