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Signifier Karva spits on the ground.

Bah! I knew Pathfinders were unreliable and couldn't be trusted... come on men, lets go fulfill our duty.

The Hellknights gather their things, and begin the march to stop That Which Peels Flesh without another word to you.

Infestations like this can get rapidly out of hand. We are going to kill that which peels flesh. If you choose not to come with us, I will consider it a dereliction of duty and report as such.

With that, she motions for the Hellknights to execute the orcs and move on. If anyone wants to try to stop it, give me a diplomacy check with your next post.

If you haven't made a preference clear, or want to change it do so now please. I'll count up the votes tonight and move us on to the next encounter

The village of the Severed Hand orcs and the Sky Temple are in opposite directions. While it is regrettable that you will not be able to examine the Sky Temple, stopping this summoning is far more important, and we do not have time to do both. We have learned what we need from these orcs. If we leave them alive, they will no doubt cause trouble again. Men, execute these orcs and everyone prepare to march to stop the ritual.

There is something very disturbing going on here. Good work uncovering all of this Pathfinders.

As she speaks, she walks to the orc with the runes on it and strips off his shirt, while begin careful to cover her eyes. She then walks fifteen or so feet away and turns around, squinting. She calls out in a loud clear voice

Cowardice! Sloth! Weakness!

After reading the runes, they being to glow, and then explode, leaving a charred carcass behind.

Light is rapidly fading. Let us make camp and continue in the morning. We are nearing the center of the tainted region.

With that, the Hellknights begin making camp. Signifier Kavra pulls out a spy glass and begins surveying the surrounding area.

Hellknights! Set up a perimeter and keep watch for any hostile forces in the area. Pathfinders -investigation is one of your specialties, is it not? Examine the battle scene and tell us what we can learn from here

Interesting... just be sure that you do not forget where your true loyalties lie...

Miles ends up on the same watch as Signifier Karva. During the watch, she asks How does one of our order end up as a member of the Pathfinders? I would think the responsibilities of being a Hellknight would leave you neither the free time nor the flexibility to join such an organization

Halt! We are about to enter the territory of the Severed Hand tribe. I'd prefer to be fresh and able to see when we encounter them, so we will camp here for the night.

At her orders, the Hellknights all begin quickly setting up camp. A pair begin to gather wood for a fire, while three more begin pulling out bedrolls. A pair of wizards begin circling the camp putting up protective wards to warn them of any approaching danger. The entire operation is very matter of fact and efficient, with little talking beyond what is necessary to complete their tasks. Kavra herself pulls out a map of the region and begins studying it. You can see her scratching some notes in a journal while referencing the maps.