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Hooray, Brian! I can’t wait to run players through your next scenario. It looks great! What maps will we be needing for this adventure?

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Do we know what maps are needed to run this scenario yet?

Hi Folks,

I am trying to register a new pathfinder playtest character, but the website will not allow me to select a faction for my new character. As a result, it will not allow to register the character. Please let me know if there is something I can do to fix this problem.

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Players, Please let me know if you found this thread.

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Coming Soon!

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I just started reading this scenario and I am excited to meet Jairo the Enlightener again! Do we know if he was ever able to liberate himself from his servitude to Pasha Mulia al'Jakri since #6-11: The Slave Master's Mirror? I know some players who are going to ask.

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This is a fantastic scenario with great flavor, monsters, and story. I am really looking forward to running it four times next week at GenCon! I have a few quick questions.

1. I am wondering about ways to break the domination of Dornarnus. I presume I am using CL 9 from the staff. Is Dispel Magic the PCs only choice? Will knocking the ex paladin of Torag unconscious break the domination or at least permit him a saving throw? Are there any other acts that the PCs could perform that would help Dornarnus free himself (or at least permit another saving throw) from the domination?

2. During B1, where is it suggested the dwarven captives be kept? I imagine the PCs are going to want to get in there and rescue them, perhaps even before the battle comes to a close.

3. I understand that the dwarven captives were taken from Jormurdun. Roughly how long will it have been when the PCs are able to rescue the dwarves? How far did the duergar take them to get them on the long walk? Is Fellstrock far from Jormandun? I'm just wondering about the time frame from when the PCs get their mission to when they are able to complete the task and how much of a head start do these duergar slavers have.

Mike, I am really psyched to be scheduled to run this scenario at GenCon this year. It looks awesome! Can you send me a message telling me what minis and flip maps I should order to run a great session of this?

I just GMed my 60th game for credit, but when I reported Thornkeep - The Accursed Halls, (Event 45333, Session 13) it did not give me GM +2 credits, nor did it even add one credit. Have people been running into this error before? If you need me to delete and/or re-report the session, please let me know. Thanks!

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Please join me in welcoming Chris Marsh as a new Venture Lieutenant for southern New Hampshire! Chris comes from Nashua, NH and has been playing Pathfinder Society since its first year. He brings a lot of great experience to our team and will be a huge help, not only as a liaison for several gaming stores in the area, but as a great organizer and an awesome GM! Please give Chris a warm welcome to our team!

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Please join me in welcoming Michael Hendrix, our new Venture Lieutenant in the state of Vermont! Michael was a huge help in organizing CabotCon last spring and he is going to be a great asset to me in expanding Pathfinder here in the Green Mountain State. Besides helping me with websites and technical aspects of my job, he is a fantastic GM and anyone would be lucky to sit at his table! Welcome aboard, Michael!

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I am a teacher at a small rural high school and for the last week of the academic year, I am allowed to teach any topic of my choice. I would like to teach my students how to play Pathfinder. I was thinking that I could teach them the rules, make characters, run them through some PFS scenarios, and even perhaps take them on a field trip to play some Pathfinder Society with other players. However, I need to justify this subject is some academic way. I am looking for some help in being able to articulate to my administration why Pathfinder would be so beneficial to my students. What are some of those life long skills that I am trying to teach that can be taught through role playing games? What are the 21st century skills that this game fosters? If any of you have some thoughts on the matter, or can refer me to some articles, I would be most appreciative.

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Welcome everyone! Post here to let me know that you found the place alright. Have fun!

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In the small city of Brindol, the Starday evening of Rova the 1st, 4710 was the start of a grand celebration. People from all over Elsir Vale had been waiting in great anticipation for many months for the arrival of this night. Caravans and hoards of people were arriving in the city for the event of the year. . . The Elsir Vale Tournament of Heroes.

The evening is filled with the sounds of jubilant cries as crowds roam the street. Considering that every room in every inn of the city is occupied tonight, you count yourselves fortunate to be staying at The Stone Wyvern. You had heard that it was a nice place to stay, but you were taken aback to actually see the actual petrified Wyvern frozen there in time right in the middle of the common room.

After settling into your rooms, you return to the common room at the appointed time of six of the clock, to join the other guests for dinner. After finding a seat and waiting a short while at one of the tables, a friendly gnome with a large white beard enters from the kitchen, stands up on a stool and rings a small bell to get everyones attention. Conversations quiet down to a hush as everyone turns their eyes to the innkeeper.

Friends, competitors, and travellers from afar, it is my great honor to welcome you to my home, the Stone Wyvern. I am Trabalard Yab, the owner of this establishment and I am here to make your stay a most comfortable experience. Before dinner is served, I have a few rules that I would like to share with you. First, the doors to the inn will be staying open until midnight tonight at which time they will be locked. They will be reopened in the morning hour of 6 o’clock. So be sure not to be caught outside after curfew. Secondly, please keep all food and drink here in the common room. We do not have a problem with rats, but we would like to keep it that way. Lastly, we kindly ask that you do not touch the wyvern. This is an actual wyvern that was petrified more than a century ago by a group of adventurers who were defending local farmers, and we do not want to wake it up! With that said, welcome to the Stone Wyvern and let me know if there is anything that I can do to make your stay a more pleasant one.

The Stone Wyvern

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Hello Folks, This is OOC Thread for the new campaign. More information is forthcoming, but you may post your information here to start the dialogue. Present what characters you are interested in playing.

If any one wants to start a PBP game for 1st level characters, please let me know.

I have been a DM on and off for about 30 years. I use to run a group (2nd edition) in college every week for two years about 15 years ago. I have played a lot of 3rd edition with my son the last 10 years, but I would like to try a hand at PBP. I am familiar with 3.5, but I am now learning the changes to Pathfinder. I am completely new to PBP and how this even works, but this looks like a lot of fun. If anyone has room in their campaign, please let me know. I can be flexible with what character I could play. I like the changes I am seeing with the cleric and his channelling abilities, but I also have an interest in playing a gnome sorcerer. Here is his background that I made up.

Solaruffikus Poshmont, known to his friends as Sol is the son of Grumble “the humble” Poshmont a famous merchant and owner of the Poshmont Trading Company. Sol was raised by his father to be a frugal merchant and to find the best deals in all the land. The Poshmont family prides themselves in their skill of haggling and they take great delight in practically robbing their customers while keeping them happy and grateful for doing business with the family. Although he was an excellent merchant, Sol grew in conflict as he began to discover the influence of his celestial bloodline, and began to question whether the merchant life was meant for him. One day, a particular transaction went sour in a trade with a hobgoblin clan known as the Durnok. In their anger they sacked and burned down the Poshmont Trading House. The Poshmonts were bankrupt from that day forward and Solaruffikus has vowed to pusue his celestial heritage and develop his arcane arts, never to let a repeat happen of that fateful day.