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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Does this mean Amazon has an exceptionally discriminatory policy that may preclude future dealings with Paizo due to Paizo's mission statement of inclusiveness?

I may have missed something - what does this mean? (I legit don't know that much about Amazon - 'Straya has only just had them really arrive)

Requested permission :p

I’m excited about a sequel.

I will admit I disliked the mandatory damage environmental hazards that seem set up to be an arbitrary resource depletion exercise and really hope that the designers stop doing it (it’s now becoming common) however once we passed that I thought it was a terrific scenario - a list pirate treasure scenario including a crashed ghost ship, and a ship full of undead in space - hunting treasure maps indeed!

I’m hoping this becomes the sevenfingers of sfs.

1d20 ⇒ 5

bah :p

Back home - great trip away!

Back in just under 48 hrs

Hi - got some dodgy bandwidth - there’s this one hill and I’m getting 4G!

Everywhere else is sos or 1bar of 3g

Ty for bot :)


I'll just pen amend my sheet - I just have to update my character but am otherwise ready to continue :)

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I'd happily gunner for the round :)

Next round I can kick off at helm and either patch our shields or boost our pilot (speed boost) depending on what we need.

Engineering phase is the first phase normally, so I suspected that as we starteted in the Helm phase we'd sort of skipped that part and I was waiting for R2,this late in the round there is only boosting the guns (1s to 2s) but the boon is achieving that, and we don't need patching (yet).

I'm away with work noon Sydney time tomorrow (Thurs) for a few days, back on Sunday night.

I may be able to post on my phone if we pass an area with reception but we're running around out in the sticks a lot at the back of nowhere.

I'm away with work noon Sydney time tomorrow (Thurs) for a few days, back on Sunday night.

I may be able to post on my phone if we pass an area with reception but we're running around out in the sticks a lot at the back of nowhere.

I'm away with work noon Sydney time tomorrow (Thurs) for a few days, back on Sunday night.

I may be able to post on my phone if we pass an area with reception but we're running around out in the sticks a lot at the back of nowhere.

I'm away Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon with work, posting rate might be problematic as we are way off in the sticks.

There happens to be one that is specific to corpse fleet (and it is pretty amaaaazing) but it is from an AP.

Goose as the Pilot
Compu Science
Jim Engineering

That gives us two gunners and Antoine can flip in and out of gunner/ Captain


I have a 4! I could probably come up with a 2 if people were passionate about lower tier :)

Thanks mate!

Player Name: Shifty
Character Name: Viper
PFS ID: 41662-701
Starting reputation with factions:
ExoG 30
SS(LE) 2
Acq 1

Downtime Activity (with roll, if applicable): (Roll 15) Total 30 credits

Derp - Day Job

Profession - Lab Technician 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

I just had a long read of it all too.

Blast (as an example) specifically calls out concealment, whereas line didn't.

I'm pretty impressed by line overall though.

Baroness Bobbi wrote:
Owlbears that are based on bears rather than grizzly bears are not the most powerful of animal buddies, alas.

Nah use the Grizzly, you know you want to - they give better hugs too! It took a long time to get the Grizzly made a legit choice - embrace...embraaaaaccce...

^^ I think I almost swooned ^^

I don’t mind people taking less optimal pathways, as long as they then don’t complain about not being able to do as much (or start bring a massive resource drain).

Everything is fun until someone is a liability to others.

It’s a team game and it’s expected you can contribute to the team, not hinder it.

I'd be up for Dusky 9! :)

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All good, I'm really digging this adventure too!

I really need to stop travelling south-east asia and the south pacific and do Italy & Greece.

Oh well we delivered a bulette, we didn’t say he could have it.

That description of the monster is sooooo dark.

Game days certainly do have a big impact across the lodges - both during and for about a month leading in :)

Thanks GMSV!

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Congrats HMM and congrats Tyranius!

I will say that it has been exciting working with you, and I have really watched this space grow in the last 12-18 months due to your great work and marshalling the team.

It has come a long way since Magabeus and I went off and ran Year of the Shadowlodge Multi-table on these boards as a 'community event' and people weren't sure it was even allowable, and Jesse was right behind us clearing the path so we could make it happen. Sure we ran a few more events, but then came the raft of great events and we went from one 'official' event, and one 'Shifty and his mates' event into the all year extravaganza beast we now have.

Great work, and you will always be remembered as the powerhouse that kicked us to the next level.

