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Just wait 'till I tell Buzz about this!

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Hmmm. Too many gunslingers cropping up here now. I might have to just...

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Okay, Captain Indecisive here. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should put another level of abstraction in, and just be Human Gunslinger/Cavalier. (I.E. base my character on what the character of Woody in the movie is supposed to be a character of.) It would fit the avatar image better, and be simpler and perhaps easier to play.

Of course, then, I almost may as well just get a Shoanti brave Cohort named Tonto... 8^)

Any preferences?

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@Andorra: What do you think...

Gunslinger/Cavalier w/ "reskinned" Dog AC as mount (and Boon Companion feat)


Gunslinger w/ Leadership and Giant Creature quadrupedal and mute Soulbound Doll as Cohort?

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After taking some time to think back to the movies, I might have to switch to Cavalier instead of Gunslinger. (Woody never even HAD a gun in the movies, much less fired one.)

Now, I just need to figure out a Small Construct Mount. 8^)

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Soulbound Doll [Bestiary 2] Gunslinger. (I even have the alias already set up. 8^)

Edit: Added Source.

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Ross Byers wrote:
Bury it in schlumpfs, non sequitors, and amusing aliases until it is assimilated?

Yee-ha! Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Edit: want my avatar back!

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There's too much focus on ninjas and pirates. I demand a Cowboy base class!!!!