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What my group has done for guns is give them exploding dice set at d4s but no longer hit on touch(change the damage on the gun to d4 equivalents). So far we've had 2 players use guns as their main weapon using Vital Strike and they seem to hold up ok vs our Barb with Falchion.

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I have a question about the Automated targeting system. the description on pg. 172 states a single weapon receives +3 to both attack and damage while the chart on pg. 183 states they give +1 BAB that stacks each time its taken. were these suppose to be 2 different things or was one of them wrong?

I would like a copy if I'm not too late.

What modifiers do Megadroid and Gigadroid get? Would it be similar to Enlarge Person, or would they have similar stats as their normal small size?