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One of my recent subscription orders was shipped while I was in the middle of a move (the order processed before I moved, but didn't actually ship until afterwards). It appears the shipment was returned to Paizo (no idea why mail forwarding didn't pick it up), and a replacement was shipped. However, the replacement was still shipped to my old address, rather than the updated address on my account, and it has yet to arrive. I was hoping that it would be possible to ship a replacement to my new address instead.

I tried sending an email about this a week or so ago, but haven't heard back, so I thought I'd try posting here as well.

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Love the idea. These would be awesome for Kingmaker. What are the odds of getting these for future adventure paths?

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I just read through the Words of Power PDF and I have to say I'm impressed. Next time I make a caster I plan to use this system. With that in mind, I have a couple of things I wanted to clarify.

First, the Mass target word; the word Mass is usually associated with positive spells (such as bull's strength or cat's grace). However, the target word doesn't mention anything of the sort. Am I correct in assuming that this can be used for offensive spells as well?

If this is correct, I could combine Mass with Burning Flash (boosted) to create a spell similar to Scorching Ray. A 4th level sorcerer could then deal 4d6 damage to up to 4 targets, with a reflex save for half damage. This seems significantly more powerful than Scorching Ray. If I used Frost Fingers instead of Burning Flash, I could deal the same damage and stagger all the targets.

These are really fun spells, but they seem a little more powerful than the baseline.

My second question is less of a rules clarification, and more of a design question. Can anyone explain why a spell must contain two effect words before a meta word can be used?

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My group just finished Burnt Offerings last week. In the process of clearing Thistletop (which they have claimed as their own) they captured Bruthazmus, Nualia, and Lyrie. At the Glassworks, they captured Tsuto. All of these prisoners were later sent to Magnimar to be tried.

Nualia, Lyrie, and Bruthazmus escaped (thanks to Ironbriar), though they killed Bruthazmus soon after. Tsuto was sentenced to join the Black Arrows.

I'm hoping to add Nualia and Lyrie as an encounter somewhere in The Skinsaw Murders. I can't very well put them with Xanesha if I want any of my players to survive, so I was considering having them join Ironbriar at the Sawmill. I'm also considering making them a seperate encounter, but then I would need to write in a reason for the players to find them.

I'll be statting up Nualia as an Antipaladin and leveling up Lyrie. I was hoping to get some suggestions for a good way to integrate them into this adventure.