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Cleric 1 | HP: 8/8 | AC13 (15 with Shield) | STR 0; DEX +2; CON 0; INT 0; WIS +3/+5; Cha +2/+4 | Spells 0/2x1st

About Signey

Signey Delarose
Female CG Human Cleric 1(Entertainer)

STR 10
DEX 14
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 15

SPD 30
HP 8
AC 13

Skill Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Performance, Persuasion.
Tool Disguise Kit, Longhorn.
Armor Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons Simple
Saves Wisdom, Charisma

Feat Actor: +1 Cha, Advantage on Cha (Deception/Performance) to pass as another person, Mimic speech/sound of creatures if heard for at least a minute. Cha (Deception) vs Wis (Insight) to detirmined fakeness.
By Popular Demand: Can always find a place to perform & receive free lodging & food as long as perform each night. When strangers recognize me from performance, generally take a liking to me.
Spellcasting Focus, Ritual, Wisdom-based
Domain: Trickery
> Domain Spells: Charm Person, Disguise Self
> Blessing of the Trickster: Can use action to touch willing creature to give advantage on stealth checks for 1 hour (or until used again).

Attack +5 Save DC 13
Preparation 4 spells

Sacred Flame

1st Level (2 slots)
Charm Person*
Disguise Self*
Cure Wounds
Healing Word
Shield of Faith

XP 70

Coin Pouch (15gp)
Leather Armor
Light Crossbow (20 bolts)
Priests' Pack
Holy Symbol
Admirer's favor

Personality Traits
I just love attention, even when trying to be discreet
I get bored easily, yesterdays obsession is today's old news, my passion burns strong but quickly.

I like to know I bring a little more joy and pleasure into the world

My faith re-birthed me, it is the one constant that does not eventually get boring...

I'm easily distracted, some might call me unreliable...

Signey has a physique shaped by her prior career as a dancer, her body is slender and flexible - her makeup always near-perfect. Her hair is a shade too pale a blonde to seem natural, and her eyes a pale blue. When not dressed for battle she likes to push the limits of decorum, though will happily tailor to whatever her current needs are.

Signey likes to have fun, and likes others to have fun, she grew up always wanting more, spoilt and selfish but finding Sharess has made her passionate about spreading joy & pleasure to others. Her sense of fun knows few limits, while she finds murder and senseless killing distasteful and won't steal from those who need it, she will delight in running a con or heist just as much as she will in throwing a party or going on an adventure.
She has a capricious attitude towards money and possessions, she loves acquiring and having things but she knows it's a weakness of hers and likes to prove herself stronger than it, so periodically gives things away when she knows it will make someone happy.

Signey grew up with very little, her parents were good folks who were charitable and hard-working. Far too much so, they lived near hand to mouth and in the rare times they rose above they would find themselves approached by someone in need and give what aid they could. Signey detested them for the longest time, trading on her looks and body as soon as she was old enough she found she could easily live more comfortably and did so.
In her mid twenties she felt the touch of the divine, she doesn't know why but she remembers the how. She was entertaining a nobleman, and a passing begger, not even a teen yet caught her eye. She tossed him a coin while telling him a joke and he laughed, the sound was startling. A solitary moment of joy brought to a kid who's life had so little value to anyone else.

She's never had formal teaching of Sharess' ways, but as her message changed from selfishness and self-absorbsion to giving a laugh to the sad, and a kiss to the lonely, she felt a change. One day as she gave coin to another begger, he gave her a book in return, apparantly a pretty lady had given it to him to pass on - he couldn't even read it, but thought Signey reminded him of her... She took time to study and became... enlightened.

Sometimes it seems like all you can do is raise the truly miserable out of the gutter, than let them experience true joy, but sometimes that is enough...