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Now once you've pinned the succbi, she may not be able to use her power to drain you. She'll be at your mercy then.


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What music was the Bard playing when the grappling was occurring? This would help me immensely.

To make a ruling, I mean!

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Sounds legit.

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From the hiding people from the guards example, I think this is an example where NOT lying would be an evil act.
As such, I'd not have the Paladin fall from this single lie so long as he cleansed himself afterwards.

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I just want to add that if a group decides that Scorching Ray is a volley and only gets Sneak Attack once, then that means that if a natural 1 is rolled on the first ray, the other rays still get to roll to hit.

This is because there is no 1st ray as they're all simultaneous.

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I have personally been great under Obama's presidency and have numerous reasons (from personal to general) to support him for four more years.

I'll go ahead and share those reasons here with links to more on each subject (the links are full of links to support evidence):

The business I work in has seen many jobs lost to cheaper South American competitors. My own job is in constant threat of this outsourcing.

The American Jobs Act is the sort of bill that could help protect my job. It provides tax incentives to bring jobs back to America, among other things. Republicans have been blocking it for a year.

I'm not a rich guy and will likely need to rely on Social Security and Medicare in old age even if I become more wealthy. Romney and Ryan have been talking about privatizing (or partially privatizing) Medicare which non-partisan economists agree will double the out of pocket costs for future retires.

Republican policies are bad for my wife's education and job. When the Republicans cut spending, they cut funding for schools and education. This is what happens when state aid is cut. She still needs to finish college for her job in education-related fields.

It'll be awfully hard to not take personally anyone voting for Republican scumbags this election. Why? Republican policies will cause personal injury to me so those votes are essentially personal attacks on me.

I guess the "positive" side is that the GOP platform will prevent gays from getting married which is none my business nor anyone else's except for the gay couple and the religious freedom of whoever wishes to officiate the ceremony. Also, the GOP will protect the zygotes and fetuses of rapists from the horrible women who wish to abort them. Wait, those aren't good things. There is no positive side to the GOP platform.

Reason #1: Conservatives Suck at Economics

Republicans (and Libertarians) argue that we need to give more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, not incentives like the American Jobs Act. Fun Fact: Giving corporations more tax breaks doesn't give them any incentive to hire more. It doesn't create more demand for their product or make labor in America any cheaper compared to overseas.

Reason 1 Link

Reason #2: Republican Bigotry Disqualifies Them as a Political Party

It's the easiest litmus test of all to realize that people must not be listened to if they support the oppression or marginalization of any minority in the USA. It's distinctly un-American. Two consenting adults should be able to marry. Religious institutions that want to marry them should have that freedom. It's personal freedom and religious freedom at stake here. Under the guise of religious freedom, Republicans claim that their religious tyranny is otherwise.

Reason #3: Obama's Foreign Policy Is An Example of How It Should Be Done

Libya is where Obama has shined. As part of a UN force requested by Libyan citizens, we helped the Libyan people win their freedom from terrorist supporter Muammar Gaddafi whom Ronald Reagan failed to kill. We did that without any U.S. military casualties (though journalists did die) or troops on the ground. Although our ambassador was killed by an al-Qaeda affiliaetd group using protests against an anti-Islamic movie as a cover, the Libyan people then rallied in support of America and kicked the extremist militias out of their city. Helping people win their own freedom from dictators and gaining the support of people is how an international community should behave.

Reason #4: We're Better Off

Under the Obama administration, I've gotten married and bought my first new car. That seems pretty good for me. We're also better off as a country.

Obama is one of only five Presidents to see the stock market gain over 50% in 3 years. That's a free market capitalist's dream.

Shortly after Obama took office, the Dow hit 6626. It's now at 13,066. The stock market has DOUBLED.

Obama's administration saved the auto industry (without the massive layoffs the Romney plan endorsed), passed universal health care (which Romney endorsed in 2006), and killed the top terrorist in the world (whom Romney says he'd have gotten except that he clearly said he wouldn't have been looking for).

Reason #5: GOP Report Card: Grade F

What have the Republicans done since they were elected to a majority in the House in 2010?

Instead of focusing on jobs, Republicans have been intent fighting abortion rights, gay rights, and worker rights. Apparently, they think the solution to our economic problems is to degrade worker's rights. I guess they'll be happy once we're like China. Battles have been fought in Wisconsin and Ohio, and Indiana. The Republicans have so lost their way on this issue, that they look to Reagan to remind them that: "Where Free Unions and Collective Bargaining are Forbidden, Freedom is Lost."

Reason #6: The GOP Has Been Willing to Hurt the USA in Order to Regain Power

There's evidence that Mitch McConnell sabotaged our government for political gain. Numerous sources have corroborated that he orchestrated obstruction of every vote that Democrats supported. That's right, the Republicans decided to oppose the Democrats on everything before the Obama administration even took office.

