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Kyros Deun has found out my former gender but wants to keep it a secret.

..on my diplomacy check, accidentally bit the guy his ear of while trying to buy a book.

A golden eyed female forest gnome, hair in the color of her eyes. Tall, for a gnome (1.11 meter)but frail, a white flower sits in her hair. Cheerfull, polite and , and naive looking.

Cleric of a homemade god of luck, travel and nature. Since every gnome in her home village tried to trick her not naive at all.

Shadowborn is actually a very good dentist, his teeth are an example for every one. If only they made bigger mouth caps.

You are not alone
all those voices for ever
Telling you stories

Tirq is banned for thinking PEOPLE give gifts for christmas.

Who doesn't?

Who are You

The Who

You have the power, according to the song stuck in your head, for weeks.

I wish I didn't have "You've got the power" stuck in my head.

Yeah, so? Who doesn't?

Next poster is hiding in the christmas tree.

The Frence fries eat you.

I wish i was colorful.

That's fine, i'll get a new one.

The next poster has a better use for stitches then i do.