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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere--is there a tentative date yet on this item being back in stock? Thanks!

Question regarding the materials & construction of the pawns in relation to the Beginner Box pawns (which I have seen, but don't own)--are they going to be the same thickness/stock of material?

If so, I'm going to pick up a Beginner Box for the pawns. I saw them, I like them, but if the Bestiary & Runelords pawns are going to be a different thickness or material, then I might not. I know, seems petty...but it matters to me.

Either way, I think this is a brilliant idea and have hopes that there will be enough interest to spur production of Bestiary 2 & 3 creatures, as well.


Forgive me if someone already caught this, but pictures of the human ranger & ettin sculpts are up here.

Edit: Never mind, completely missed the posts from yesterday afternoon. I shouldn't internet on an empty stomach. that Dungeon #139 is only available from Paizo in a .pdf, where can I get my hands on a copy of the magazine?

I just purchased 140-150 from the Paizo store. I'd really like 139 to round out the Savage Tide collection.

Does anyone know of any reputable sellers that offer this (that have a relationship with Paizo, perhaps) or is anyone willing to thrown one up on ebay?