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Full Name

Bran Ravensong- aka Shizvestus




Psiwarrior 6, Rogue 4, Bard 4




M - 6'



Special Abilities

Psionics, Rogue Tallents, and abilities, Bardic Lor and Abilities


Neutral Good




Sandpoint, wandering


Common(Taldane), Skald, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Giant, Hallit, Varisian, Goblin, Pathfinder Code, Warg,


Cook, Scribe, Pathfinder

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Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Constitution 18
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 22
Charisma 18

About Shizvestus

Shizvestus - Trained as a Psiwarrior; given special books to enhance his abilities and he has a natural gift for psionics, by a wandering Vudrani. The Shiz grew up with a talent for chikainery and had a talent for talking his way in and out of trouble. He trained with some wandering Varisians in the finer arts of thievery and Bardic lore and abilities whilst on his way to becomming quite a nusence in Varisia, before becomming an amazing hero of Varisia and beyond :) He is makeing quite a name for himself amongst the Pathfinders of Varisia, Ustalav, and the Land of the Linnorm Kings :)
He acquired various books that enhanced his abilities along the way and is in the peak of perfection. He is also mastering unarmed combat.

The Man - Shawn Bran Ravensong Nolan the DM: if you need to catch me....

Live, Love, Dance :) Pathfinder :) I am a Cook and a Massage Therapist and a student of the Human Condition, a Father of two wonderful children, both of which are high functioning Autistic, one of which has Aspergers.

I also have Aspergers form of Autism which also comes with adult ADD.

Aspergers is a high functioning form of Autism which means most people do not realize I have a problem, they think I am a jerk, or just throwing tantrums or some other such thing. They don't realize I can't handle loud noises, or being in crowds because my senses are over stimulated. Or that I really do not understand body language because I didn't learn it, so, consequently, for one thing- I do not give of the appropriate body language. E.g. when I was going out with a girl we were downtown and she was going to a job interview: I am dressed in blue jeans, a red t-shirt (I remember vividly, and you will see why) a jean jacket and a fedora. We wen't to this building where she was to give an interview to work as a nurse at a nursing home. She goes up the walk and heads inside. I wait outside. There is a lawn and a park bench by the public sidewalk. I sit down, facing away from the building. Then I pull out a book and start to read this novel. About 20 min later my wife comes out. She informs me that while she was in the interview the secretaries freaked out because I was sitting there on the public bench reading and decided to call the police on me. She came out just as they were about to. Apparently she caught them as they were egging each other on as to who would make the call. I was apparently creeping them out. My girl then said "No, he is with me. That's my boyfriend." And promptly left the building, came and grabbed me and we left.

Things like this happen to me lots.

Just by being there.

Because I don't stand just like you or sit down in just the same way as you. It looks the same, to the casual observer, but because I couldn't grasp the subtle body language, even the way I rest my head on my hand as I read a book or turn the page is just a bit off and bugs your subconscious- there is just something a bit different about me and it sets off peoples alarms.

So I don't understand bodylanguage, and have little concept of social skills, honestly I don't understand and don't get it :) which is why I like playing Bards, so I can learn more about social skills. Aspergers people can't learn social skills by osmosis like regular people. Its tough for kids in school and so I help my kids allot more than most parents do. Yup, Aspi kids in school get bullied allot as they stand out- not like the nerds but because they put out the "Vibe." They don't make friends easy and they don't realize subtle bullying and sometimes overt bullying. Don't recognize facial cues, won't realize the no means no, or yes or maybe or the set ups etc of social dating or being made fun of etc.

I have been playing D&D since the 1978. 1st, 2nd and 3.5 edition D&D before turning to Pathfinder :)

I have trained in Foils, rapiers, longswords, bastard swords, sword canes, combat canes, knives, axes, and Chinese battle axes, lionhead swords, Chinese broadswords, Butterfly Swords and Katanas :) and have held sabres and various mideaval weapons :)

And I have studied various martial arts including but not limmited to Kick Boxing, Karate, Ninjutsu, 3 styles of Tai Chi, 2 styles of Kung Fu, Iaido, Kendo and Fencing, Stick Fighting, and Mideaval European Sword and Weapons Styles - sword fighting as a martial art; Qi Gong and Yoga as well as dance.

I am a trained Massage Therapist (Mt. Royal College Calgary AB Canada), CrainioSacral Therapist (Seminar from the Upledger Institute FL given at a location in Calgary AB, Canada), Shiatsu Practitioner, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Worked for 4 years full time, and 3 part time. And I still keep my hand in :)

I also graduated from Cullinary Arts at Malaspina University College, Nanaimo BC, Canada. Worked 6 years full time- Japanese upscale dining, Mexican upscale dining, Seafood, Breakfast, A la carte, Pastries, Prep, just about everything you can imagine I have done, so far...

In that time I also Modelled on the BC coast, and did local theatre, as well as travelled in Europe and around the US and even lived in Kansas and Idaho in the US for a couple of years. :) I studied Herbalism, read countless books on European Myth, Folklore, fairytales, and Occult Practices. I studied extensivly the Norse and Keltic cultures and - Dabbled in Boxing, Tang Soo Do, and a few other things ;)

I have played numerous RPG's but D&D is my favorit! And Pathfinder is my top Favorite :)

Name Shawn Bran Ravensong Nolan

Race Human*

Classes/Levels Fighter 4/Expert4

Gender Male

Size M - 6'1"

Abilities Compartmental Mind

Alignment Neutral Good

Deity Viking

Languages English, Japanglish, Spanglish,

Occupation Cook, Healer,


Strength 13

Dexterity 13

Health 14

Intelligence 15

Wisdom 10

Charisma 8