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I like the idea of not knowing somebodies name or maybe even their level until you have introduced yourself to them. However I agree that it is essential to be able to contact a player again otherwise the whole social structure of the game falls through. However I think if you could still incorporate this if you simply had a friends feature and whatever name they decided to greet you with would appear in your friends list and contact this player. The same player could have 10 different names associated to him by 10 different players and they would all be able to message him/her still.

With regards to the bounty system this could also be worked out, in that if you place a bounty on somebodies head then presumably they would be flagged for their bounty as soon as a bounty hunter saw them. As such their name would appear as either ??? If the person who placed the bounty did not know their name or as the name the person who placed the bounty knew them by. Either way they would be automatically flagged to any hunters and the bounty amount would be shown as well.

As an idea why not have it so that within an npc city the vaults and anything within the city are safe. As such everybody has a perfectly secure area that they can store their goods. However if you wish to venture particularly far from these encapments and you want to come back with large amounts of goods it should be possible for you to organise a "caravan" which would be able to take large numbers of goods but would have to be transported over the distance before the goods become safe within the city. These could be a target for career theives and could lead to large rewards for the theives if the person in charge of the caravan does not provide a large enough guard for it. Similarly if the players wish to expand to their own city then this city should have it's own vaults.. Which while penetrable would be heavily guarded and only accessible to very high level thieves and should have serious consequences if you are caught attempting to break into one. Perhaps you could mark somebody as a thief and then anybody would be allowed to kill this user within the city walls or anywhere for that matter (only if the thief is caught or fails). While these city banks would not be totally secure they would provide a better location to store your goods (Closer to your own city) and thus would have an appeal however you could still take the items you felt important to the npc bank (further away).

Zidash wrote:
cannabination wrote:

Name: <Browncoats> (Ok, I'm not married to that, but it just makes so much sense)

Alignment Axis:
LG|NG|CG: (We're not going to disqualify you for being LG, but if you play it right it might be challenging to rise up in an organization who relies on seedy elements at times)
LN|TN|CN: (As above with LN, and CN would be expected to follow the tenents of the guild, if you're in, you need to be in)
LE|NE|CE: Sorry, don't trust you.

OOC Structure: This is a merchant guild run by a council comprised of the members in charge of the branches in the 6 largest cities we inhabit and the guild leader with the tie-breaker.

RP Level: Softcore, I expect. You'll be expected to adhere to the tenets of your character and not spout OOC in public, but I definitely won't expect everyone to want to speak in accents and use archaic language.

IC Structure: Corporate Republic(is that a thing?).

Purpose: Exploration, opportunity, and freedom.

Information: IC Summary.

First off, this isn't a guild like the others mentioned. We have no desire to have our own city, perhaps a stronghold, but would rather exist in the cities of other guilds. Our main goal is to facilitate the economy of every city we inhabit to the benefit of all(us a little more, but the basic theme is that we're benevolent... not trying to unbalance and exploit). Our secondary goals include all the tenets of Desna, so we uphold exploration, free will, and the assistance of distressed travelers. Our intention would be to be invited by guilds to bring our economic stimulus and stability to their areas by offering superior raw materials as well as crafted goods acquired through the skills of our members.

We will have places for virtually any skill set, as we will need crafters and gatherers of all types, people to explore and find new resources and contacts, people to transport and sell goods, and people to protect these shipments as well as the roads and people on them. The idea would be to hand out recurring quests(assuming


I would be interested in being a browncoat as well!

Hudax wrote:

I want to remind people in this thread that the MMO won't be sticking to PnP rules. Semantic arguments over "summoning" and "summoning" are not relevant to the conversation. If there is any distinction in the game, it will be superficial, ie: needing bone chips to "raise" your undead pet.

I am not a fan of using upkeep as a balancing method at all. Say I can tame a dragon for the cost of 1k gold an hour. Now I can destroy your settlement because I'm rich. Or if taming things is capped at a certain power level, say I can conscript an army of 100 orcs for the same cost to the same effect. How is that remotely balanced? Currency, and therefore upkeep, will be a non-issue to at least one person in the game, and I don't feel like handing that person a win button. I strongly urge GW to completely reject any thought of this method and actually balance people's pets--on the order of concept balance. Make them equal or make them unavailable.

If a kingdom of necromancers can raise an undead army capable of destroying another kingdom, I'm ok with that. But if an individual necromancer can raise an undead army, it should be something another individual can deal with using fireball or cleave. Either that or limit one pet per person. Having a good reason to make an arbitrary limit is better than no limit for the sake of immersion.

While I agree that it would be unfair for any one character to have so much power I disagree that you should cap it completely. I like the idea that being able to summon or raise the dead or have goblin underlings is accessible to all that have the patience to learn how.

I think that such a thing could be capped as stated previously by the use of a skill such as leadership for your underlings or concentration for your summonings. Perhaps in order to summon more creatures you need a higher concentratio and perhaps the more you have them doing the greater concentration is required. If your concentration exceeds a certain point then you will lose control perhaps of all of them. This could lead to numerous bad results for instance them attacking you or simply them all dissapearing. This would be a deterrant for raising too many troops, but could be a huge incentive to someone dedicating their time to specialising in controlling numerous creatures at the same time (at the cost of perhaps other strengths). This mechanic could be applied similarly in the other cases.

I think that primarily you should be responsible for the security of your own stuff, early on in the game you won't have anything particularly attractive to high level thieves and if you do you should be able to invest in slightly higher security protection. As you progress in the game security could be one of the bonuses provided by being part of a large settlement or even kingdom, it should be possible for the kingdom to invest in a better security system or something similar (maybe with gold or resources) and this would mean that anybody protected by the kingdom had such a security system.
This could also be used for settlement vs settlement warfare in which thieves could play a large role in the battle. If a settlement has neglected to improve its security and does not have a large watch keeping an eye out for thieves then it could quickly find all of it's resources stolen.

Anne Onymous wrote:

You know what would be nice? Reclaiming materials.

You've just slain the Hobgoblin warchief and looted his adamantine mace, but you've spent all your time training in swords, not knobbly sticks! No problem - take the mace to your smithing friend, and have them use the adamantine to forge you a new sword instead.

It makes far more sense than having to sell it just because it's the wrong kind of weapon, and is an alternate resource stream for crafters too.

I agree that it's a good idea to allow reclaiming materials, but I think that it should be a seperate skill from general crafting. Perhaps as you crafted with a specific material your skill at reclaiming that material would go up slowly and would affect the chances of you successfully reclaiming the material and also the quality of the material you reclaim. However successfully reclaiming a material would give you much greater experience.

This would give you kind of an advanced branch to crafting; one that you could not start until you have some experience with crafting but once you have the experience you could specialise in and potentially make a nice profit from.