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I assume I can't be the only person who thinks a nimble, charismatic switch-hitter with a rifle would be objectively freaking awesome. That said, I also can't imagine a swashbuckler that wouldn't just be better suited to throwing daggers, considering precise strike. So, given the givens, how would you all go about building a gun-wielding swashbuckler?

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Given the frequency with which rogue questions are brought here, I've been eagerly anticipating a current guide to the rogue for some time. Since one hasn't been forthcoming, I've decided to put some of my newly acquired free time to work and make one. While I'm certain this is woefully lacking in places, I hope this will be a good starting point for any aspiring rogues.

This currently touches on all of the published Paizo source books, but doesn't currently address any of the non core races. I intend to rectify this during my next expanse of free time, as well as correct whatever various errors I made during the initial draft.

As ever, any comments, suggestions, and general input is greatly appreciated.

Bond. Shaman Bond.

Never Tell Me the Odds: A Guide to the Pathfinder Rogue

As the title suggests, I'm toying with the idea of an Elf Rogue that is primarily INT/DEX based and thematically modeled off of BBC's Sherlock or Lara Croft (IE. A character whose main strength is their wide range of knowledge and skill, but is also competent in a fight). My plan is to disarm an opponent and then use Catch Off-Guard to get free sneak attacks and Kirin Style to supplement my damage and survivability.

Question 1: Will I be useful in combat? I doubt I can have a +5 Bar Stool enchanted, but will disarming, flanking, and Sneak Attacks especially if I keep backup weapons with Silver/Ghost Touch, etc in reserve?

Question 2: Will playing a knowledge/skill monkey be useful in PFS, provided I don't slow things down with unnecessary scouting and skill checks? At least in later levels, it seems like stealth and sleight of hand might let me mess up enemy spell casters who can see invisible foes, but not hidden ones, but I'm not even sure about that.

Question 3: How bad of an idea is a single level of Diviner Wizard? Here me out: I trade 1BAB and slightly slower SA progression for
A familiar which grants me Alertness and Improved Initiative
All Knowledge as class skills and never needing to UMD Arcane spells
Ray of Frost for ranged SA (Small ASF) True Strike and Featherfall.
+2 Will
+1 to initiative, and the all important power to SA during enemies' surprise rounds.

Additionally, in later levels I can get a minor metamagic rod of Quicken and True Strike my Disarm attempts. For bonus points, I can beat them to death with the rod during my iterative attacks.

Question 4: What ability scores, traits, equipment, archetypes, and additional feats and talents will I need to make this viable? In particular, I'm struggling with the Stat Array and Traits.

Thanks in advance.

Short version: my last character bit it recently through a spectacular streak of bad luck and now I'm building a Lv. 14 (Elf, maybe)Wizard for a homebrew. I'm planning on paying a divination wizard. (Rolled for stats, did well enough to have just over 100 HP, +2 Dex, and Int 19 before racial/level adjustments.)Want to play a controller wizard, but our rather large party lacks arcane support of any kind. Figured I'd take Greater Spell Spec., grab Fireball or something, and convert divination into high level blasts with Dazing Spell. I'm reserving three feats for Craft Construct and have a negotiable (but probably high;It's all based on concept and additionally I can likely use my Craft feats to justify a greater number of items/money) amount of starting funds. I'm looking for a spell to specialize in which will ruin as many days as possible. Is there anything better than Fireball?

Long version:
Planning on taking Divination/Foresight Spec. and the +4 Init Familiar for a grand total of = +13 Initiative.

Going to have a glass golem[consuming 3 feats; Open to golem suggestions.]

Budgeting feats for Spell Penetration, Spell Focus: Evocation; Spell Focus: Fireball; Greater Spell Focus: Fireball; Dazing Spell; Craft Arms/etc.., Craft Wondrous; Craft Construct; Quicken Spell;

Concept: Ill-tempered, Vegas-style magician. Cross-class skill into Profession: Stagecraft (WIS > CHA), Trained in all INT (Occult sage), owns traveling cart (with a demi-plane anchored inside and much-beleaguered assistant); prepared like Varsuivius.)

GRAND TOTAL: ONE FREE FEAT (2 if I jettison Spell Pen.)AND ANY SUGGESTIONS, BLASTING OR OTHERWISE. BANNED ILLUSION/ENCHANTMENT(unless otherise suggested, keeping Necromancy for Enervation)

Thanks preemptively for all the help.

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So, here I am minding my own business, kicking around the SRD looking for something to think about besides this nightmare of a week when I notice the Ultimate Magic archetypes are up, and I decide to see if I can finally build a Monk Firebender. (Answer: Yes, sort of. Lv 4 Scorching Ray lets you pretend, but that's not important.) this is the juggernaut I built instead.

Human Monk, Archetypes: Weapon Master (Directly relevant), Qigong (Firebender, hells yeah) Ki Mystic (To power the new fire voodoo)

Stats: Follow Treantmonk's legendary advice, except raise CHA to 10, either by siphoning INT or offering the GM, erm, favors. Whatever.

(If used) Traits; Unnatural Presence [Makes Intimidate a class skill. Wait for it...]

Lv 1: Enforcer, Skill Focus: Intimidate (Human Bonus), Imp. Grapple. (Monk Bonus)
Lv 2: Dodge (Monk) Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike (Archetype)
Lv 3: Power Attack
Lv 5: Dazzling Display
Lv 6: Imp. Bull Rush (Monk feat)
Lv 7: Cornugon Smash
Lv 9: Shatter Defenses
Lv 10: MEDUSA'S WRATH (Monk feat)

Here's the idea. Monks can fight doing nonlethal barehanded damage. Nonlethal damage triggers the Enforcer feat, Which as a free action lets you Intimidate foes. Cornugon Smash lets you intimidate foes when you power attack them (Read: Always.)This gives you two chances to demoralize an opponent, which activates Shatter Defenses, making the target flatfooted instead and allowing you to MEDUSA STRIKE (yes, Caps are merited) for two extra attacks per round at the highest BAB.

You intimidate with 10+ 6 (Skill focus) + 3 (Class skill from trait) + 2(Masterwork tool. (Sub-bracket: Shaman, you sexy beast, what kind of tool gives intimidate bonuses, you ask? Off the top of my head; A human skull necklace (Named Yorick), Sunglasses a la The Matrix, William Shatner's spoken word album...)

You flurry for 8/8/8/8/3/3. At level 10. Against flat-footed opponents. Add STR, Power Attack, and Weapon Specialization from the archetype to your 1d10 fist. Anyone want to run those numbers? Also, this is without any equipment or backup from a party.

You're like a fighter with absurd saves, Jedi skills, and the option to Jackie Chan rooms full of mooks without actually killing anyone

Am I missing something in the basic build? What do you think.

PS. Not certain about Qigong. It looks like you can replace every level of Slow Fall with a power. If so, season to personal taste, but can I recommend Scorching Ray (for the awesome), Barkskin, and Shadow Step at Lv 10?