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Road Ambush

Map of Westcrown

The Shrine is the first building to the upper left at the top of Rego Sacero


Dramatis Personae
Jing[dice]1d20 + 3[/dice]
Blackspire [dice]1d20 + 1[/dice]
Malqazar [dice]1d20+1[/dice]
Sia [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
Vara [dice]1d20+3[/dice]


Dramatis Personae
Jing[dice]1d20 + 2[/dice]
Blackspire [dice]1d20 + 6[/dice]
Malqazar [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Sia [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Vara [dice]1d20+5[/dice]