Reason #7: Obama and Romney Aren't the Same

Some people claim all politicians are the same, that Obama and Romney are the same or that Obama is Bush the Third. They're fed up with Washington and think nothing ever changes or get done. All one has to do is look at Obama's record and see that change for the better can happen. However, not much gets done when a President has a Congress that won't cooperate or that is gridlocked by obstructionists.

How is it that George W. Bush and Obama are similar?
Did they both drop the ball on defense, letting terrorists attack us on American soil, and then retaliate by invading the wrong country? Did they both then attack civil liberties and religious freedom by trying to ban marriage for a minority? No, those were both only Bush. Who was it who tried to take the first step in eliminating Social Security by privatizing it? Again, that was only Bush.

How is it that Romney and Obama are similar?
Do they both want to curtail civil rights for minorities? Do they both want to provoke a war with Iran? Do they both belong to parties that suck at economics? Do they both belong to parties that increasingly feel that Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are unconstitutional? Do they both want to change government to lift the burden from the wealthy by increasing the burden on all the rest? No, those are only Romney.

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By all means, let's take away high HPs and overpower magic-users over fighters even more!

I don't think so!

There's nothing wrong with high HPs. They represent both durability and ability to avoid damage. A high level hero should have both!

If in some rules version, a fighter can run across lava by only sacrificing a little luck (hp), that just says to me he's reached Wuxia level. That's good because the game has criticized for having wizards exist in high fantasy while fighters are forced to exist in realism.

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What if I charge while on a boat?

I am on a boat.

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Why is there a Weapon Finesse Feat instead of weapons just defaulting to the proper attribute? It would make sense to me that chains, whips, and rapiers would be agility-based and one using brute force would be penalized.

It seems to me agility fighters are penalized a feat for fighting in the way that would come naturally to them. My questions boils down to if there's an important game balance issue here or if this is something that might be revised.

The same question applies to Agile Manuevers. I'd think it wouldn't be a Feat but instead be automatic.

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Naysayers of the Occupy Wall Street created a Twitter hashtag called #Iamthe53 in order to mock 47% of the country as being whiners who don't pay Federal income tax.

Is 53% or 1% greater than 99%?

Here are some recommended slogans and bumper-stickers for the "I am the 53% movement" (even though it's not really a movement):

I tell people to look for a job without realizing that they already have three. #iamthe53

Just because a small group has so much of the wealth that the majority can't keep the economy going is no concern of mine. I am the 53%

#PaulRyan - Talking about the things that divide us is dividing us! Also, don't talk about child abuse or dad's drinking. I am the 53%.

Admitting Occupy may have a point may mean I have to face the fact that my employment is tenuous, despite working hard. I am the 53%.

The 1% got megarich by denying wage increases to workers & sending jobs overseas, hurting the American economy. It's all good. I am the 53%.

3.1% of political donations come from labor unions. 77.7% comes from businesses. I think workers are fairly represented. I am the 53%.

I pay federal income taxes yet 95% of political power is owned by big business lobbyists. I'm cool with that. I am the 53%.

To me, personal responsibility means bending over and taking it from the plutocrats who run the country. I am the 53%.

Planned Parenthood uses govt funds to give women prenatal care and cancer screenings. HMOs deny coverage to cancer patients. I am the 53%.

I pay more taxes than the rich 1% who make their money in investments and who pay less taxes than janitors & police. I am the 53%.

90% of my coworkers have been let go because our jobs moved overseas in order to increase the bottom line. I am lucky. #Iamthe53

I don't care that if our wages got a fair increase compared to Corp profits & CEO salaries that our economy would be improving. I am the 53%.

Rolled the dice on education, hard work, and clean living. Guess what? Sometimes it doesn't work. I am the 53%.

Because I'm lucky to have a good job for the meantime, I look down on the 47% with jobs that may not support their families. I am the 53%.

We gave house loans to people who couldn't afford them and gambled with investments we knew would fail. Tough. I am the 53%.

Why should I care that America is failing? I still make enough to pay Federal income tax. I am the 53%.

I want you 99ers to stop wanting handouts and look for jobs we sent overseas. I am the 53%.

I don't care that corporate greed has sucked the wealth and prosperity from America. I am the 53%.

Dr. Nuncheon:
I am the 53% & I want to know why the $ I earn by working my ass off is taxed more than the $ you get from investments. #iamthe53 #iamthe99

The 53% aren't part of the 99% because we're bad at math. I am the 53%.

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Mergy wrote:

Urban Ranger over Rogue every time. If that stacks with Skirmisher and you can't take a casting Ranger (although the reasoning for that is beyond me) then Ranger all the way.

If you take Rogue you're getting less health, less BAB, and less weapon proficiencies to gain 2 skill points. It's not a fair trade.

The rogue does get less health, BAB, and less weapon proficiencies, but the rogue is actually useful at doing stuff in a city - where gathering information (Diplomacy) is more important than tracking.

It's actually a more than fair trade. If you want excellent fighting ability, just take the first two levels of Rogue: Investigator and then regular ranger (for Favored Terrain Urban) or Fighter.