I'm keen on those sessions to appear, as they will kick me into my 3rd nova :p

Should appear in yous GM'd sessions in My Organised Play and just count them. With that said there seems to be a long delay though, as my sessions reported 26 Aug still haven't popped through.

Also, as you report it sends you your confirmation email so you could count those too.

Having fun, it's just the composition is odd - then again Pathfinder season 0 and 1 were a real shakeout too, and it got pretty solid in season 2 onwards (in the main).

So far I'm liking this scenario and I hope it becomes the beginning of a cool chain - like the Starfinder equivalent of the Sevenfingers series (which I loved). The Salvations End arc has also been really sweet.

Waking the past is a gift, as is Cries from the drift. Mind you given the number of one star reviews on Waking maybe I'm the one in the wrong.

The best scenarios that took realistic engagement distances into effect were night in nightarch, and the Blackmoon survey. In the first instance, it was simply thought about in an urban context, and in the second it was a baked-in feature. It also taught players about the benefit of smoke grenades and why you should always have them.

I liked the composition of It Rests Beneath, and Heart of the Foe made some assumptions which were mostly ok. Data-breach was pretty solid too.

The worst offender I for bad mapping was the protectorate petition, which was straight up Pathfinder.

I also suspect that the writers are trying to balance the content and keep melee relevant, because players get upset when they need to spend at least 5 combat rounds doing nothing but taking a run action to get in close with their doshko, whereas cavalry charges and long-distance bayonet charges over open ground went out of vogue at Beerheeba and Gallipoli respectively.

I suppose what happens is that the vibe ends up more aligned to Shadowrun/Cyberpunk style adventures, where environmental hazards and dangerous overland adventures is what happens when you forget to bring the baseline considerations or are somehow displaced from them, rather than a number of the current SFS scenarios where they are a part of the storyline.

Even in a primitive jungle we'd be getting beamed signal from orbiting ships or the like, heck we could probably be following a drone (or using them for on the fly recon), and be utilising a battle management system for real-time tracking.

We can work most of the route recon out via googlemaps today. Obviously a bit of route recon is always nice (mark one eyeball). Survival is a great skill when dumped somewhere with not a lot, but in a mechanised high tech fighting force (that has magic to boot) it just seems anachronistic.

I think the writers need to start thinking in terms of technology and baseline assumptions.

They still have smells and gas traps against people in environmentally sealed suits.

Mon "Goose" Tavvi wrote:
I probably should have asked first. I'll take lead on the Survival check if nobody has any ranks.

How is it in a tech level that involves starship travel where we can do orbital scans of planets and maintain planetary comms we can't just use a nav man to get from a to b, with a scanned map of the area loaded in from our ship that can calculate a route.

This is more leftover Pathfinder design that should really be done away with.

Yep nice catch on number of pax - still gives us a lot of options for hailing around the whole gang :)

There were some good expansion bay options, like a medical bay or workshop but they didn't seem as practical/useful as being able to just pick the whole party up and move them around - which has an almost universal application.

If we are in a urban setting we can get to the relevant facility (eg medical bay) and movement is handwaved, or we are needing to move around a lot and being able to move quickly avoids a lot of the environmental hazards which could land you in a medical bay :p

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The expansion bay on a vehicle can be a passenger pod or cargo, the Truckster has the Passenger option. That means we can fit 20 medium creatures in stylish Big Jim comfort. A driver, 3 in the front, and 16 more in the back.

Blankets anyone?

Please rate my ride 5 out of 5.


Sorry I missed slotting boons - were there any 'important'?

It's a magic jar, just without the hassle of the Jar.

Basically Ischell is a flesh suit, but with Tahari's mental stats, class, and saves.

If anything that is a good thing as it is a debuffed Ischell we are now contending with.

^^Looks like the above has been resolved :)

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Dotted into some of these games in July.

I will have spent longer in the dot in and waiting stage than the game will take to complete.


Cheers :)

Ahhh cool, my timing was off was what I was missing :p

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Hope it all works out ok!


Welcome Bret :) I hope you enjoy your stay!

What am I missing - Dhiara is 15' away, so within the range of Dhiara.

Looks like reroll should be ok.

Incorporeal means only half goes through - could be partially that too.

Acted for Dhiara! :)

Honestly that has been a bit of an issue - its a complex fight and in the long delays I'm kinda losing track :p

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