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About Shelly Wyntregarde

Character Name: Shelly Wyntergarde
Race/Gender: Human Female
Class/Level: Cleric of Pharasma 1st
Ability Scores: Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 11 (+0), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 12 (+1)
Hit Points (1d8+2) 10hp
Saves (F/R/W): +3/+0/+5
Initiative (Dex): +0
Armour Class: Scale Mail +5 = 15
Alignment: Neutral
Gains +2 to her Wisdom ability score as her racial ability score bonus, is Medium-sized gaining no bonus or penalty for their size, has a normal base speed of 30’, gains Extra Channel as her bonus feat for 1st level, gains +1 skill point per level, begins play able to speak Common and gains extra languages depending on her Intelligence score bonus and due to her favoured class being that of a Cleric she gains +1 hit point per level she gains in this specific class.
As a Cleric of Pharasma she is able to use all simple weapons including the dagger her deities favoured weapon but can wear any light or medium armour as well as most shields (except Tower Shields).
Spells: Can call upon her deity to cast certain spells being limited to requiring a Wisdom score of at least 10+ spell level to cast any spell she knows. The difficulty of any saving throw her spells induce on others is equal to the spell level+13 (10+Wisdom modifier)
She can cast 3x 0th level spells known as Orisons which are not expended when used thus can be recast afterwards but only the ones she prepared that morning. She can also cast 2x1st level spells as well as 1 spell chosen from the domains she has access to.
Although Neutral aligned she has chosen to spontaneously cast healing spells rather than inflict allowing her to replace any spell she has prepared with a healing spell of that level instead
Channelling: Can channel 6 times per day which acts as a 30’ radius with her as the starting location and can either effect the living or undead but not both. On the living it heals 1d6pts of damage whilst if used on the undead inflicts 1d6 damage and they can make a save for half damage against a DC of 12 (10+ ½ cleric level + Charisma modifier+ Sacred Conduit Trait (see below)) and she has to decide whether to include herself in the effect but MUST be able to present her holy symbol for this to work.
Her chosen domains are Healing and Water the first allows her to Rebuke death on an ally who has fallen below 0hp up to 6 times per day healing them of d4hp, the other allows her to fire icicles by pointing a finger at a target within 30’ as a ranged touch attack doing 1d6 points of cold damage which can be used up to 6 times per day. The domain spells allowed for each is Cure Light Wounds and Obscuring Mist and tends to keep Cure Light Wounds memorised as a backup for healing.
0th Level: Light, Purify Food & Water and Stabilize
1st Level: Magic Weapon and Shield of Faith
Extra Channel: Can channel +2 times per day
Turn Undead: Can employ a channel effect to cause all undead within 30’ of you to turn and flee provided they fail a Will save versus a DC of 12 (10+ ½ cleric level+ Charisma Modifier+ Sacred Conduit (see below)) however it cannot then be used to either heal the living or harm the undead and the turn effect lasts usually for about a minute but intelligent undead get another save after a round has passed.
Magical Talent: Can cast Disrupt Undead once per day and is treated as if cast by a 1st level Sorceror
Sacred Conduit: When channelling the save DC is increased by +1
Diplomacy (Cha) 1+1+3= +5, Heal (Wis) 1+3+3= +7, Knowledge/Religion (Int) 1+0+3= +4, Sense Motive (Wis) 1+3+3= +7
Scale Mail, Light Mace, Dagger, Backpack, Bedroll, Traveller’s outfit, Wooden Holy Symbol of Pharasma, Pouch Belt, 2 days Trail Rations, Waterskin, Sack, 3 Torches, Flint & Steel, 2 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds, 24gp, 7sp, 7cp
Encumbrance: 57.76lbs
Brief History: A follower of Pharasma, Shelly was kindly asked to leave following spending a few weeks tending to the sick in the nearby hostel when her religious leanings became apparent to the local faithful whom didn’t take kindly to members of Shelly’s faith even though it had been mostly ill humoured gossip and largely jealousy it did however lead to her learning about an expedition to an area that might be home to the restless dead and feeling a need to help them receive their just rewards set out to join those intent on searching this ruin for purely larcenous reasons.
Shelly doesn’t believe in euthanasia as her less educated former patients were led to believe but whilst she has been using her training as a healer to make a living this has unfortunately led to misunderstandings with the residing clergy of the local faiths who see her as trying to steal their followers unaware that this could only happen if they were already followers of Pharasma who have sought her out to seek to follow in her footsteps and those of her own mentor Archibald the Maligned whose disfigurement in a childhood accident has forced him to live the life of a hermit rather than draw the ire of those blind to his true benevolent nature.