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WS 24, BS 60, S 32, T 37, Ag 32, Int 40, Per 30, WP 30, Fel 31, Wounds 0/13, FP 0/1 Frags:4 Krak:7 | Las Rifle [Rocket Launcher] | Currently: Insanity 9, Corruption 2

About Sizzle*

Weapons specialist
WS 24
BS 60 = 40+5(spec.)+15(xp)
S 32
T 37
Ag 32
Int 40 = 30+10(xp)
Per 30
WP 30
Fel 31
Wounds: 13
fate: 1

Former Weapons Specialist Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill, Willpower
Current Breacher Aptitudes: Agility, Finesse, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Tech, Toughness, Willpower
Known +0: Dodge, Awareness, Commerce
Trained +10: Acrobatics, Athletics, Common Lore (Imp. Guard, War), Tech Use
Experienced +20: Navigate (surface)
Weapon Training (Launcher, Las, Solid)
Rapid Reload (Reg): reduce reload time by half
One with the land: +10 Knowledge/Trade/Survival to interactions/identify potentially domesticated beasts to harvest, cultivate, identify crops
Naive: -10 on opposed Scrutiny tests vs deceive, first time gain insanity, double the number.
Lasgun Barrage: If firing on semi or full auto and not moving, +1 DoS
Marksman: no range penalties
Modify Payload: When preparing a grenade, missile, or round that has the
Blast or Smoke Quality, this character may make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test using the Demolitions Special Use of the Skill. If he succeeds, the weapon increases Damage (if it deals Damage normally) and its Blast or Smoke Quality by 1, plus 1 for every three additional Degrees of Success beyond the first that he scores on the Test. If he fails by a number of Degrees of Failure greater than his Intelligence Bonus, however, he accidentally triggers the device, causing it to detonate immediately.
Steady Hand[Passive]: Reduces DoF on failed tests to assemble, disassemble, disarm, craft, identify and modify explosive devises by 1 per Agi-B (to a minimum of 1, currently 3). This skill is disabled for one round if the character suffers damage. He may spend a FP to ignore this constraint for one scene.
Good Crftsmanship M36 Lasgun + 4 charge packs
Common Craftsmanship missile Launcher
4 frag missile packs for 12 missiles
1 Krack missile pack for 3 missiles
1 Scatter Missile, 1 Minefield Missile
4 Fragmentation Grenades & 8 Krak Grenades
2 shapers
2 Snare Mines
1 Det Pack
Combitool, wire (30m), respirator
2 remote detonators + 1 remote trigger
1 motion sensor
1 Knife,
Flak Armor: 4 Armor Points on each location,
1 Uniform + poor-weather gear
Basic tool set
Mess kit + water canteen
Blanket + sleeping bag
Rechargeable lamp pack
Grooming kit
ID tags
Training handbook
2 weeks’ ration packs
Micro-bead (8)
Preysense Goggles (15)
Laspistol sidearm + 2 charge packs (5)
Chrono (2)
xp (3050/3,050)
(500) BS +15
(250) Int +10
(300) acrobatics Trained +10
(300) Stealth Trained +10
(200) Awareness Known
(200) Dodge Known
(200) Marksman
----- Transition to Breacher
(200) Tech Use +10
(400) Ranged Weapon Expert (launcher)
(400) Steady Hand
(200) Commerce Known
Sizzle is from a remote area of our home. That area's language has diverged greatly over time and it uses several sounds and structures that don't translate well into Gothic. So everyone just calls him Sizzle because that's that his name sounds like.
Sizzle was randomly selected to operate a Missile launcher through a quirk of Administratum bookkeeping, but the Emperor smiled on him and he has taken to his job with a fervor. The first time he witnessed a Frag Missile detonate on the training range he stood in place slack-jawed until the Sargent beat him back into line. He devoured the knowledge passed onto him by the local Tech Priesthood and soon was able to modify and disarm explosives. His hands never shake and his veins, they say, are full of ice water when under pressure.
When not under pressure, however, Sizzle is easily bored and prone to trouble. This has not turned out well for Sizzle. In the past he rose quickly to Corporal and was on his way to sergeant when one of his missiles detonated prematurely after firing and killed several people. He was disgraced and demoted and shoved off to a new squad in a new outfit...